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Sponsored by GSN: Register, Play, and Earn
Sponsored by GSN: Register, Play, and Earn
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Swag Memory
Swag Memory

A classic memory game with a Swagbucks twist. Make matches to earn points. Get bonuses for speed and accuracy!

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on 12/14/14
Can you still play for swagbucks?
on 12/13/14
Pretty terrible at this, still good for the memory, I suppose.
on 12/07/14
melissaaaaaaa liked this  
can you win 300 swag bucks if so how do you win them
on 12/12/14
They had tournaments you could enter and win more, but they are no longer here. I have no idea if they plan on bringing them back but I hope so.
on 12/12/14
on 12/11/14
ayrtonb liked this  
how come some people are getting up to 50 sb.. ? how do they dothat?
on 12/10/14
wondering what you have to do to make more than two swagbucks when you win a game. I see trending people that are winning 50 swagbucks but never got anything more than two. still love this game though
on 12/10/14
I can't play it sucks
on 11/26/14
jojobaby44 liked this  
How high do you have to score to get swag bucks? I just scored over 10,000 and nthing!
on 12/08/14
You only get sb every other game and only up to 10 sb a day on games.
on 12/07/14
on 12/06/14
on 12/04/14
M0niqueGr1ggs liked this  
first level ok
on 12/03/14
on 12/03/14
M0niqueGr1ggs liked this  
on 12/02/14
My memory eludes me
on 12/01/14
I3urn0ut and 1 others liked this  
Goog game
on 11/30/14
I3urn0ut and 2 others liked this  
A good game.
on 11/29/14
I3urn0ut and 1 others liked this  
on 11/28/14
BUNZ21 and 4 others liked this  
I am annoyed I can't play on iPad
on 07/05/14
I3urn0ut and 5 others liked this  
i cant play on swag memory. nothing will open
on 11/28/14
atikin9273 liked this  
on 11/28/14
on 11/26/14
Aliday liked this  
I can understand people missing the tournaments, but I don't get why people complain about it. It's up to Swagbucks if they want to temporarily take down their own tournaments! It's usually not profitable to enter them anyway unless you're one of the best.
on 11/11/14
Are they getting rid of this game? There is only one tournament on here.
on 11/26/14
The tournaments should be back in the new year (so probably in a couple months).
on 11/12/14
JaxTan09 liked this  
I asked ithe Swagbucks people. They're re-vamping and improving the site. There's no specific date re: bringing back the tournaments.
on 11/12/14
Leescott liked this  
I just logged on for the first time in the long time and there's no tournments on here now :/
on 11/11/14
I hope not!
on 11/22/14
mikemeowboss16 and 1 others liked this  
not feeling this game only got two points and this game gave me a headache but at least I got points I can't really complain cuz some people got nothing
on 11/22/14
Peppermint85 and 1 others liked this  
I never get any SB from these games. Beginning to Swag bucks is just a scam to get our info to sell to other companies.
on 11/17/14
Peppermint85 and 2 others liked this  
i play the game then i get no points. that's horrible and a waste of my time...
on 11/15/14
cool game
on 11/03/14
on 11/02/14
paula2685 and 1 others liked this  
There is error in the game i had made a score of 29180 but it shows 30180
Is it a bonus or error.Can anyone say?
on 11/02/14
Seems like a glitch to me, or you just achieved a new high score!
on 10/31/14
TheHKGal liked this  
my best is 29,470: anyone care to reply theirs?
on 11/01/14
TheHKGal and 3 others liked this  
highest i've ever gotten is 30,066; but that was with A LOT of luck, most of the time i just score around the $29K range
on 11/02/14
Comment Under Review
on 11/02/14
TheHKGal and 1 others liked this  
LOL don't worry about that, I would say your 29,470 score is enough to win most tournaments!
on 11/02/14
TheHKGal liked this  
Thanks dude! See you in the tournaments!
on 11/02/14
earngc liked this  
How do you get to 3rd, 2nd and 1st place? is there a leaderboard somewhere?
on 11/02/14
When u enter the tournament u can see the leaderboard!!
on 10/29/14
PCPC liked this  
Just got luck in the last round and 2nd round countinous post of the same order.LOL!!!
on 10/28/14
PCPC and 1 others liked this  
Got my new best 29,800
on 10/27/14
I LOVE THIS GAME! first time playing scored 17k+
on 10/26/14
nice game enjoyed.
on 10/23/14
the748383 liked this  
yep, lost some more swagbucks due to not loading properly this time. They should take the swagbucks for tournament entry fees once the game successfully loads up instead of as soon as people click confirm, that way people will fell less cheated because of it.
on 10/22/14
the748383 liked this  
oh nooo! one of the tournaments i accidentally quit and wasted/lost 15 SB :(
on 10/22/14
PCPC and 2 others liked this  
been practicing ALOT recently, i guess practicing really does pay off. At times it can be difficult not only for memory but also can cause strain on the eyes too. i know this may sound kinda silly but i STRONGLY RECOMMEND wearing sun glasses while playing this, it helps the stop glare and lets you play for longer before your eyes get tired/sore looking at the screen. Hope this helps :)
on 10/13/14
the748383 liked this  
Ok game.... 2nd one always gets me though. And the third one is.... just something else.
on 10/12/14
the748383 and 1 others liked this  
I liked the memory game! but the second game was confusing!
on 10/11/14
the748383 and 1 others liked this  
Eh, Played it for fun, First time. Worth it. Didn't hurt as a small simple match & match.
on 10/06/14
the748383 and 1 others liked this  
Hi all! I haven't been playing the last few months, but I practiced and I'm back :)
on 10/04/14
the748383 and 3 others liked this  
Hello I am a new member, practiced game GSN casino , win odd = 310 , Can I turn it into a SB ??? THANK
on 10/02/14
the748383 and 1 others liked this  
this is a fun brain game thats not too hard!!
on 09/26/14
homewith2 and 6 others liked this  
score 20072
0 sb !!!
why ?
on 09/22/14
the748383 and 2 others liked this  
on 09/21/14
Champagne69 and 5 others liked this  
Everyone every two games you play for free you get 2 swag bucks. This process goes on till you get up to 10 swag bucks from the free swag bucks.The tournaments I don't know how it goes but I think who ever is the top three gets swag bucks.
on 09/21/14
the748383 and 1 others liked this  
err cross out "...from the free swag bucks..." i ment "...from the free game..."
on 07/17/14
charlotte1972 and 3 others liked this  
score 10098 but no SB !!!!! why
on 09/17/14
Champagne69 and 1 others liked this  
You get 2 SB for every other game no matter what your score is- up to 10 SB a day.
on 09/18/14
mariasoomro liked this  
No its every 2 games you play. Gatta play it twice.
on 07/19/14
mariasoomro liked this  
Seriously it's getting on my nerves!!
on 08/24/14
mariasoomro liked this  
My score s 18132 ,I don't get any SB?
on 09/17/14
mariasoomro liked this  
When you're not in a tournament you get 2 SB for every other game no matter what your score, I think up to 10 SB a day.
on 09/14/14
mariasoomro and 2 others liked this  
Absolutely love this game!!! Challenging, fun, exciting and interesting to play! Totally recommend this to anyone...!
on 09/07/14
mariasoomro liked this  
Is there a maximum amount I can earn each day, or is it unlimited points?
on 09/08/14
mariasoomro liked this  
when you play for free, maximum would be 10 pts/day, when it's tournament play and you win, it's unlimited

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