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$25 CAD Amazon.ca eGift Certificate

$25 CAD Amazon.ca eGift Certificate
$25 CAD Amazon.ca eGift Certificate
$25 CAD Amazon.ca eGift Certificate
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

Snag this prize to receive a $25 Amazon.ca® e-Gift Certificate*. The Amazon.ca website is the place to find and discover anything you want to buy online at a great price. Amazon.ca's huge selection includes products in Books, Electronics, Music, MP3 players, DVD, Software, Cameras, and more.

Gift Certificate is NOT VALID for Amazon.com and is ONLY valid for users in CANADA.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

*Amazon.ca is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon, Amazon.ca, and the Amazon.ca logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon.com Gift Certificates ("GCs") may be used only to purchase eligible goods on Amazon.ca. GCs cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift certificates or cards, or for items from some third party sellers. GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash, or applied to any other account. See www.amazon.ca/gp/help/customer/display.html for terms and conditions of use of Amazon.ca Gift Certificates. GCs are issued by Amazon.com.ca, Inc. a Delaware corporation.

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on 03/02/15
hmrocks4ever and 6 others liked this  
AWESOME!!! It is soooo nice to finally see the price of these come DOWN :) However, it's sad that we can only buy ONE of them a month.....even still.....it's GREAT!!!! Also, it's too bad they didn't leave the "$5.00" ones ALSO at the lower price, too. Oh well.....These "AMAZON" cards are STILL the best thing in my opinion to buy anyway.......at least for me here in Canada. In my short 3 1/2 years with Swagbucks.....I have earned enough "bucks" to get myself a HDTV....my PS3....a Laptop....my IPOD (x2).....and most recently a $600 7.1 surround sound system!!! AWESOME!!!! Livning on ONLY a disability income.....I could NEVER have bought this stuff EVER!!! Thanks to swagbucks.....and just doing my NORMAL daily online stuff....and surveys, etc......I got it all for FREE!!! I LOVE YOU, Swagbucks!!! Thank you!!!!
on 11/11/15
sandee liked this  
on 03/03/15
hmrocks4ever and 1 others liked this  
Wow , you have to publish your story in swagbucks and you would get extra 500 sb ,i hope i can made that much sb and money
on 11/08/15
how do you publish your story? I only have diability as well.
on 11/16/15
dear hmrocks4ever , if you want to publish your story you have to this :

We would love to share your story in an upcoming post (and give you 500 SB!) Please send it to contests@swagbucks.com (include your Swag Name and a photo!). If your story is published you will be awarded 500 Swag Bucks!
on 01/07/11
Kirushan2601 liked this  
No one yet has answered whether Amazon lets you use more than one card at a time for a single purchase. I am thinking of the $5 cards, since that's cheaper than the $25, but it does no good if I can only use one code per purchase at Amazon.
on 01/08/11
Zombee liked this  
Amazon will let you enter up to 5 codes per order :)
on 01/11/12
hmrocks4ever liked this  
No, in amazon you can enter as much as gift card you want it to enter.
on 08/06/11
no, you can enter as much as u have
on 07/16/11
NewCanadian liked this  
actually it allows you as many as you want
on 01/26/11
hmrocks4ever and 5 others liked this  
But if you apply all the codes to your Amazon gift card account, then you can use as much as you want, regardless of number of gift card codes. That's what I do; I just keep redeeming the $5 ones and applying them to the account. :)
on 01/27/11
same here
on 01/11/11
For sure it's 5?
Know if it's true that you can only get 5 gift cards from the swagstore each month too?
Thx in advance!!
on 11/08/15
5 of each one (5 5$ ones for example) each month yes, and I have redeemed more than 5 codes in amazon.ca, it applies all your codes automaticall to next purchase.
on 07/23/12
nancymai1997 and 1 others liked this  
Only for Canada. YAY. but what's the difference between e-gift card and regular gift cards?
on 11/08/15
Clarified: it's sent by e-mail, not mail. Any other questions?
on 10/11/15
There isn't physical anymore, just e-gift
on 03/13/15
jgho and 11 others liked this  
finally after 3 weeks i snag $25 amazon.ca gift card , i was worried and i am not that patient i want my 450 sb for $5 , it is hard for Canadian to take many offer in swagbucks. what do you think , dont you miss 450 sb for $5 amazon.ca ?
on 05/02/15
how did u do it in 3 weeks? im finally at 1000 after 2 months
on 10/28/15
to answer to your question how I get 2200 sb in 3 weeks , each day I spend 3 to 4 hours of using this webpage , I used survey and search and also I downloaded all swag bucks tv on my iPhone so I watch them I play game and sometimes I install new apps so after 3 weeks I could finally reach my goals to get 2200 sb to buy $ 25 amazon gift card so I could spend it for mother day gift for my mom , Canadian amazon.ca is not that good and not a lot of products to choose from unfortunately .
on 06/21/15
You can do it faster than 3 weeks..really depemds what you do and how much. I can make over 100sb on mobile trom watching videos (also try looking for trailplay on mobile site from time to time) and then you can potentially make 154 a day by doing daily and SBTV. I also get one search win daily which is usually about 9SB but the range can go quite high onto the twenties. The. You can play swagbucks games for swagasaurus run. Which equals to 273 daily. It doesnt exactly equate to 2200 in 7 days but if you have a few refferals or do surveys sometimes you can get 2200 in one week. Also there are the montly bonuses which may contribute to he goal if it's the first week. That being said i don't do that much myself either, cause it would require quite some time in front of the computer, i'd suggest max out mobile and do SBTV on computer at your leisure while watching something online or something. GL! ^^
on 05/21/15
Do the dailies, download the mobile apps and do them daily, complete surveys, turn on the daily goal and hit those winning streaks!
on 02/14/14
Do these ever expire?
on 03/03/15
hmrocks4ever liked this  
No they do not. Unless Amazon goes bankrupt lol
on 10/11/15
Which wouldn't happen soon unless they were involved with a drug bust or something!
on 04/28/15
worth to buy???
on 10/11/15
especially if you get it for 2,200 SB!
on 08/11/15
Wow. Suddenly I received this on the same day I ordered. :o
on 08/05/15
Comment Under Review
on 08/05/15
Ignore this please I made a mistake.
on 08/08/15
LOL, at least change the rating then!
on 05/07/15
How long till they arrive?
on 05/21/15
For me personally, it took me 11 days. It says between 7-10 days usually for it to go through
on 05/05/15
on 05/06/15
How long?
on 04/22/13
tracy2014 liked this  
Can someone help me ? I just got my gift card today and when I try to enter it on amazon.ca it says that someone already used it ??
on 04/21/15
you need to contact swagbucks there really nice and will probably help you get a new 1
on 05/09/13
tracy2014 liked this  
contact the swag buck support or go contact amazon.ca or something
hopes this help
that never happen to me before so yahh.
on 03/31/15
Can I do partial redemption?
on 03/09/15
nancymai1997 and 1 others liked this  
Two questions: anyone know why they changed the discounted gift card from $5-$25 and actually increased the discount?
Also anyone know the difference between the amazon gift card, and the e-gift certificate?
on 03/21/15
To get people to stick around on Swagbucks longer?
on 12/04/13
hmrocks4ever and 1 others liked this  
I can use this on Amazon.ca right?
on 01/03/14
hmrocks4ever and 1 others liked this  
Yup! LOL! Says it right there!
on 05/31/13
nilo27 and 2 others liked this  
After the $5 Amazon gift cards, this is the next best thing. When you have spent 2250 SB on the five-per-month $5 gift cards, and you have many Swagbucks left over, I think this is a good choice. It means you can double your gift card amount to $50 and get something worthwhile for "free" on Amazon (e.g. blu-ray, games, music, software, etc.). Or, if it's something really expensive you're after, at least you can be one step closer to attaining your goal.
on 09/16/12
nilo27 and 2 others liked this  
Too expensive. I opted for $5 cards instead. Even if you are only allowed 2 per day and 5 per month, I'd much rather just have the extra $10.
on 01/04/12
tracy2014 liked this  
about not being able to add all the $5 cards, you can just add the money to your account balance and spend it whenever. this basically makes amazon like paypal.
on 12/01/11
hmrocks4ever and 2 others liked this  
These go on sale right after I buy a $50... that sucks.
on 10/29/11
hmrocks4ever and 3 others liked this  
I would much rather have more money to spend and wait a little bit of time rather than have no restraint and waste points. But, that's just my opinion, lol.
on 03/29/11
This was kinda ridiculous cuz I got it and I thought it was for USA until I read it lol that sucked so I got a useless gift card
on 07/20/11
hmrocks4ever and 3 others liked this  
Trade it.
on 07/15/11
TLRich liked this  
if you guys want tips for earning more swagbucks you could go to trusted surveys for 1 swagbuck or you could go to Dailypolls for 1 swagbuck or go to NOSO for 2 swagbucks! even swagbucks TV for 3 swagbucks or try searching to earn 5 swagbucks or 10,20,30,7,8 swagbucks no scam try these it helps Even NOSO helps a lot!
on 06/24/11
Dirigibleplum liked this  
It makes no sense to get this. A $5 card is 450 points. So for 3150 you could get this $25 card, or you could get SEVEN $5 cards. If there's a limit to how many you can apply to your Amazon account I haven't found it yet, and I made it up to $75 before I placed an order on Amazon.ca and used it all.

Don't waste your points, get the cards in $5 increments instead.
on 01/09/11
hmrocks4ever and 24 others liked this  
The prize of this should be lowered, since it's cheaper on swagbucks to buy 5 $5 cards (which would cost 2250 rather than 3150). I think it should be like; amazon card $5 stays 450, $25 should be 2000 and a $50 one should be 3500.
This would make:
$5 gift card= every $5 costs 450
$25 gift card = every $5 costs 400
$50 gift card = every $5 costs 350

The cheaper per item if bought in a higher bulk happens in real life for example:
A single can of pop costs $1.25, a case (12 pop) cost $8 which would make each pop cost $0.67

If you do my suggestion as I stated above, you will attract people more to the higher price cards because it will be cheaper per $5 for them to keep going on this site and collecting points. The prices that are set now are pushing people away from the higher cards because "what's the point of working harder and collecting more than what it would be of just buying 5, $5 cards?"

The prices are unacceptable.
on 07/16/11
no, you are only allowed a max of 5 gift cards of one type a month. :P I tried getting 6 5$ amazons, and I would not let me, so I got a 10$ paypal
on 10/22/11
If you earn a lot of swagbucks per month then you would be tired of just getting 5 cards $5 at the start of the month, then waiting a whole month to order more. And it will be super slow. The reason these are priced 550 SB extra is because people earning a lot of swagbucks each month can get 5 of these along with the 5 of 5$ ones, which means more balance on amazon.ca per month instead of $25 per month only.
on 01/14/11
no the prices are acceptable because its a convienice because the max 5$ cards to get in 1 day is 2 =ing 10$ but you could get 2 25$ cards =ing 50$ and save yourself 5 days of waiting.
on 03/26/11
royalwiz and 7 others liked this  
That's ridiculous. You go ahead and save yourself 5 days of waiting. I'll spend my 3150 points and get $35 worth of $5 cards. I'd rather have the $10 extra!
on 12/17/10
MaxHavoc and 10 others liked this  
this does not make sence for a 5.00 amazon card it is 450 why so much for a 25.00 card it should be 2250 not 3150? explain this to me plz
on 11/23/10
on 11/30/10
on 12/10/10
on 12/07/10
Dirigibleplum and 3 others liked this  
cheaper to buy 5 5$ ones..why?

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