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Play Spider Solitaire

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Sponsored by GSN: Register, Play, and Earn
Sponsored by GSN: Register, Play, and Earn
Spider Solitaire
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Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire

Known to many as the king of all solitaire games, the Spider Solitaire card game is a classic. You must be skilled at manipulating the cards you're dealt. Overcome obstacles and bad cards, and treasure the good cards you have. Use them wisely.

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Daily Progressive
Ends 10/26/14 12:14 PM
 74 SB
 –  – 2 SB Entry
Two Swag Buck Limited Entry
2 / 5 spots left
 4 SB  2 SB  2 SB 2 SB Entry
Four Player Limited Entry
2 / 4 spots left
 20 SB  10 SB  5 SB 10 SB Entry
Four Player Special
1 / 4 spots left
 20 SB  20 SB  5 SB 15 SB Entry
Six Player Limited Entry
2 / 6 spots left
 70 SB  45 SB  30 SB 30 SB Entry
7 Player Smoot
5 / 7 spots left
 32 SB  20 SB  10 SB 12 SB Entry
Ten Player Limited Entry
5 / 10 spots left
 30 SB  10 SB  5 SB 5 SB Entry
Twenty Player Limited Entry
16 / 20 spots left
 100 SB  50 SB  25 SB 10 SB Entry
Learn about tournaments
on 10/26/14
yo its me munnu back again to cheat you all and i will come again and again with new accounts until my goal is completed either say swag bucks to give me 1000 swagbucks and let them spend me please or if you want that i leave the game and never return again then please do a work for me that open this video and click the side ad please as there will 100 clicks i stop cheating the link of video is

on 10/25/14
BLANK Continued...sigh
on 10/24/14
this game has so many bugs.
on 10/23/14
on 10/21/14
mgabrielli666 liked this  
This game is difficult to load in firefox. IE explorer works great though.
on 10/21/14
mgabrielli666 liked this  
i won 1 game
on 10/20/14
mgabrielli666 liked this  
WOW........I sure did get crapy cards :(
on 10/17/14
mgabrielli666 and 1 others liked this  
How do you get swagbucks from this game?
on 10/17/14
you can play 2 free games to earn 2 SBs, up to 10 SBs a day, or you can pay for a tournament entry and hope you score big enough to win a placing.
on 10/16/14
I need help i clicked to play the game and my computer froze and i am entered in a game but i havent played can i be reimbursed
on 10/16/14
you can be but i don't know how.
on 10/13/14
how long does it take for your winning SB to show up in your account?
on 10/13/14
where it shows how many SB you have click it and it will refresh
on 10/12/14
wow, a three way tie in the 20 player game
on 10/11/14
I had a 7 get stuck in the middle of the board. I thought 7's were supposed to be lucky. Almost every time I play the cards freeze.
on 10/10/14
OMG, apparently someone' scores were removed. Metiny is the one i am referring to
on 10/10/14
I noticed that happened yesterday as well, with metin135... I'll assume it's the same person. Wonder if they got banned or what happened? Only noticed because I ended up winning yesterday's Daily after their score was removed.
on 10/10/14
yeah it was weird, the only 2 big powers in this game is us and for someone to come out of the nowhere and crush our scores is odd
on 10/10/14
same person was getting ridiculously high scores in mahjongg and apparently regate as well. glad swagbucks is on top of it!
on 10/11/14
Good to know! What other SB games do Spider Solitaire regulars play tourney-wise and do well in?
on 10/10/14
trey is my bae
on 10/10/14
why are the games not loading for meee :(
on 10/09/14
on 10/08/14
Swagermillon liked this  
All wacky for me today. Cards stuck floating in odd spots, multiple cards across the board moving instead of just the one I want to move.
on 10/07/14
Darn this was loading fine yesterday, now, nothing but the ads. :(
on 09/29/14
Blakens liked this  
The game isn't loading for me either.
on 10/06/14
Same here, it stopped yesterday for me, was fine before, and now nothing.
on 10/05/14
Just had a 2 stuck on the pile and it wouldn't let me use it to finish my game. Not nice.
on 10/05/14
i dont understand it
on 10/04/14
It's doing that thing again where it doesn't remove completed suits.
on 10/01/14
on 10/02/14
Is there any way to move the cards faster than dragging them with the mouse??
on 10/02/14
Ahhh! I KNOW!!
on 10/02/14
Is there any way to move the cards faster than dragging them with the mouse??
on 09/30/14
Shouldn't you win something if you win the game; especially on hard level, which is well, hard? That's insane that you don't even get one buck. :(
on 09/28/14
If you play on "hard" level you don't get any more points than playing on "easy," in fact, you get far less points. Makes no sense to me that they don't give extra points for increasing difficulty.

They often say I get no swagbucks but when I move to the next screen, they tell me that I did, and the total verifies it. Why do they do that?
on 09/27/14
adan950931 liked this  
Thought I'd try a game but the page is just stuck loading. I've checked all my adblocks and ensured Adobe is updated but still not working. Will not bother. Sorry.
on 09/22/14
What is a Real World reward? It tells me that sometimes
on 09/25/14
some sort of ad trying to trick you into clicking it
on 09/26/14
It doesn't matter if you do or don't....nothing happens either way. :/ I wouldn't even try if I were on a *real* computer but I'm on a Chromebook, which, for the moment, is pretty impervious to that sort of shenanigans. ;-)
on 09/23/14
I don't think it's anything....I finally managed to click on one of those before it went *poof* and disappeared....and nothing happened. No new page, no pop up, no reloading of that frame....nothing happened at all. I wondered what the purpose of it was.....and I still do! lol
on 09/25/14
windnrain liked this  
Is there something wrong with this game? I was not able to finish or win one game.. not one.. out of 10 games! :(
on 09/25/14
I can't believe how bad the cards have been. It's frustrating.
on 09/10/14
PatsDb and 1 others liked this  
How come the games aren't loading for me? The loading window opens but no game starts.
on 09/11/14
kolotifun liked this  
mine opens a new window, but then just loads the swagbucks homepage
on 09/11/14
ArielGibson liked this  
only seems to work for me on windows 7 not 8 :(
on 09/24/14
I have windows 7 and it doesn't load neither :(
on 09/19/14
I have it working on 8.1 but it's a gyp.
on 09/16/14
Blakens and 4 others liked this  
Still having cards getting stuck. Can't win if cards can't be moved.
on 09/21/14
I have just had the same problem! Almost completed it, then couldn't move the last couple of cards!
on 09/19/14
Beat the game with time remaining. Zero swag bucks? PASS!
on 09/19/14
used to be every second game gives 2 swagbucks. Try 2. ;-)
on 09/19/14
That was my 3rd with nothing.
on 09/19/14
I think this is my second favorite game, other than Trizzle. Don't even mind the spider infestation=)
on 09/18/14
Rose3219 liked this  
I cant move my cards at all it just freezes, I want my swag bucks back.
on 09/15/14
Wish it was a better version but w.evs
on 09/15/14
lolgirl111llloo liked this  
Anyone having the cards get stuck? Meaning where a card is playable but will not move?
on 08/22/14
something is wrong with the game finished the game with 455 seconds left and nothing happened anyone else?
on 09/14/14
Yes, this has been happening to me a lot lately.
on 08/26/14
on 09/13/14
I am not sure whether to give this game 1 or 2 stars, I can't restart the game and when I do win, I don't get any points, sometimes I do, but more often I don't. So I guess I shall give it a 1. I love to play spider solitaire, but I like to play my other one a bit more often.
on 09/11/14
so the game wouldn't load so I tried clicking on one that cost 2 SB to play, it took out the SB but never loaded the game! wth!
on 09/08/14
do you get anything for 5th ? LOL
on 09/05/14
ArielGibson liked this  
Wonder what you can get for 7th place... lol

how are people getting over 1800 points?? is there a trick? I've only ever been able to get 1700...
on 09/13/14
dorislarry liked this  
It is actually a matter of how much time you have left, the time left contributes to your final score, I just recently got over 3500 points. It all depends on how fast you are going.
Hope this helped! :)
on 09/05/14
ArielGibson and 1 others liked this  
I think that's a great question ... how they get over 1800 points. The same people seem to consistently get that score, which seems hard to believe. I know they canceled a bunch of tournaments due to cheaters ... not saying these folks are cheating ... I'm just sayin'...
on 09/07/14
I am a consist 1800 scorer and i don't cheater and there is no way of cheating. I think the tournaments got removed because people were profiting more from this game than they wanted so they did it to spite us.
on 08/31/14
ringo24601 and 1 others liked this  
All I get when I try to play whether it's the free type or in a tournament is a secondary pop up window that's blank. I can't play any of these games and all I got from the help center was 10 free SB, appreciate the free SB but still can't play the games. Oh, well have fun guys see you around the community. :)
on 09/02/14
DaddyEvil liked this  
Happened to me as well. Used another browser. No trouble since.
on 08/30/14
Ummm, why the drop down box appears asking "Are you sure..." if you say yes, same box comes down again. Even if you reply "NO", screen locks up?
on 08/29/14
ArielGibson and 4 others liked this  
I got 2 SBs! WOO! I only have to play 25,000 more times to reach my goal!
on 07/13/14
KatWildtimbers and 3 others liked this  
Pretty sad that you have to reign to get your 2pts even though you won the game, takes all the fun away.
on 08/13/14
you don't have to resign to get your points... just takes longer. You get pts every other game.
on 08/13/14
KatWildtimbers liked this  
No, you don't get points every other game on this one....I've played three games straight and never got any points for playing.
on 08/29/14
SplashofJoy liked this  
That's weird.. I've been playing this one for 2 years and have ALWAYS gotten my 2 points every other game without fail, whether I resign or not
on 08/29/14
xxxxxxxxxxxxxIxx and 1 others liked this  
You can only earn 10 SB a day by playing games for free. So if you have earned more than 10 doing that, playing any more games afterwards gets you nothing
on 07/13/14
on 08/27/14
I had trouble getting into the game for a couple of days. Seems okay now.
on 08/23/14
NCSarah and 1 others liked this  
I never look at the points, as long as I can clear the board I WIN!
on 08/22/14
Queen63640 and 1 others liked this  
Dang. HOW do you get over 1800 on Spider Solitaire? I don't get it?
on 08/22/14
bryanvic liked this  
took me forever to get there, quite often I still don't lol...you need like 610-620 seconds left still on the timer usually...that's how I find I'm able to do it
on 08/19/14
JamesKennedy and 1 others liked this  
I am enjoying playing Spider Solitaire on my own. I don't know if I am fast enough to enter a tournament.
on 08/16/14
weezie888 and 4 others liked this  
Spider Solitaire freezes up so often, it's no longer fun to play. Rows of cards freeze where they are and you can't even finish the game.. what's the point. It used to happen only occasionally, but now 5 to 7 times during a game. It's ridiculous.

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