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5 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate

5 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
5 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
5 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
Price: 849
Snag This!

*Amazon.co.uk is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificates ("GCs") may be redeemed on the Amazon.co.uk website towards the purchase of eligible products listed in our online catalogue and sold by Amazon.co.uk or any other seller selling through Amazon.co.uk. GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other account. Amazon.co.uk is not responsible if a GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. See www.amazon.co.uk/gc-legal for complete terms and conditions. GCs are issued by Amazon EU S.a r.l. All Amazon®, ™ & © are IP of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

on 03/23/15
Ordered my first gift card on the 20th, woke up to find the code in my inbox on the 23rd. Added the gift card balance to my Amazon account with no problems at all - couldn't have asked for more!
on 03/20/15
I live in the UK and recieved my postal verification code from the US within 8 days, plus incidentaly a second one a few days later by mistake, that's two postal charges they paid for. It certainly gave me confidence about the credibility of Swagbucks after they spent that money on me initialy.

Since then I have redeemed 4X £5 gift vouchers with no longer than a 5 day wait for any.
on 02/20/14
SwaggerJack8 and 1 others liked this  
"within 10 business days" well irs currently been 11. 12 days alltogether. Ordered on the 9th and still waiting. Disgusting.
on 03/13/15
They send them out to everyone twice a month I think, not just when you personally snag it, so that's probably why.
on 06/02/14
Its been 2 weeks and I still haven't received it?
on 03/13/15
They send them out to everyone twice a month and not just when you snag it, so that might be why
on 05/27/14
Bit worried as I've ordered a few of these and one was meant to come today since its been 10 days since I bought it... :/
on 03/13/15
They send them out to everyone twice a month I think, not just when you snag it
on 05/30/14
Same here
on 05/30/14
MrJaz and 1 others liked this  
anybody tel me about postal verification as phone verification did not work?
on 06/01/14
how long does it normally take for this to be delivered because its been 2 weeks since i ordered it! any help please :)
on 03/13/15
They send them out to everyone twice a month I think, not just when you personally snag it, so that might be why :)
on 03/01/15
Batan liked this  
Does this work?
on 02/25/15
Batan liked this  
eagerly await :)
on 02/12/15
Peewee1958 and 2 others liked this  
The vouchers seem to be coming faster each time:) it used to take 5-7 days but nowadays the voucher code is sent 2-3 days after redeeming.I have ordered 20 or so in my time on swagbucks and i have never had any issues.Great way to save for bigger items as you can just add the code onto your Amazon account and save them up :) Ive bought many things including an Epson all in one colour printer,various dvd box sets,an android tablets and thats just a few of the items i have used my amazon vouchers for.
on 01/22/15
SO QUICK! I swear, the postcard took a while, but as soon as that was done, gift card code came in like 2/3 days. v. excited.
on 12/26/14
I got the gift card 2 days after ordering. It took me 6 weeks however to get past the verification stage. I had requested for a postcard to be sent to my address but it did not arrive. I contacted customer services and they reset the verification page and I requested another post card. That did arrive and I now have my £5 Amazon Gift Card.
on 12/10/14
axelandpixel liked this  
Current going rates for Amazon cards
£5 voucher - 169.8 swagbucks to the 1 GBP
£10 voucher - 168.9 swagbucks to the 1 GBP
£15 voucher - 168.3 swagbucks to 1 GBP

if you go for the £50 Amazon voucher you save enough swagbucks per 1GBP to buy (almost) another £10 voucher (If anyone ever earned that much!!!)
on 11/29/14
I have ordered 2 £5 codes and am ready to use them, have resent links, the codes don't work, not happy!!
on 11/29/14
TinyGray and 1 others liked this  
Finally got them work!!
on 11/05/14
Here4Anime and 6 others liked this  
SWAG BUCKS LEGAL ISSUES. If you have had a call from someone asking for your bank details claiming they will get you out of debt then this is due to SwagBucks giving out your personal infroamtion, this has happened to me twice, the first account I had used my real name and after that happened I deleted my account and made this one with a fake name. Sure enough the scammers rung me again using the fake name on this account, this name has not been used on any other site but SwagBucks. Clear proof that they gave out my information yet again to a third party asking for my bank details to be able to get me out of debt that I do not even have. If you have experianced this too I please ask you to repost this and make sure people know of it, they can not ignore it if we all come foward!
on 11/26/14
pocketdaniel and 1 others liked this  
that's how swagbucks can afford to give away free money, by selling our details to other third parties. Just give a fake phone number....which in hindsight I wish I had done when I signed up, and wish I had used a different email address because I get sooo much junk mail
on 11/26/14
Beadxia liked this  
lol I knew they would do that, put it back up to the old price after the sale. Cos it was 825 for ages before the latest sale. Cheeky cheeky
on 11/21/14
Kingmabb and 1 others liked this  
Last week was 800 SB 5 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate ,and now is 849 SB ,why?
on 04/25/14
swaggernator2013 and 4 others liked this  
14 days later and it's still not arrived...
"10 business days" --- err okay?
on 11/18/14
10-14 buisness days... Because of when they give them out, at 2 points in each months not just when you click 'snag it'
on 06/01/14
Have you received it yet? :3
on 11/05/14
I have requested some Amazon Gift Cards and have still not received the PIN to my address after a week. I have just clicked on 'snag this' again in hope I will get the PIN this time. Could I please get some clarification from Swagbucks that I will be receiving a PIN to my address?
on 11/18/14
The way SB do this is not just giving you the code the moment you 'snah it' at the end of each month and half way into each month is the times when you get the codes. It is easier to do it that way than to just give one out each time someone asks;
on 11/11/14
hi, i think the best thing is to contact swagbucks by email to see what is happening. they might even give you the code by email. but Im still waiting for my code as well.
on 11/18/14
Has a sale then goes up above the price before sale. Still good value though, takes about a week (if you get 2/3 decent surveys a day) to earn one. Honestly thought it would take months to get one so it is all good
on 11/17/14
Kingmabb and 1 others liked this  
gutted the price has gone up :( 825 was a decent price, will it go back to that price??
on 11/17/14
giftcards have gone back to original price :/
on 10/22/14
hashtagyeah liked this  
I received a refund on my gift card, even though I verified by email. I have not heard why it was refunded. Has this happened to anyone else?
on 10/28/14
Yes it's happened to me also not sure why
on 09/07/14
I am moving to the USA soon. Can this be redeemed at amazon.com instead of amazon.co.uk?
on 10/07/14
I think it's just valid for Amazon UK.
on 10/03/14
lmq0209 and 1 others liked this  
This used to be really straightforward. Now you have to wait for a stupid postcard that never arrives for a PIN which is completely unnecessary and then wait after that again to get the gift card. What gives?!
on 09/30/14
Very good
on 09/29/14
we already ordered a game of amazon dont fret they will com or sb will be reinbursed
on 09/09/14
Took 11 days to get here but my first two are here, waiting for my third and almost at my fourth. Don't 'snag' if you need to buy something quickly because it does take a while but it's good to get as soon as you can and just build up the cash in your account until you need it!
on 09/04/14
Been on this site not even 3 weeks and I am like 200 SB off my third one of these, I've gotten the postcard and used the code and am just waiting for the £10 gift card total to come through, I know it doesn't come instantly but this is seeming way too easy to do. Giving away like £5 a week per user... Come on, is there any catch to this? The staff are way too overly helpful when you have a problem too, I can't help but feel like the card won't actually get here but I'm holding out. If anyone else is questioning the legitimacy of this I shall update on the 10th or so because that's around the time I should get my first and second codes
on 08/12/14
I can't verify my request for an Amazon voucher. It's not possible to verify via email like I normally do and it won't accept my mobile number. The only other option is to send a postcard. A postcard???
on 09/04/14
You have to have a post card sent to be able to get a code so they know you're human..
on 08/12/14
still cant order this 3 months on.....
on 08/22/14
I have been here 3 days and I am like 50 off affording it :L
on 08/12/14
on 08/05/14
The Verify this Order link does not work
on 07/13/14
Why can't I verify by email any more?! :'(

The SMS verification refuses to recognise my number (I have tried it with ever possibility of international dialling code etc) An the postcard verification does not work for me either (It says the postcard has been sent but my swagbucks balance is not debited).

on 06/01/14
i did your god damn surveys and crappy games swagbucks to get my measly £5.00 amazon card and its been 3 weeks since i ordered it wtf this is awful , i wasted like 5 hours on this awful website and i still haven't got my money
on 06/01/14
thegr8est liked this  
It's not measly if you save up your vouchers. I have £20 waiting to come through which will give me £120 to spend on amazon, is it worth it now?!
on 07/01/14
I'm new so if im asking a silly question please forgive me lol but 20 to spend 120? is that because you have saved 120 in vouchers? how long does it take and can you stack them up and spend them on whatever you want or is it a case of the '5 off when you spend 20?

sorry to ask so many questions
on 06/02/14
how long did you have to wait though;-;
on 06/01/14
aberdarecat91 liked this  
thats what im doin it builds up :)
on 06/24/14
It won't accept my mobile number to verify so now I have to wait for a PIN to come to my home address :(
on 03/28/14
Got this twice now - yay! Easy to do, only wish it was faster! But I can't complain :)
on 06/11/14
I've only just joined and honestly don't know what to do any advice people?
on 06/11/14
Its simple :3 i've redeemed 4 of these now ~ Earn the points for this reward if you want to, then click "snag it". Then it will take you to a page where you must confirm your order via email so make sure you have access to it. Then, using the email, click the link and it will tell you if you've confirmed the order. After, you must wait a few weeks, then go to the "My giftcards" section and you will see the codes for your giftcard there :3
on 06/10/14
Ordered mine last week, finally it came today, Cool! Thanks!
on 06/03/14
I got mine today omg yay c: it took just a little over 2 weeks but thats fine i guess c: THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS
on 05/07/14
Does anyone know how long you have to spend these vouchers at Amazon once purchased?
on 05/14/14
10 years, according to amazon if you look at the URL in the small print.
on 04/14/14
axelandpixel and 1 others liked this  
I knew it was only a matter of time before prices were bumped up again... Still, 825 is better than 849
on 04/08/14
Kingmabb and 6 others liked this  
keep the Amazon gift cards at this price as i think this is decent 799 swag bucks as people in amercia get 2 $5 for 800 swag bucks so keep it at this price for us please
on 04/10/14
Sales dont last very long im afraid...
on 03/05/14
What's the best rate for a UK citizen.What gift card to buy?
on 03/25/14
You'd save a few swagbucks if you'd get the higher amount gift card.
on 02/21/14
I have contacted CS and they told me that there is a delay on gift cards.I have placed one on 6.02.
on 02/20/14
I finally arrived at the 849 points a few days ago to get a voucher but when i click snag this it says this reward is unavailable, is it just me or is anyone else having problems ordering Amazon vouchers?
on 02/19/14
SwaggerJack8 and 1 others liked this  
I ordered this more than 10 days ago and I still haven't got it in my gift card section :'(
on 12/29/13
Olliedon2 and 8 others liked this  
they should really put the price down to 450 again.why did they even change the price?
on 09/04/14
If anything they should raise the price! I'm getting one a week at this price!
on 01/08/14
EggplantUK and 1 others liked this  
:o It was 450 SB before?
on 01/10/14
I highly doubt that, 450 is the price for $5. SB would lose money if they did that.
on 02/17/14
When logging into Swagbucks, look at the two phones. It shows a £5 Amazon Giftcard for 450SB!
So, it was 450SB before :o
on 02/02/14
I've just moved back from the USA and there a $5 amazon.com card is 450sb.
on 01/14/14
spookyturtle liked this  
I joined via a TrialPay offer. Their offer stated that, once I reached 450 SB, I would receive my software from TrialPay AND the 450 SB would be enough for a £5 voucher.

Frankey e-mailed me today, confirming 450 SB is enough for a £5 Amazon voucher, but clearly it isn't.
on 02/06/14
kosomac liked this  
They changed the pic.. i prefer the old one
on 02/06/14
CgreeneSWEG liked this  
so do i
on 01/12/14
Can someone help me please? I would like to know whether I'll be given a code on my swag Bucks account for the Amazon voucher or will it be delivered to my house. And if it's going to be delivered to my house what do I do if I put the wrong address?
on 01/13/14
Jerome1536 liked this  
You will see the amazon voucher in your "My gift cards". It takes some days for it to be posted to your account so don't worry when it's not there instantly.
on 01/23/14
axelandpixel liked this  
Thanks ax.
on 01/21/14
Olliedon2 liked this  
The sale price was much more appropriate, plus it takes too long to arrive.
on 12/27/13
Domayne and 2 others liked this  
i feel bad for uk citizens such as my self
on 12/29/13
with da time and the 849 it takes us americanz r gettin 2 for every 1 we try to get!
on 01/14/14
Cnatalie and 1 others liked this  
Not really.

$5 is only £3, so if $5 costs 450 SB, then that would work out on a points-per-dollar basis as 750 SB for £5. So we're 99 SB out. Yes, you lose a bit in conversion as you'd expect, but it's hardly double!

Whilst they cost more than Amazon vouchers, a $50 PayPal voucher (equivalent of £30) is 5,000 SB. Our closest is £25 for 4,949 SB. Even if you ignore the 51 SB difference, we're only out by £5. You'd actually get a better rate from PayPal converting it (£29.62), so just get PayPal vouchers in Dollar amounts if you're worried about getting ripped off. Then again, you'd get 2x £15 Amazon vouchers for 5,050 SB... so there's not much difference if you use Amazon.

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