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Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi
Available Colors
21,899 SB
21,899 SB
Nintendo DSi
out of stock
Price: 21,899
--Select Color--
Snag This!

Enjoy the largest screen size, best audio quality and thinnest design of any system in the Nintendo DS family; download exclusive games, clocks and calendars via the Nintendo DSi Shop; take pictures using either an inward or outward facing camera and choose from 11 different lenses to customize your shots, connect wirelessly to browse the internet, share photos and play with others, access your music in the AAC format off any standard SD Card.

Each DSi comes complete with: one Nintendo DSi System, one Nintendo DSi stylus, one Nintendo DSi AC power adapter, an easy start guide, manuals (basic and controls) and a support booklet.

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on 12/21/11
i have one,mine is white.But i should of saved up and bought it here:(
on 12/16/11
I love this, I am working on collecting enough swagbucks for this. I can give it as a gift. mgbradley
on 12/01/11
Oh, my gosh, I have been dying for one of these ever since mine got stolen, I cannot WAIT until I have enough sb for this!
on 11/18/11
The DSi is so fun! I especially like the camera.
on 04/29/11
cardmaster2 and 1 others liked this  
i just ordered this, ive been saveing up for over 4 years now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 11/12/11
Awesome! i didnt think people would actually buy it since its so much!
on 10/17/11
you ordered this off of swagbucks that's good because i have 369 swagbucks and the dsi cost about 21899 so i might take me 3 years to get it or if i'm lucky it might be less than that.
on 03/28/11
salesman200 liked this  
I wish I had one. ><
on 09/04/11
Me too. X<
on 10/25/11
same here..........
on 08/22/11
Everybody, the 1.3 version is an UPDATE! You go under settings, then hit "Update" when its near your modem. You wait for it... Then it's updated!
on 08/12/11
salesman200 liked this  
i waiting until a get cant wait one day
on 06/24/11
salesman200 liked this  
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! it doesn't ship to Canada :( nothing does!
on 08/04/11
TheGeeksOwnAll::2011-12-29 18:22:18 and 1 others liked this  
then if you still havent lose any Swagbucks,try buying lots of Amazon cards and go Amazon.com to buy it instead,it might be cheaper
on 01/14/11
salesman200 liked this  
please help me guys i really want one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me by signing up under my referal link please!!!!! its http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Misteor
on 07/21/11
salesman200 liked this  
No offense but we would only see this if we already had an account so posting your refferal link here isn't gonna help you.
on 06/24/11
salesman200 liked this  
Go buy it in the store if you really want one.
on 07/21/11
cardmaster2 and 1 others liked this  
Don't be rude
on 07/15/11
RandomSnatcher and 1 others liked this  
if you guys want tips for earning more swagbucks you could go to trusted surveys for 1 swagbuck or you could go to Dailypolls for 1 swagbuck or go to NOSO for 2 swagbucks! even swagbucks TV for 3 swagbucks or try searching to earn 5 swagbucks or 10,20,30,7,8 swagbucks no scam try these it helps Even NOSO helps a lot!
on 05/02/11
salesman200 liked this  
that is amazing!
on 04/15/11
salesman200 liked this  
i cant waitt to have this!!..one day,, one day soon............... O.O
on 12/25/10
salesman200 liked this  
Can this go on youtube? im just wondering because someone said it has WIFI
on 02/21/11
salesman200 liked this  
it does have wifi
on 08/07/11
salesman200 liked this  
Yes it does and internet broweser ds shop and more .ect
on 01/27/11
salesman200 liked this  
nop you cant beecuse you need shockwire and this dosnt but if you have a psp you can dowload a special progam for it and then you and wach youtube movies on your psp
on 01/17/11
IMAW35OME and 1 others liked this  
it can go anywhere i have 1 and they are awesome u can upload photos to facebook also it has internet on it
on 01/21/11
salesman200 liked this  
but it cant play videos
on 02/21/11
go on www.dsitube.webs.com for dsi videos! (if it is a 1.3 version
on 02/21/11
i have one already but i want a 1.3 version so is this a 1.3 version? (please respond)
on 12/13/10
mideepoo liked this  
i finally just got 1 its awsome
on 02/21/11
is it a 1.3 version?
on 01/29/11
you got it from swag? or did you buy it on the store?
on 02/21/11
is that dsi a 1.3 version (someone answer)
on 02/12/11
esturwuzheyah liked this  
I wish I had one!:(
on 02/12/11
Logan16509 liked this  
i do not like ds
on 02/11/11
Great system but this would only come in use of the exclusive DSi games that use the system's camera then that's where the fun starts. If you want better games either get a PSP or just wait for 3DS or Next Generation Portable
on 01/14/11
Aw, i'd like this! Help me out :)
on 01/11/11
why everything is only for us residents ?? :(
on 01/07/11
vasnap liked this  
i really want to save up to get this for my brother for his birthday only in 2 months i hvae lot of saving to do
on 12/04/10
NooraM30 and 2 others liked this  
Everyone should have this! I carry mine everywhere I go, it's nice to have when you are stuck somewhere waiting. So many games to choose from! Can download games and get online with the wifi.
on 11/29/10
hacksad liked this  
This is cool
on 11/19/10
what kind of blue was that. I was expecting a dark blue or regular blue. Instead, there is baby blue or some other girly shade of blue.
on 11/27/10
Kittenz231 liked this  
if u look in the picture its a "girly blue"
on 11/22/10
Kittenz231 and 1 others liked this  
this should be avail to Canadian residents because they r really kool handheld machines

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