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Classic Cowboy & Indian Toys (4 pieces)

Classic Cowboy & Indian Toys (4 pieces)
Classic Cowboy & Indian Toys (4 pieces)
Classic Cowboy & Indian Toys (4 pieces)
out of stock
Price: 229
Snag This!

You're never too old to play Cowboys & Indians! These classic figurines come in assorted poses, with old-west gunslingers and Native American warriors ready to do battle. Snag this set of four toys and have some fun!

*NOTE: You will receive four (4) randomly-chosen items from an assortment of poses and colors.

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on 12/05/11
Montra and 2 others liked this  
Swagbucks should just give you a whole bag of them, instead of just four. Anyone agree?
on 12/13/11
Montra and 1 others liked this  
so agree its more fair and if they give 1 should be 30 swagbucks :|
on 12/21/11
Montra and 1 others liked this  
on 12/05/11
on 02/14/11
8meepit and 3 others liked this  
Throw these in the fire and the results will amaze you
on 11/12/11
I did this and it amazed me
on 12/05/11
D: *faints*
on 11/10/11
Why would you do such a thing? D:
on 11/28/11
You can get about 24 of these for a dollar at most stores...
or you could get 4 with $2.29 worth of swag bucks. your choice.
on 02/14/11
HA one of my cowboys was missing an arm
on 02/13/11
i play with some this then i was a child
on 02/08/11
This is a horrible quality prize DO NOT waste swagbucks , just like dizzygal said there was alot of excess plastc on the figurines , these should have cost 60 swagbucks , not 172 !
on 01/03/11
These bring back good memories
on 12/19/10
ninja777 liked this  
I have to say very disappointed. my set of 4 came yesterday. yellow indian. blue and green cowboys. same pose. blue cowboy. small. but that is ok. what was not ok was the excess plastic left around the edges of all the figures. I had to cut/trim that off and file down with nail file. otherwise it would of cut you. very cheap looking. one cowboy only had half of an arm. disabled I guess. what a waste of 199 pts. sorry quality.
on 12/06/10
has anyone ordered these though? we all think they are great, nostalgic, retro, etc...but??
on 12/05/10
I got these .My kid loves playing with them.
on 11/29/10
A great value at any price!
on 11/23/10
Montra and 6 others liked this  
The indians always won when we played... We're part cherokee we didnt want to die...

on 11/23/10
well this prize is supper for kids i know when i was a kid I loved those
on 11/23/10
i havent played with these in a long long time! Good for your kids if they are into action and stuff.
on 11/19/10
5 year old boys love these.
on 11/17/10
My son loves these because they look like the vintage ones of my Dad's which he plays with today. I'm tempted to put them up on a shelf because they are so cute, but he'd be bummed! Highly recommend for your little cowboy or cowgirl!
on 11/17/10
These sure bring back some memories. THis is such a classic and great for thier imaginations.

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