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Play Mahjongg Dimensions

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Mahjongg Dimensions
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Mahjongg Dimensions

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Mahjongg Dimensions
Mahjongg Dimensions

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on 08/31/15
And there's always games.com or arkadium.com
on 08/31/15
Not playing this again since it's pay only. The three free swagbucks games aren't much fun.
on 08/24/15
I play everyday and have NEVER paid a cent. I play the free games! lots of them to play!
on 08/20/15
Good !!
on 08/20/15
Deber2007 liked this  
I won't play this again until it becomes free. Boy what a way to take advantage
on 08/17/15
Deber2007 and 3 others liked this  
What happened to free? No pay to play!
on 08/09/15
shiffy1221 liked this  
I`m already a member of GSN.
on 08/01/15
Deber2007 and 9 others liked this  
Not going to pay to play a game that use to be free
on 07/30/15
roseinflorence and 4 others liked this  
Now i have to pay for the free games? Goodbye swagbucks!
on 07/30/15
love it
on 07/29/15
coleks33 liked this  
it states free??? I'm going back to EBATES!
on 07/27/15
Isabella111232 and 7 others liked this  
I used to play this all the time. Why do we have to pay to play it? Swagbucks, you are really going downhill with ripping people off.
on 07/26/15
cabarthel and 5 others liked this  
Love this game but I won't pay to play it.
on 07/24/15
Deber2007 and 5 others liked this  
WHY MUST ALL THE GAMES BE FOR A FEE .... used to be my favorite too.
on 07/18/15
Deber2007 and 4 others liked this  
Sad, this use to be one of my favorites :(
on 06/10/15
coleks33 and 11 others liked this  
um...pay money to play? What's the point of that!? NO THANKS!

fyi - someone posted a free place to play this game, and it works, so if you miss it like i do, you can go there :)
on 06/12/15
whats the website
on 07/14/15
Also, http://www.greatdaygames.com this and tons of others for free
on 07/05/15
on 07/12/15
it's better to play on a mobile phone
on 07/11/15
Deber2007 and 9 others liked this  
You can also play it and lots of other games (like we used to be able to play for free on this site) at Cafemom.com If I could afford to pay to play games and waste money like that, why would I even belong to a site like swagbucks?
on 07/03/15
I love playing this game!
on 06/29/15
Deber2007 and 5 others liked this  
This should NOT be pay to play! It's unfair to all of us who spend time on this site!
on 05/08/15
You can play it on Start Sampling.com
on 06/29/15
Or PCHGames.com
on 06/20/15
Deber2007 and 8 others liked this  
I just wanted to play some Majongg... now I gotta pay? Forget it Swagbucks. Ya'll screwing around too much.
on 06/19/15
Deber2007 and 6 others liked this  
Want to play it for free. I don't have money to spend on games.
on 06/19/15
chasingcars and 4 others liked this  
What happened to this free game? Not everyone has money to spend on games.
on 06/16/15
Deber2007 and 2 others liked this  
Why can't you play free anymore?
on 06/15/15
on 06/13/15
Deber2007 and 9 others liked this  
Please make this free again, everyone loves it.
on 06/12/15
Deber2007 and 3 others liked this  
Please add this back to the free games. Or else give us a few new free play games.
on 06/10/15
chasingcars and 1 others liked this  
also...why does it say "FREE games: make your time online more rewarding with FREE games from swagbucks" as the header to these DOLLAR TO PLAY games?

on 06/09/15
chasingcars and 1 others liked this  
really!!!! that is beyond ridiculous to pay to play games. that's all you do to get swagbucks anyway. let the poor people get free two swagbucks for play games. geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
on 06/09/15
Deber2007 and 6 others liked this  
No way am I paying to play....sorry
on 06/08/15
Deber2007 and 6 others liked this  
Not paying to play.
on 06/08/15
beaglebaby and 2 others liked this  
This isn't free anymore!!?? One more reason to cash in my bucks and delete the account!
on 06/08/15
neginandsam13 liked this  
on 06/07/15
chasingcars and 3 others liked this  
what happened to the free games? i loved coming on here to play and now this? what if we don't want to pay 10 on some website to play the same games that used to be offered for free? why is it all about money on here?
on 06/04/15
chasingcars and 6 others liked this  
Have not played sb games in long time,I came here today and what the what did they do ? How long has it been this way? No I don't like it, not at all . Put it back the way it was.
on 05/30/15
chasingcars and 5 others liked this  
You've probably noticed by now that the amount of people that play your games has decreased dramatically. What did you do with all the games that used to be free!!!
on 06/03/15
beaglebaby and 1 others liked this  
yea miss the free play
on 05/31/15
beaglebaby liked this  
wekk guess I won't be playing games
on 05/30/15
beaglebaby liked this  
well....I'm no longer playing here.
on 05/25/15
chasingcars and 9 others liked this  
Still have not got the message swagbucks? Need to bring this game as well as others back for free play.
on 05/24/15
eyerishroses liked this  
The game is still free to play here: http://www.games.com/play/arkadium/mahjongg-dimensions
on 05/20/15
PurpleAura and 1 others liked this  
Well stink! I have been busy with school and decide to come celebrate summer with a game of mahjongg just to find out it is no longer free? I guess I'm cashing out my points and I'll move on then. Their loss.
on 05/19/15
chasingcars and 1 others liked this  
Free on pogo...why play here? <Sad>
on 05/17/15
chasingcars and 2 others liked this  
Why do people want to change things when they are not broken? So sad you have to pay to play this game or any game on here.
on 05/17/15
chasingcars and 6 others liked this  
so disappointing. I don't pay to play games at all on any website or my phone. This was the only game I played on Swagbucks, and I am not about to pay to play it now....
on 04/30/15
chasingcars and 2 others liked this  
There is a slightly different and challenging version of this Arkadium game on Facebook for free if there are those out there who miss the game and don't want to pay for it.
on 05/15/15
redwine88 and 4 others liked this  
I will definitely go look for this as I wont pay to play when there are many free games elsewhere
on 05/14/15
chasingcars and 5 others liked this  
Really unhappy with the changes to the games.
on 05/13/15
chasingcars and 5 others liked this  
This suck, I love this game. Now, I can't play it no more. Swagbucks is getting cheap with their rewards. This is a new low. They should reward us for playing thier games not vice versa.
on 05/12/15
chasingcars and 9 others liked this  
This is total BS!! I really don't like this new game setup. I refuse to pay to play games when I go to others sites and play for free. I absolutely loved Mahjongg Dimensions and will miss it!
on 05/11/15
delasallegsp and 2 others liked this  
I won't play for games.
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