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Clic Extendable Eraser (avail. in 1, 3, or 5-pack)

Clic Extendable Eraser (avail. in 1, 3, or 5-pack)
Clic Extendable Eraser (avail. in 1, 3, or 5-pack)
Available Quantities
Clic Extendable Eraser (avail. in 1, 3, or 5-pack)
out of stock
Price: 525
Sale: 329
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Snag This!

Grab this Clic Extendable Eraser and eliminate unwanted pencil marks with ease! Smudge-resistant eraser material extends with a simple click, giving you all the erasing power you need, one bit at a time.

Available in Blue or Grey. Customers will receive a randomly-selected color.

Order multiple pens at one time, and save some serious Swag Bucks!

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on 07/06/11
wow great deal 5 of these at same price cool!
on 08/12/11
OreoPulguita liked this  
every item i see.. i go to the comments and i always see you comment.. saying how the item is awesome and all that. did you seriously try the last 20 items i saw?
on 08/17/11
so if i want to comment i want to and i want to earn 100 SB for commenting and whats your problem gosh
on 08/22/11
You can get swagbucks for commenting?
on 08/26/11
seriously you get swagbucks for just commenting ? :O
on 12/19/11
you do realize that the swag gal wont give you 100 swagbucks if you keep spamming and lying about trying these products. why don't you comment when you actually want to help out others?
on 11/02/11
on 09/04/11
Jisho liked this  
I've used these kinds of erasers before and I would recommend it to others because one can last for quite a while. The deal is great because it is 5 for 299sb.
on 11/01/11
too late now is one for 299 :(aahh
on 10/26/11
Jisho liked this  
Can someone answer this question? If you buy more than one erasers, does each of those come with the clipy thingy, or they just give you one clip and 3/5 erasers?
on 11/30/10
Jisho and 1 others liked this  
Shipped super fast. Great if you have a good pencil with those thin erasers, those dont last long but these should. I got 5 of them! Also fits in my pocket easily.
The Swag Gal
on 08/30/11
Jisho and 3 others liked this  
I'm glad it got to you fast and that you're finding it useful! I'm hooking you up with 100SB for your comment. :o)
on 08/22/11
Jisho liked this  
So I thought I ordered this but it didn't take any swagbucks.... Did it not accept my order?
on 08/12/11
Jisho liked this  
glitch here. the dropdown box only has the option for 5 erasers. title says 1,3, or 5. please fix! thanks :D
on 08/03/11
Jisho liked this  
on 06/27/11
Jisho liked this  
Should i order this? i only have 309 swagbucks and im trying to save it for a swagbuck t-shirt
on 07/23/11
on 07/23/11
kaitygirl147 liked this  
im not talking to you cheapy
on 02/24/11
Jisho and 1 others liked this  
cant wait to get 3 of the erasers just need a few more swagbucks
on 02/23/11
Jisho and 3 others liked this  
Pretty good quality. You should only extend two notches, and the delivery was super fast, especially because I live way far from CA.
on 11/20/10
ginh liked this  
Do these Erasers Break easy?????????
Mashfiq::2011-07-22 ".."+
on 11/21/10
They do, but that's rarely. It usually happens if you extend it a bit too far and/or erase with a lot of pressure.
Mashfiq::2011-07-22 ".."+
on 11/18/10
Jisho and 1 others liked this  
This is a very good eraser compared to several other kinds. Since it's white, it doesn't leave any kind of marks like some pink erasers. I would recommend buying more than one, because these erasers can finish pretty quickly.
on 11/18/10
Jisho and 2 others liked this  
I LOVE this. I was so excited when I ordered it and didn't have to pay anything for it. I go through erasers like CRAZY and it drives me insane to have a pencil without an eraser. PROBLEM SOLVED!
on 11/18/10
Jisho and 1 others liked this  
these are great becuase they last forever.
on 11/17/10
Jisho and 1 others liked this  
I love these erasers! It was a great prize!!!!
on 11/17/10
Jisho and 2 others liked this  
I love these erasers. They're smooth and do not smudge like the ones that come in mechanical pencils. Best of all is that they also don't leave behind a lot of dust!!

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