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Restaurant.com - $25 eGift Card

Restaurant.com  - $25 eGift Card
Restaurant.com  - $25 eGift Card
Restaurant.com - $25 eGift Card
Price: 400
Snag This!

Get a $25 Gift Certificate from Restaurant.com for only 400 Swag Bucks!

Restaurant.com offers Gift Certificates to thousands of restaurants across the United States. Redeem this e-Gift Card for a $25 Gift Certificate at any of the participating eateries on Restaurant.com.

Make sure to check Restaurant.com BEFORE snagging this prize to see if there are restaurants in your area.

*This Gift Card should be redeemed at theidealmeal.com , the gift card redemption site for restaurant.com.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 12/01/14
Is this good for Canadian also or just US...
on 02/10/14
cinnamonsauce and 3 others liked this  
This is actually a GREAT deal. So if every swag buck is worth about a penny (when you look at other g/c deals) you're really only trading in $4 for a $25 g/c at restaurant.com. Now, I've dont this deal twice before, and I plan on doing it many more times. Something good to know is that on the website, they offer deals like "$25 g/c for $10" so you think you'd be getting like $50 worth of g/c's to a place, and then some left over, but not with this deal. g/c's for this website are for face value. so the $25 g/c to restaurant.com=$25 g/c to the restaurant you choose. But really, its a GREAT deal. So, Since I've done this deal twice, I've gotten $50 worth of free food, for the eqivalent of $8, but since SB's are free, I got $50 worth of food for free! totally worth it. There are restrictions on the g/c tho. At the restaurant I redeemed at, you need to spend $35 to use it. So pay attention to that.
on 02/05/14
slickdeals.net/f/2955213-8-for-100-egift-card-at-restaurant-com this link explains the gift certificate well
on 12/23/13
How long does this gift card actually take. I bought three hoping they came by Christmas. I know it says between 10 business days, but I was just wondering how long it took for someone else.
on 08/02/13
Question, do I just get the 25 gift card or is there something hidden.?
on 11/20/13
is there any surprises that i dont know what to expect need to kn ow thankyou
on 08/03/13
cinnamonsauce and 3 others liked this  
With the purchase of the gift card, you ALWAYS have to spend a certain amount of money, whatever the restaurant says you have to spend as a minimum, to take advantage of the 25 bucks. Usually, it is somewhere between 40 and 50 bucks. I checked it out and I am not planning on doing this...
on 06/29/13
MrsIglesias and 2 others liked this  
I love restaurant.com and use it regularly for planning date nights, however I was a little disappointed that you couldn't use the promo codes that restaurant.com gives out with the gift card. So just an FYI to anyone out there who thought you could! They had a promo $25 restaurant for $4 with promo code TASTY but would allow me to enter it when doing the gift card. So I ended up having $6 used on a restaurant that would have been only $2.40 with the code. I planned on being able to get pretty much double what I ended up getting. Disappointed...
on 01/11/12
cinnamonsauce and 9 others liked this  
don't get this, you have to spend a certain amount of money and get $25 off
on 07/05/13
WilliamTaryn7413 liked this  
Wow. That's crazy.
on 04/01/12
Also, they forcefully charge a hefty gratuity (about 18%) which kinda cancels out the $25 if your bill is originally pretty pricey.
on 09/28/12
AloneForever and 4 others liked this  
18% is hefty? I hope you never come to my restaurant. its 2012 buddy.
on 04/28/13
Percentages are percentages. They are relative across the board. 18% today is the exact same thing as 18% back in the 1930s. The decade has nothing to do with that. But yes, I agree 18% is not hefty, it's between the normal tipping range of 15-20%.
on 01/26/14
I think the point is that with such fast communication in modern times, it tends to be unwise to unnecessarily stiff your wait staff. Or at least, that's how I read it.
on 04/21/12
and you dont usually tip about 10% anyway?
on 05/06/12
hoobobba and 7 others liked this  
Seriously the norm for tipping is 15-20%. 18 % is not a hefty tip.
on 01/22/12
somushswagmarshy and 2 others liked this  
No Feliciaa. The way this works is you spend your swagbucks on this offer, and it's just like any other gift card.
on 02/25/12
EllieKinsley and 4 others liked this  
No, what shes saying is that you need to spend a certain amount of money at the restaurant you're going to to be able to get the $25 off
on 03/05/12
hoobobba and 1 others liked this  
kyleYDG is right, but If you actually go to the website like it says it shouldn't be a surprise. Don't mean to be rude but you should read the fine print before purchasing any gift card. Restaurant.com has a list of places where you can actually use the gift card and how much you have to spend before you can use it.
on 04/28/13
Any actual fine print is either not there, or very difficult to find. And what they do tell you is very vague. "Minimum purchase of $45" could mean at least two different things (and possibly more); it could mean you have to spend $45 and then you use your gift card for more food up to it's value, or it could mean you have to spend $45 and then you can use the gift card amount to reduce that price. Who knows what else it could mean? I mean I seriously can't imagine how else that could be taken, but it is not by ANY means a specific statement and don't even try to say it is. So don't act like it's an EULA that's right in front of your face but you choose to not read it. The little bit that they tell you is vague enough that they could claim it means any number of things.
on 12/20/12
Problem: I bought 2x $25 w/ swagbucks & got another $25 for restuarant.com frm a special offer (had to buy something, but it was a good deal). Problem is each code I enter at the website says I have $25 credit. They don't add up. Nothing's specified about using these 1 at a time. I've used restaurant.com before & found it to be very good value-and of course if I have $75 for 1 restaurant it's going to be a nice meal, 3 courses, drinks and come to >$75 - but if they're not allowing this it should be MADE CLEAR in the blurb.

Personally, I'm gutted. I had major surgery this year, unable to work, had to live with my parents who have been amazingly supportive & I thought I had been "working" on my swagbucks so that I could afford a really nice restaurant for a nice xmas meal for them. I even had one picked out - vry close to our home & I know my mum really wants to visit it.

Can anyone help? Am I doing someth
on 02/08/13
It's a restaurant.com issue, contact them.
on 02/06/13
cinnamonsauce and 2 others liked this  
just wanted to explain that every restaurant is different.every restaurant doesnt automatically add gratuity and if they do its not always 18% and also sometimes they only add gratuity if its 6 or more people.( more people at a table more dishes to pickup more refills to fill and more trouble period edleast a large table can pay for the after cleanup. Also, if you feel the service was bad, think about if it was the servers fault. maybe it was the cooks fault. maybe the cook didn't make the food on time. maybe the server was very busy with very demanding customers and they tried there best to run around trying to keep there head on. servers don't get paid minimum wage like everybody else. the depend on the tips only. i use to get paid only $2.13 an hour. and that's because we make our money from tips.(sometimes it seemed like the restaurant was using the customers money to pay us. but im not gonna get into that.)
on 02/06/13
and fyi, if it just so happens that u do have added gratuity on ur check of maybe 18% and maybe ur check is $35 its only like a $6 tip.and even though to some it seems like a lot think about if u waited on tables all day and only got $2 or $3 from a easy table of 2 and from a party of 6. it dosnt seem fair. and if u was trying to pay your bills with just a couple of dollars per table $6 from you is not a lot. don't get me wrong sometimes a server is actually not even trying to take care of u but as long as u evaluate it understandingly that u will know if its the servers fault
on 12/20/12
In answer to apple314's Q I got mine posted in 3 days-so I was pleased about that!
on 12/21/12
Thanks for your response. :)
on 12/20/12
Cont.. Am I doing something wrong, or can I use the 3 x $25 together? thanks
on 12/19/12
How long did it take (after verification) to receive the e-Gift card? I know the description states "within 10 business days," but I was hoping for a more concrete answer.
on 11/02/12
What if the restaurant only has 5, 10, and 15 dollars off gift certificates?
on 09/09/12
PrinceofLight and 1 others liked this  
I have a question... I love restaurants.com... in Eugene, Or there are about 50 really great restaurants that take them. BUT with this deal is the gift card from SB for $25 to use on their site so you could purchase like 5 gift cards? Or is it to use for 1 $25 gift card through the site? Thanks
on 08/06/12
You can get the food wrapped up, and bring things home, and get desserts with it. That way you have food for later in the week. That is what my wife and I do, and we save money that was as well. And usually the gratuity is what I'd be leaving anyhow, so you still save by using the restaurant.com certificate. And if a restaurant doesn't honor it, restaurant.com will also give you a refund which you can use on another restaurant. Also the site has emailed me when a place leaves the program or goes out of business. I love it for when you go out of town or stay at a hotel too. You can also always call ahead to make sure a place will take them.
on 06/29/12
Jarah90 liked this  
I have always loved restaurant.com coupons. The only downfall is you have to spend a certain amount to be able to use the coupon. Worth it if you have a large group, but not for two people only. Great choices of restaurants too!
on 06/15/12
on 04/18/12
marbet5000 liked this  
Has anyone ever noticed the retweet is usually longer than 140 letters? Todays was 151 in both counters I used. And that's without my username attached. So do you delete some of the message in order to do it?
on 04/18/12
All you have to type is #BraggableBargain with your username
on 04/18/12
Oh, okay. I thought we had to retweet the whole message - or at least the gist of it. Good to know! Thanks!
on 04/18/12
stairway220 liked this  
This is a great deal, unfortunately, only one restaurant in my area honors it. Oh well, maybe other restaurants here will catch on soon.
on 04/18/12
HeatherGreen95 liked this  
Lots of great comments! It's very helpful to read these before making a decision. I decided to pass on this SB deal based on the mixed reviews.
on 04/08/12
Restaurant.com is awesome!!:)
on 04/06/12
hairdryers and 1 others liked this  
Be for warned on this one! I got quite a few of these and there were two problems first problem the selections you get are basically the lowest rated places or holes in the wall dining places now don't get me wrong we found a few that were good places to eat which comes to problem number 2. The second problem is this company has a problem with not holding their ends of agreements with the owners of the restaurants on how long they are suppost to sell the offers so twice we were told the restaurant in question would not take them. Do not think these are like gift cards they are not and by no law do they have to except them if they were sold after the contract was up.
on 09/02/11
N1ghtshade3 liked this  
I love snagging these! I have snagged about four and they allow me to eat out at my favorite Indian Restaurant that I otherwise cannot afford! These make excellent gifts too! :D
on 10/22/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
how do you gift it if you never get an actual card to send? I'm trying to find good use for Christmas gifts...
on 12/20/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
For others that have the same question, since this question is old: You print them out. They are not mailed.
on 03/29/12
How do you use it if its printed out? I guess you just use the whole $25 no matter what? Still a great deal though, can't beat it.
on 11/03/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
I guess you can send the codes out in a merry christmas email or with a ecard or something... I guess you have to be creative
on 03/14/12
cinnamonsauce and 1 others liked this  
warning: e-gift cards are only to be redeemed at theidealmeal.com, which is the redeeming link of restaurant.com, however what they fail to mention here is that your e-card cannot be used on all of the deals on the site only specific certificate deals on theidealmeal.com site and you do not get the special price, you get the gift certificate price. So a $25 certificate that would have cost you $20 or $15 on the restaurant.com site or even cheaper with promo codes would now cost you $25. An even tradeoff of e-card to gift certificate, however it is still a good tradeoff since we actually only paid 400SB to get this $25 gift certificate.
Be aware of the deal, but I would still recommend this in terms of trying out new restaurants and it not costing us a penny for a pretty darn good discount on the actual bill.
on 02/17/12
Are these $25 gift cards stack-able? for example if my meal came out to be $50 can I use 2 of these $25 gift cards on the meal, leaving me paying only the tip? will it work like that?
on 03/12/12
most of them say one certificate per table so I would suggest calling to ask at whatever restaurant you are wanting to go to before going.
on 03/02/12
GREAT deal. Can't wait to get this!
on 02/18/12
I have got this once already and plan on getting more great deal
on 06/27/11
mrew2014 and 31 others liked this  
I am not sure why people are making a big deal about the TIP portion of the offer.
Seriously if you go out for a meal aren't you going to leave a tip anyways, if you aren't then you shouldn't be going out at all.
This offer is NOT meant to be a free meal! - for the most part it meant as a discount, for low price of 400 points (as of june 2011) - which is less then the 5 dollar amazon or paypal giftcard you are getting 25 dollars off your meal.
Lastly, about people complaining about buying and then finding out there is no restaurants in your area, thats 100% your fault, do your research, like with everything else.
Anyways, great offer.
on 11/01/11
McApril liked this  
I think part of it is to ensure that a tip is left based in the total, not your discounted price. Some places automatically assume that the waiters/waitresses will be tipped %15-20 of the total price (say, $35) though many would only tip off of what they paid ($10) that's a significant difference to someone mostly living off of tips. Most of the restaurants are in bigger cities, so when I travel, I like to plan ahead and buy as many as I'll use, and this gift certificate greatly helps.
on 07/25/11
cinnamonsauce and 14 others liked this  
the reason the tipping is a big deal is becasue when it comes down to it you as the customer should have that right to tip what you want!!! Being forced to a set tip is not right because if I get a shitty service I would not leave such a spectacular tip. If the service is great then they deserve the 25%, but when it comes down to it if the server knows that their tip is guarenteed then they won't put in as much effort and you won't be happy about being forced to pay that 18% tip. I have a tip scale. The worst of the worse get the minimum 10% and the best 25% everyone in between gets in between. That's how it should be! Tipping should not be forced.
on 08/19/11
hoobobba and 9 others liked this  
People that buy these tend to be cheap, so they feel it necessary to enforce a set tip. I don't entirely disagree. I wait tables and I've seen people completely ignore their coupon discounts or tip far too little when I'm presented with these types of discounts.
on 02/18/12
bailynjean and 1 others liked this  
How dare you make a blanket assumption that all who use these discount cards are CHEAP! I find it hard to believe that if you were given a $25 "coupon" off $35 meal, you would tell them, "No thanks. I prefer to pay full price."
on 12/20/11
McApril and 1 others liked this  
We used one of these for our Anni in Oct, and it says on it to tip the total not the discount. We had a good waiter and he got a tip as big as we paid for the meal. Doubled our cost, but we still got it less than we would have. Not everyone's that way. Those people probably wouldn't thank their mother for a meal, much less spend a nickle with or without a discount.
on 02/13/12
mrslawonda79 liked this  
I tweeted this, what a great product, love resteraunt.com
on 01/09/12
mrslawonda79 liked this  
I never knew about this. I like the Idea. Might give it a shot
on 09/11/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
When they say minimum purchase of $35. Does that mean the bill is atleast $60, where ater $25 discount with this gift card,you are paying $35??
Or it simpl means the total bill is $35 and you pay atleast $10??
on 10/03/11
mrslawonda79 and 1 others liked this  
Yes. You spend $35 and use the $25 gift card. They also have 20% added for tip so you will also pay that. If you get the gift card on sale at $2 then you are going good. We use them a lot. Make sure you call that day making sure they are taking it some dont take the gift cards on weekends...
on 12/20/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
Not everyone adds a tip though. You have to read the details on the place you want to go to.
on 11/29/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
im confused so when you snag this gift certificate does it say 18 % of the $25 gift card goes to the waiter?
on 12/20/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
No. An 18% gratuity (tip) will be added to your bill. It does not reduce the amount of your gift certificate. It prevents lousy or no tipping.
on 12/06/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
I LOVE this and it is at a GREAT price!!! THanks Swagbucks!! U guys rock!!!
on 10/31/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
will i get a card mailed to home,so that i can gift it to soembody physically.
on 10/27/11
mrslawonda79 liked this  
As someone said below, you can easily get a buy $35's worth and get $25 off for TWO USD when restaurant.com has a sale. You can also buy higher or lower denominators directly off of the site, and their promo codes sometimes extend beyond the buy 35, get 25 back. The actual "gift certificate" is just that --- a sheet of paper. Be careful though: there have been a few instances in which the restaurant owners/managers are stingy and didn't realize the amount of profit they would lose when they signed up for this program. They sometimes might refuse to comply with the terms of the certificate; instead they'll give a different special (one store I went to only gave 20% off...)
on 09/18/11
JeTT1990 and 2 others liked this  
I wouldn't waste your points on these. You can snag the $25 certs for $2 every so often directly through the restaurant.com site. The Amazon cards are a better value for your points. :)
on 06/04/11
If you live in Kansas you may as well say forget it! There are none in and around the south central area of Kansas--including Wichita. I'm so sad I spent my SB on this piece of crap!
on 08/21/11
can i have you card? lol. It wont let me use my swags for it, cause my swags are apparently only valid for a certian site???? Its so stupid!
on 07/28/11
I live in KS Overland Park, and there were several in the KC area
on 06/27/11
N1ghtshade3 and 8 others liked this  
you should do your research before buying things.
on 07/25/11
unikaacv2 liked this  
I was reading some of the comments and I got confused!

So I can not get 2 $25 dollar restaurant.com gift card or whatever it's called? They are worth $10 for a $25 giftcard does that mean that I only get a $25 which if I pay for in cash is only $10? Or do I get two $25 giftcard which is worth $20? I am confused! Please someone help
on 08/10/11
ZachandGabe and 1 others liked this  
You can only get one $25 goft certificate, which would cost you $10 cash. You can't redeem this at restuarant.com, you have to go to their gift certifcate claim page theidealmeal.com, and the $25 certificate you claim with SB can be redeemed for one gift certificate worth $25. I figured the same as you, that I could use this $25 credit like spending $20 on restuarant.com for two $25 gift certificates, but that is not the case. Hope that helps!
on 07/20/11
8mario101 liked this  
This is a awesome prize! I got it
on 07/16/11
mamateacher liked this  
I assumed that I would be able to use this as a credit towards the purchase of multiple gift cards. What I mean is, $25 gift certificates usually cost $10 on restaurant.com. I assumed that I would be able to purchase multiple $25 gift certs with this, adding in a bit of my own cash. It is instead a trade for actual value, this gift code for one $25 gift certificate, or two $10 gift certificates I suppose. Still a really good deal, and I am happy I was able to try this out using swagbucks!
on 07/15/11
8mario101 and 1 others liked this  
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on 07/12/11
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
I think I might get one of these as a gift so me & my boyfriend can use it on a date :)
on 06/15/11
pennysfrhvn and 1 others liked this  
Not worth it, considering any card you get requires 18%+ gratuity be added BEFORE the discount.
on 06/29/11
Tip should always be figured before any discount. I have more of a problem with 18% because you have to give it no matter what service you receive. I used one recently and got terrible service, before even showing the waitress our coupon. She wasn't aware she was getting 18%, she was just a bad server overall. I spoke to the manager and let him know even though she got the tip regardless, her conduct wouldn't have earned it under any other circumstances.
on 06/27/11
teleme liked this  
Do you honestly have a problem leaving a 18% tip...standard american tip rates range between 15-25% Think about that for a minute. by the way, this is the same system used for sites such as groupon and livingsocial, they add the tip of the original meal.
on 06/23/11
balloonanimals89 and 1 others liked this  
Tips should ALWAYS be figured before any discount.
on 06/27/11
Sorry for a stupid question, but if I buy this as a gift for someone, do I use my address on the order confirmation or theirs? If I use mine, is it okay to give the Restaurant.com gift card to someone else to redeem? Thanks!
on 06/23/11
FlowerChild86 liked this  
i use resturaunts.com all the time! great rewards program get free food after spending points, and for 400 swag bucks for 25 buck? great price since i usually only place a 10 dollar order and then tip 3 bucks cash anyway! def gonna grab a few of these while theyre still cheap!
on 06/27/11
keep in mind that some restaraunts have a minimal order more then the 25 dollars. but still great discount.
on 02/22/11
Paulz and 5 others liked this  
Tip - if you are traveling on vacation, enter the zip of the place you are staying, and purchase GCs for participating restaurants in that area. We did this and, as a family of 4, we essentially paid for 3 dinners, and got 1 free each night. So at the end of the week, $150 saved. To be safe, I called each restaurant and confirmed that they would accept these GCs. The phone numbers are listed right on the site when you click for more info. The only detail to note is some restaurants exclude Fri and Sat nights. No biggie, we just went to restaurants that had no exclusions those 2 nights. Hope that helps someone. :-)
on 05/25/11
FallenSputnik::2013-01-24 19:29:03 liked this  
I think they are great, my daughter and I have used them before, but, yesterday we went to the same restaurant we had been before and they no longer take them. Only thing is she received her coupon in her email that day and restaurant.com had it down that they were taking them. Seems the restaurant cut ties two months previously, so therefore a one hour drive and plans for a pleasant lunch there got messed up. Our fault for not calling ahead of course, but you would think if the restaurant is posted that they would be accepting the coupons. Somethings out of line here. I wonder if we can run the coupon off again and use it elsewhere (only after calling to make sure its legit!!!!!!!!)
on 04/30/11
I don't know how this works with SB, but I know that the gift certificates are good. There are limited number of restaurants, but we used one that I won from a store last year for our anniversary dinner. Just keep in mind that the restaurants are limited.
on 04/25/11
i just redeemed 2 of these, does anyone know if i could combine them on restaurant.com? like when the deal said "$40 fora $100 GC" if i could do that instead of doing 2 $25 for$50 ones?
on 03/23/11
To anyone who has snagged this recently, how long did it take to ship to you? Because I snagged this over a month ago and it says it shipped on 2/24 and it still hasn't come!! :( I know it usually takes a couple weeks for any item to come in the mail but a month??? Has this happened to anyone else? I was really looking foward to this card :(
on 04/21/11
DeathBucks and 2 others liked this  

Shipped probably means that the code is ready to be used, go to YOUR ACCOUNT PROFILE, UNDER "My Gift Cards" and follow the "How to Redeem" instructions. That's how most of the e-Gift card work. Hope this is helpful :)
on 04/17/11
FallenSputnik::2013-01-24 19:29:03 and 1 others liked this  
on 04/03/11
Nikki3gp liked this  
this card dosent come in the mail it is under my giftcards
on 04/17/11
vivalaglam31 and 1 others liked this  
is this a good gift for mother day? ok lets say you were a mom you get this gift card and a greeting card would you be happy and please be honest.

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