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Wii System w/ Wii Sports & Wii Fit

Wii System w/ Wii Sports & Wii Fit
Wii System w/ Wii Sports & Wii Fit
Wii System w/ Wii Sports & Wii Fit
out of stock
Price: 48,499
Snag This!

Get this brand new console for FREE courtesy of VPGames.com!

Get the best of Nintendo Wii all in 1 Bundle!

Snag this prize and you'll receive:

* Nintendo Wii Console
* Wii Console Stand
* Wii Remote (with batteries)
* Wii Nunchuck Controller
* Wii Sensor Bar
* Wii AC Adapter
* Wii AV cable
* Wii Five Sports Disc (Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, Boxing and Golf)
* Wii Fit Fitness Made Fun Game
* Wii Fit Balance Board
* HD Ready with HD Pro Component Cable for W

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on 12/23/11
Just a Wii that was modded for 720p or 1080i/p resolution unlike the original, nothing special, but not very sure if it's fake.
on 02/27/11
turtle819819 liked this  
First off, don't get this, its a rip off. Just get the $5 amazon gift cards and you'll eventually have a lot of $$. Second off, starting this Monday, there will be this new benefit of having Swag Friends, so add me!
on 02/28/11
WAIT DON'T ADD ME! its just a chat feature! forget this.
on 03/13/11
aiee sorry
chat is lame
on 03/24/11
yeah ikr. as soon as i found out it was just chat, i was all WHAT???? Now I'm getting spammed with friend requests. T_T
on 12/20/11
Why would anybody want to be your friend?!!
on 12/14/11
on 12/05/11
Nintendo Wii is better than any other gaming platform - I love the fitness games!
on 11/19/11
This game is gonna get me into shape.
on 11/12/11
no way this is more than the ps3,its like 100 bucks cheaper at walmart,i have a hacked black wii
on 10/03/11
An amazing game that is very fun and totally worth getting.
on 08/21/11
Great X-mas present for the Entire Family! :)
on 06/10/11
I would love this will help me get off this baby fat after I gained with my duaghter 3-17-2011
on 06/04/11
thats way more than a ps3 on swagbucks
on 05/29/11
on 02/05/11
I want this soooo badly! :)
on 02/02/11
on 01/02/11
Is The Wii a good console
on 01/25/11
I like my Wii. I recommend getting a new Wii bundle with Sports Resort, and the current Wii Fit bundle with Fit Plus.
on 01/16/11
Who can get this much anyway? im trying to get enough for a dreamcast if anyone can help me plz tell me how thnx :)
on 11/17/10
why only USA?
on 12/24/10
It just makes it easier to ship
on 11/17/10
DRun70 and 10 others liked this  
You could buy this from Amazon with 60 $5 gift cards. It would only cost 27,000 swagbucks that way. This item is WAY over priced.
That being said, this is the ultimate system to own and this bundle comes with some great stuff! I highly recommend, just not at this price.
on 11/22/10
You can get it from there with the wii and the other stuff?

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