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PlayStation 3 160 GB

PlayStation 3 160 GB
PlayStation 3 160 GB
PlayStation 3 160 GB
Price: 42,999
Sale: 35,999
Snag This!

The fourth generation of hardware released for the PlayStation 3 entertainment platform, the PlayStation 3 160GB system is the next stage in the evolution of Sony's console gaming powerhouse. Loaded with a mix of multimedia features and functions available on earlier PlayStation 3 models, as well as a series of new advancements and refinements, the PlayStation 3 160GB system is destined to push the envelope in the realm of Next-Generation entertainment.

What's in The Box:

* New slimmer and lighter PS3 system with a 160 GB HDD, Internet-ready built-in Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports and HDMI + Bravia Synch output for 1080p resolution and connectivity between other Sony HDMI products.
* Dualshock 3 wireless controller.
* AC power cord, AV cable and USB cable.
* Free PlayStation Network membership.

*Unlike some other models of The PlayStation 3, The 160GB system does not offer backwards compatibility.

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100,000 Swag Bucks Worth Of Gift Cards

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on 03/21/13
CatherineCayy liked this  
Yeah I make 300 a day too.
on 03/10/13
CatherineCayy liked this  
One more swagbuck
on 02/28/13
sweepstakes is very random you can win i won 10,000 swagbucks by waiting like a few days before the end date.always do the double entries.cost my 1100 swagbucks to get it but worth it.
on 01/23/13
gohan2 liked this  
I can only dream of earning enough SB's to get a ps3 sigh! I wish it cost a bit less oh well.
on 02/15/13
i know there is no way to get this
on 02/20/13
There is ways earn it
on 12/14/12
c0NTAGi0USLyfLy and 1 others liked this  
Hit your daily goal every day and you should be golden. Especially if you keep hitting your daily goal for 2 weeks straight. Daily Bonuses + Extra SBs really do help during the long haul.
on 12/11/12
gohan2 liked this  
I am not accepted into most of the surveys because I don't meet the "criteria", namely, white male, young (like 18/300, and do not work in certain industries. I am lucky to get 5 out of the surveys. Most do not even give 1 SB for just starting it... frustrating.
on 11/21/12
u cant buy stuff with the swagg bucks u have to relay if you win in a raffle ?????
on 10/22/12
It's cheaper to just get 58 $5 AGCs and buying it from amazon than buying it here. Save yourself ten thousand SB.
on 10/10/12
olemissfan87 liked this  
8000 in just a month piece of cake
Mahii::2013-01-26 08".."+
on 09/28/12
I average about 150 swagbucks a day, it should take me few months to get this. I may get it from amazon since it's cheaper.
on 07/29/11
miguel1512 and 4 others liked this  
I've been on Swagbucks for about a week, and I get about 150 sb a day.
If I keep it up, it won't be too long before I can finally snag this :]
on 02/06/12
how did u do tht?
on 01/01/12
on 01/31/12
Searchs (win once in the morning, noon, and afternoon APPROX. 30SB)
Daily poll (1SB)
1 or 2 surveys (50-150SB)
SB TV (300 vids=30SB=1 hour)
on 01/31/12
I forgot the daily video survey located in your mailbox. (3SB)
Also, if you can find them, there are the swag codes. (? SB)
on 09/24/11
how do youvearn about 150 swagbucks per day?
on 07/03/12
Just a lot of work, Surveys, SBTV, offers... by the end of the day you find there's more than searching here :)
on 07/02/12
By surveys, that the easiest way to earn soo much swagbucks.
on 09/23/11
martinramos liked this  
how do you get 150 sb a day??? please tell me!!!
on 02/28/13
easiest ways is watching videos i think the limit is 200 swagbucks you can get from that alone.very time comsuming.search every 2 to 3 hrs doing surveys is always easy i don't qualify for all but most ive gotten off one survey is 390 swagbucks but there are sum ways to get alot of swagbucks if you have the time.
on 09/23/11
on 09/23/11
CatherineCayy and 7 others liked this  
on 07/02/12
so is SBTV
on 07/02/12
True on that : )
on 09/07/11
Kittenz231 and 2 others liked this  
on 12/18/11
tlee7914 and 3 others liked this  
i got about 300 today and its only 4 pm :) iv been a member for 5 days now and have 1466 SB!!
on 03/24/12
miguel1512 liked this  
I've been a member for 4 days and have 3,053sb
on 10/07/12
I have been a member for like 2 months and I only have 1233 sb. How do you get so many?
on 07/13/12
you could make 400 swag bucks a day not that hard you need time and be patient
on 03/19/12
CatherineCayy liked this  
How do you make that much?
on 01/14/12
That's... impossible?
on 07/02/12
jsw1000 liked this  
yeah it's not impossible. I make anywhere from 300 to 500 a day.
on 01/14/12
CatherineCayy and 5 others liked this  
no hes telling the truth, i earn aroud 300 a day myself. itshow much effort you really put into swagbucks :)
on 09/18/12
CatherineCayy liked this  
Dude, how? I try to enter in surveys and they say im not eligible to enter or something like that >:(
on 07/02/12
jsw1000 and 1 others liked this  
Yeah its true, i can earn up 600 swagbucks a day, just by taking surveys that are available to me today.
on 08/26/12
The TV I'm using for my playstation 3 system is acting up but not to the point where I cant use it but when it gets to that point I'll give this tv a shot, off of swagbucks of course :). I rated it one star because I never tried this tv yet but I plan to give it a review when I do ;).
on 08/20/12
WANT @_@
on 07/20/12
nikkilaws11 liked this  
Can someone help me get more Swagbucks? How do you guys get so many in a day? I have been a member for about 4 or 5 days and I only have 45 swagbucks. :/
on 08/11/12
doglover812111 liked this  
You should try doing the trusted surveys. You can also watch swagbuckstv,although it will max out after 150,I believe. I tend to get 50-150 a day just doing surveys,and watching the 1 SB per view videos. Hope this helped.
on 08/10/12
Laymanter and 1 others liked this  
I would much rather buy this here, and then use swagbucks to get walmart gift card to get a new TV or the PS3 move system. instead of entereing a raffle.
on 08/02/12
ive been on swag bucks for 20 min and already have 150 bucks :P
on 07/22/12
I want that PlayStation 3 console for my birthday.
on 07/05/12
This is the place that I can earn swag money and set up my goals for what I want
on 07/03/12
xXrafasXx liked this  
Come on prices, keep coming down
on 07/02/12
I want to get this for my boyfriend! He's been wanting one so bad for a long time. I better start putting in some over time !!
on 06/26/12
How much SB do you earn after you fill the meter up once??? Im new to this...
on 06/26/12
Nevermind! ^^"
sinyka::2012-07-01 1".."+
on 06/15/12
Has anyone got this or any other game consoles?
on 05/07/12
xbox 360 blows ps3 outa the park, just sayin
on 06/13/12
CatherineCayy liked this  
No it doesn't. Give me one thing better.
on 01/11/12
SteveInBoone liked this  
35550 swagbucks= $400 dollars in $5 dollar amazon cards, so do the math.
on 01/14/12
GamerC liked this  
but 5 gift cards per month, so it's gonna take a long time
on 01/14/12
CatherineCayy liked this  
no its not gona take along time, i earn over 9000 swagbucks a month. 2 months thats 18000 swagbucks, next 2 months i can buy this ps3
on 06/11/12
CatherineCayy liked this  
Wow HOW!!!
on 01/14/12
on 05/04/12
can any one tell me how much do u need to wait after redeemmmingg an amazoon giftcard??thanksss
on 06/05/12
It's usually one week after ordering that you get your e-gift card under "My Gift Cards".
on 06/04/12
I rather buy this.
on 03/15/12
How do you get this!!? It's so much
on 03/05/12
ballin2 and 2 others liked this  
My PS3 broke...So this my only shot of getting a new one. Hopefully I'll get it before school's out because I have nothing better to do (no life)
on 03/03/12
keep doing what u are doing swagbucks u are awsome and greate....
on 03/02/12
if u set your self to get this item then u will get it in no time..they are telling the truth i get 150-250 every day plus my friends are on here so i can get this in 3 months of the vita....just keep working at it and u will have it in no time
on 03/01/12
Paige7193 and 3 others liked this  
By the time i get enough bucks..the ps4 will be out :,,(((((
on 01/11/12
this is still awesome to buy. definitely worth it if you came this far into buying it :)
on 01/03/12
i usually earn atleast 30-50 SBs a day depends on searches daily polls,contests,swagcodes and special offers
on 12/30/11
penguinsrulez0 liked this  
I only have 8 SB :(
on 12/28/11
I already have a ps3 but when vita comes out i will be able to play ps3 games on the go with cross play
on 12/16/11
gabber liked this  
If I get $10 a week meaning about 1,000 swagbucks then in 30 weeks that P3s will be mine :D
on 07/12/11
8mario101 and 10 others liked this  
I was doing some calculations and found that I earn around 15 swagbucks a day (from searching, daily poll, etc).

It will take me 8 YEARS!!!!!
on 12/15/11
Just watch their swagbucks television. I get 150 a day from watching it until the end of the year the will change it to maximum 75. I love watching videos so its a pretty simple way.
on 12/13/11
It's easier when you earn like 2,000 or more in the tournaments for the games like ido
on 11/28/11
i get 20 and sometimes more lol.
on 11/21/11
how did u add that up?
on 11/12/11
dayrone150 and 1 others liked this  
i get like 150 thru 300 a day,HA!
on 12/16/11
Lmao I saw your youtube video keep up the good work. Thanks for the idea! Can u add me because idk how to add friends.
on 07/13/11
Wow, you might want to set bigger goals, maybe earn 100 a day? It seems hard but the Special offers really help.
on 12/13/11
LOL The WII costs more thats just messed up
on 12/14/11
Well the Wii comes with something called GAMES so yeah :P
on 12/13/11
Nice items in here! I'll keep saving up for the ps3! Thanks Swagbucks!
on 09/02/11
hey if you really have thath buch sb and you get the ps3 DONT EVER INSTALLL THE NEWEST FIRMWARE!! YOU CAN JAILBREAK YOUR PS3!!
on 12/13/11
When i get this i hope it comes with OFW 3.55 easy Jailbreak to 3.55CFW and then backups here i come
on 07/14/11
SayWHATdude and 8 others liked this  
i have 52,956 swagbucks but spending it today
on 12/13/11
CatherineCayy liked this  
i Have 52,957 SB
on 09/07/11
CatherineCayy and 1 others liked this  
... How?
on 12/10/11
one day you'll be mine x)
on 10/22/11
CieraLovesMusic and 1 others liked this  
Geeezus....it's going to take me like 5yrs for me to get the bucks needed for this.....might as well save some money from a couple pay checks and get it in less than 2months
on 12/05/11
i think your right
on 12/05/11
I could use one of these.
on 12/05/11
this is a very good deal :)
on 12/05/11
This is the absolute best gaming system for kids! My neice and nephews love the PS Move!
on 12/05/11
on 11/12/11
marvz and 2 others liked this  
you can get one from amazon in 4 or 5 months if you get 5 5$ giftcards and 1 25$ giftcard every month
on 11/12/11
marvz liked this  
ill get this with amazon cards for like half of the price
on 08/04/11
JAWAN4000 and 1 others liked this  
I have its younger brother the Playstation 2 slim console. But I admit it was fun but some games that I want are for PS3. Like Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and WWE 12.
on 10/29/11
The 1st playstation is the Father the playstation 2 is his 1st son playstation 3 is his 2nd son Psp is their cousin and pspvita comming up is their new son 1 Big happy family right there
on 10/22/11
KiD2280 and 1 others liked this  
You mean older brother?

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