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Roku XD 2 Streaming Player 1080p

Roku XD 2 Streaming Player 1080p
Roku XD 2 Streaming Player 1080p
Roku XD 2 Streaming Player 1080p
Price: 24,999
Sale: 10,499
Snag This!

The tiny, powerful Roku 2 XD makes it a snap to stream over 350 entertainment choices to your TV instantly—in up to 1080p HD quality.

350 channels and counting: Features the top sources, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Instant Video

High-definition streaming: Up to 1080p HD

Small footprint: The size of a hockey puck, Roku 2 uses less power than a night-light.

Easy setup: Works with virtually any TV, includes built-in wireless, and sets up in minutes.

The Best in Movies and TV

Roku puts over 150,000 titles at your fingertips, including:

* The biggest Netflix experience around, with support for 1080p HD video, Dolby Digital+ surround sound, and English subtitles
* Hulu Plus, with an amazing selection of current TV shows from the biggest networks
* Amazon Instant Video, featuring the latest movie releases, virtually all the blockbusters of the past, hit TV series, and much more—all on demand
* Hundreds of free Hollywood movies from Crackle
* Access to premium services like HBO GO and EPIX, available via participating providers.

Even More Choices

With over 350 entertainment channels and counting, there’s something for virtually everyone, including:

* Unlimited music from Pandora, MOG, Rdio, and Live365
* Live sports packages including NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter Live, MLS Matchday, UFC, and MLB.TV.
* Photo and video sharing via Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa
* The top news sources like NBC, FoxNews.com, and CNN.

Of course, there are also tons of international and lifestyle programming, tech news, social networking, podcasts, cartoons, clips, and more.

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on 12/26/12
I dont get it you can get
huluplus, netflix for free with this device????
on 04/08/13
no, all that Roku 2 gives you is the ability to stream directly into your TV instead of having to, say, plug your computer into the TV via HDMI cable, which btw you have to buy to use this player......what I am saying is that the only options tha you have are to either have a hulu account or netflix account. if you don't get one it will be basicly useless exept for like crackle....Hope this helps!!
on 04/06/13
i have the 1 and its pretty good :)
on 02/23/13
do you have to have a netflix account to use this?
on 03/27/13
sorry if i'm too late, but no you do not need a netflix account, but it's the only thing our family uses it for.
on 01/26/13
emgurl12 liked this  
How is this in comparison to the apple tv? I need about 3 thousand more for this.. :/
on 01/18/13
bwills62 and 2 others liked this  
5 stars for this box but no stars for this "deal." It looks nice because of the sale, but for 10,000 points you can buy a $100 amazon card, buy this box, and have $24 left over to spend on other things. Oh and save 500 points. ;)
on 12/26/12
All this is free with this little device or what???

Free netflix and hulu for life?????????
on 01/03/13
No, you do not get free netflix or hulu. This device simply allows you to play your existing netflix or hulu directly on your tv. It's really convenient
on 10/01/12
got it love it...
its really lite and setup fast
on 04/04/12
dboylonnie and 3 others liked this  
GOT IT! I just ordered this! Finally. :D
on 08/06/12
how do you get your points so fast?
on 07/02/12
Are you able to access and play movies/music stored on your PC (via SMB/Samba share)?
on 04/10/12
Awesome I am 3499 away from hopefully getting mine!
on 08/06/12
how do you get your points so fast?
on 04/26/12
dboylonnie and 5 others liked this  
Just a note, this on Amazon is about $70. So if you were to get the $5 Amazon.com gift cards for 450 points each. It will cost you only 6300 points instead of 10,499.
on 07/04/12
thanks !
on 06/23/12
Is it only for Amazon Gift Cards or all gift cards?
on 05/23/12
jmariejackson liked this  
That's a great point, although you are limited to the number of Amazon.com gift cards you can buy a month, so you'd have to save several months worth before you bought it on Amazon. So it's "need it now" versus "save and get it cheaper".
on 06/02/12
bwills62 and 4 others liked this  
It'd still be cheaper if you bought the higher denomination Amazon gift cards, excluding the $100 and $500
on 04/14/12
dboylonnie and 2 others liked this  
I have this box and I absolutely LOVE it. There are a lot of free channels you can get on it, as well as Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon Prime that you pay for. I intend to eventually get Amazon Prime and maybe even HuluPlus but right now, I have all I can watch on Netflix. My tv bill dropped from almost $80 a month for a low end basic satellite package to $8.55 a month for Netflix. Gotta love that!
on 12/31/11
i want one really badly and does it charge you if you watch or something cuz i want this for someone but also waiting for the right answer
on 02/27/12
You can access free movies from hulu and crackle but there are sites like netflix that you can pay 8 dollars a month for service and watch movies on your TV with it. I have researched it and want one also. It says there are 350 channels that you can get with this tiny box that is wifi. You can also get hbogo and maxgo for a fee of course. Check out Hulu and Crackle to see all of the free movies and shows that you can watch.
on 04/13/12
Do you know if you have to have wifi access
on 04/14/12
On this box, yes you do. They have another box that has an ethernet port on it, but it is way more expensive than this one.
on 04/12/12
dboylonnie and 1 others liked this  
I convinced my dad to get this to replace our cable box. Neither of use really watch tv, but when we do this does the trick.
on 03/09/12
dc5523 and 5 others liked this  
Just checking in to say I'm now halfway towards this! I gained 1251 Swagbucks in 8 days since declaring my goal of getting this. I'll have this in no time, I just know it. I just hope the sale doesn't end before I reach my goal. :/
on 08/06/12
angelgirl196688 liked this  
how did you get points so fast?
on 04/08/13
IKR!!! Share the trick plz.....
on 03/25/12
dc5523 liked this  
Only 2637 left to go. Wow, when I want something, I really go for it. I estimate that I'll have this in a little over two weeks time, as long as the sale doesn't end. In my nightmares, the sale ends before I have all the swagbucks needed. :/
on 04/01/12
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
Less than 1000 to go, yo!
on 03/02/12
Definitely saving up for this. Only have 4,018 currently, but I will persevere!
on 03/01/12
The Deal News app for the iPhone has the 720p version of this little blue box on sale for $ 50. I'm holding out for this one though because it is the 1080p model.
on 02/29/12
I was researching these just yesterday! I have a coworker that uses this instead of cable and LOVES it. I wish I had enough to get one now!!!! I want one in the worst way... Have 524 so far! I tried to win one with a friend ticket my coworker gave me but I only got $10 off my next purchase :-P
The one I really want is the XS model ... Maybe I'll have to break down and just buy one. Wahh! I'm torn!
on 02/27/12
I want to know when this will be on sale until so that I can research it and figure out if it's worth it!!!!!
on 02/27/12
porkloin liked this  
My dad and stepmom REALLY want this, but I only have 1 swag buck because I waste it all on the swagstakes :( I would also very like to buy them this for my stepmom's birthday!!
on 02/27/12
carlyn613 liked this  
This is the best little box in the world. I want one so bad I guess I am going to have to break down and buy one. I hate cable and their enormous cable prices. They say great things come in small packages. So true with this little blue box!!!!
on 02/26/12
this is so cool omg. can't wait to get 10k SB more lol.
this is going to be great! :)
thanks SB guys!
on 12/24/11
is this a dvd player????
on 02/21/12
Tybalt liked this  
No. The best way of looking at it is that it is a bridge between your TV and online video content. You can't insert disks and you can't save videos. You watch things in real time from a variety of services (dozens). Some are free and others, if you so decide, you can sign up for. Think of it as a Cable box, but your Cable service isn't serving the content - the Internet is.
on 02/16/12
I'm a little surprised to find this in the Swag Store. Sweet! Going to have to save up. Only 10,059 to go! lol. Rock on Swag Bucks! Thanks for the coolest swag. <3
on 01/24/12
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I WONT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO! bad but i need 10,243 more swagbucks :(
Team Swagbucks
on 02/08/12
TheKing754 and 5 others liked this  
You can do it! We're hooking you up with 100SB for your comment! Hope it helps :)
on 02/05/12
dc5523 liked this  
Swag bucks why u no easy to get?
on 01/10/12
Can you watch from videobb and megavideo?
on 01/07/12
Maeflower07 liked this  
I'm gunning for this and a flat screen wish me luck everyone
on 12/27/11
do u hav 2 pay when u use this player???
cuz i hav e-nuf swagbucks
on 01/07/12
No, you just pay online for the content you play, like movies and shows from Netflix or Hulu Plus. You can still watch a lot of free content from Hulu but it's not as good as the stuff you pay for of course.
on 01/07/12
Also you have to pay for the movies you view on Amazon of course but occasionally you can find a free episode of a show or something.
on 12/25/11
Cable prices are insane. I really need one of these!
on 12/12/11
would really love to get this for my Brother he has 13 kids and they would really enjoy being able to watch netflix on tv instead of computer.....
on 12/07/11
i got the Roku as a gift, its a great product. Much better than streaming to your tv from a laptop!
on 12/10/11
Yea, wish I had one. Streaming from a laptop really stinks!
on 12/10/11
Crazy thing is though no one has came down on the price of the old model even though they have a new one out. They're just greedy
on 12/05/11
jenny0325 liked this  
I bought this divice a few months before the new one came out. I love it, I am able to stream HBO, netflix and overseas and internet content to my TV. Fast to hook up and been no hastle at all. If you have the swagbucks well worth hitting that button to snag it.
on 09/25/11
LilMissEngr and 1 others liked this  
dont get this, its the old version, the new 2 version came out
on 11/20/11
Thanks for the info, I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice that!
on 11/21/11
Well the hundred dollar one has Angry Birds, USB port, Ethernet Port, streams in 1080p, etc. Also the remote is motion sensing.
on 11/20/11
Yeah, I saw that. It's way smaller, coaster sized. Also it has the full version of Angry Birds on it. I so want it!!
on 09/29/11
PrettyMe365 and 1 others liked this  
i just need 10,000 more swagbucks so i can get this for my teacher to get an A in her class.
on 08/16/11
Online121 and 3 others liked this  
My parents were thinking about getting a TV in their room, so I thought I could get this for them. I need to save though.
The Swag Gal
on 08/23/11
Online121 and 3 others liked this  
That would be a great gift for them! I'm hooking you up with 100SB for your comment. :o)
on 09/21/11
DjOzneR liked this  
I agree with you on that. my dad wanted one now i can get it . i just need to collect 2000 more sb.
on 09/20/11
jenny0325 and 1 others liked this  
can i have sum points? :)
on 03/21/11
movliestar and 5 others liked this  
you could buy 16 amazon giftcards for 7200 swagbucks... so you save 3299..... thats what imma do
on 08/20/11
DjOzneR liked this  
good idea
on 06/21/11
DjOzneR liked this  
Yeah but you can only get 5 items a month
on 03/22/11
DjOzneR liked this  
you can go to their web site and get it for $60
on 03/01/11
DjOzneR and 1 others liked this  
we have netflix... & im gonna get it
on 07/06/11
DjOzneR liked this  
How many swagbucks do you have?
on 01/29/11
DjOzneR and 1 others liked this  
want it sooo bad!!!!!
on 01/25/11
DjOzneR liked this  
It won't refresh since I have more swagbucks than the last time I looked at it.It won't acknoledge that I have more bucks.
on 01/25/11
DjOzneR liked this  
Not the prize it self, the swagstore site.
on 11/28/10
DjOzneR and 1 others liked this  
on 11/30/10
DjOzneR and 1 others liked this  
Do I have to hard wire the internet or will it pick up my network wirelessly?
on 01/07/11
DjOzneR and 1 others liked this  
wirelessly hard compact wireless
on 12/23/10
Fam6ali and 2 others liked this  
I looked this up on amazon and it automatically picks up wirelessly.

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