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Swagbucks Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener

Swagbucks Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener
Swagbucks Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener
Swagbucks Guitar Keychain/Bottle Opener
out of stock
Price: 750
Sale: 449
Snag This!

Never go thirsty(or lose your keys) again thanks to this Stylin' & Handy Swagbucks.com Guitar Bottle Opener and Keychain combo!

The Swagbucks.com Guitar Keychain is super lightweight and the sleek, functional guitar-shaped bottle opener is perfect for opening a beverage for you or a friend - it's a Win/Win!

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on 11/25/12
isit metal?
on 11/24/12
is it metal?
on 11/24/12
is it plastic or metal
on 11/24/12
how big is it?
on 05/04/12
Awesome swagbucks accessory! I ordered this on 4/27 and it came in the mail on 5/3!!! Swagbucks shipped it to me as first class mail :) That was very generous of them! I got this keychain guitar because I wanted somthing that said swagbucks on it with the logo, because this site is so AWESOME!!!!!! :D
Thanks Swagbucks! Keep up the good work!
Your loyal swaggernaut, Cha57Z
on 01/16/12
saving up swagbucks hopefuly i can get this sweet prize
on 01/09/12
Totally Sweet! Worth it while its on sale.
on 12/21/11
is this steel?
on 11/23/11
Love this! It rocks! :)
on 07/29/11
Looks cool but not that worth of points, a mini key chain for 449 points? should be 300 its just a mini key chain with bottle opener so whats up with the price now like OMG i wish its the old swagbucks price 45 swagbucks for a amazon gift card was worth it and a low price too so that was like in (2009) now what happened in 2011 its so messed up because the points are really high i would thought that make points lower so its easy for us we bought lap tops and computers right so should be low like back then in 2009 please change the price i have a good idea you guys (swagbucks team) should do this and more people will go on your website FYI
on 07/25/11
To bad i am poor and have no money saving my swagbucks for school and my family that is poor to :( my little brothers and sisters crying for money and what they wanted is everything on swagbucks if swagbucks is so kind to help my family i will be very happy and i am sad right now thinking in my head that can help us earn more swagbucks please help us with this prize
wiidude::2012-06-03 ".."+
on 07/25/11
awesome a key chain and bottle opener! i will totally get this at some point! :D
on 06/29/11
I just got it!!!
on 06/13/11
I just order this key chain to know if this is real... so I hope I can get it soon.. :) LOL
i'm not going to redeem my points until I get the key chain.. :P
on 03/27/11
I really like it. The fact that it looks like a guitar and a bottle opener is pretty cool. My one problem that I have with it is that the paint that Swagbucks is written in rubbed off in about a week or two.
on 02/28/11
I think you guys should lower the price of this item to like at least 199SB before I'll consider it. Because, usually companies gives these things out for free (like pens and stuff), because they want you to remember them and probably do business with them again. I think this Swagbucks Bottle Opener is kind of like that. I think 299SB is kind of expensive. If you guys lower it to 199SB or less, I'll consider it.
on 02/16/11
Very, very cool. It is not lightweight, but it is heavy duty metal. Got it for my bro...he loves it!
on 01/02/11
this pretty good but thepaint come off some what fast #LOL
on 12/30/10
it took 4 days to get it shipped in 2 days and i got in 2 more days so that was very fast and i live in indiana but thios also awesome
on 12/28/10
they shipped with in a week =)
on 12/26/10
on 12/23/10
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on 12/13/10
Excellent prize! The guitar is a sturdy metal,1/4" thick, which opens bottle tops wonderfully! Very cool piece of swag to own!
on 11/21/10
TheBobMob liked this  
Ooo i could use one of those back in mexico thay still sell coca cola in glass bottles iv been telling my friends about them but they dont believe me and i cant bring a bottle opener cuz the teacher will think its a pocket knife
on 11/19/10
I really wish things like this were available to us UK memebers, sisnce it looks really cool.
on 11/18/10
This was my first swag item I got. It's made of a very hard metal and it looks cool on my keychain. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE.
on 11/17/10
It's a bit heavy, wouldn't recommend using it on a car keychain. But it works well as a bottle top opener. Mine is a bit banged up, now that I've had it for a while. And the swagbucks logo is fading.
on 11/16/10
thisismyswa liked this  
This Looks COol(:

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