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Pooh Newborn Security Blanket (Pink)

Pooh Newborn Security Blanket (Pink)
Pooh Newborn Security Blanket (Pink)
Pooh Newborn Security Blanket (Pink)
out of stock
Price: 379
Snag This!

Snag this "My First Friends" Classic Winnie the Pooh newborn security blanket. It is super soft and has "tags" coming off on two sides - three that say "My First Friends" and three that are Pooh, Tigger and Piglet (there is also one that says "Classic Pooh"). 100% soft polyester and it measures ~10" x 10". Sure to be a favorite for your lil' pooh fan!

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on 01/20/12
Its so Cutee . Im saving for it
on 01/20/12
I got one today and it was super small small for a puppy
on 01/09/12
funnypuppy liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 01/13/12
funnypuppy and 1 others liked this  
on 07/04/11
beatlesfan63 liked this  
I just got this blanket a couple days ago, it is so soft and adorable. My little girl loves snuggling with it.
on 07/26/11
how long did it take to get it?
on 01/03/12
question anybody!...i redemed this with my swag dollars.but it says before it can be shipped that it has to be verfied.and sooo.i sent the verfiying email about 50 times...and it still wont show up in my emaill! so if anyone can HELP me'that wood be grett!;0
on 01/04/12
There should of also been an option that said security question I would just try to reorder it and answer your security question then you don't have to worry about getting an email or not I hth let me know if this works =)
on 07/23/11
If they had this in blue or green I would get it.
on 01/03/12
Me Too!:)
on 01/01/12
why do they only have pink!
on 08/12/11
rebornbabymama liked this  
That would be perfect for my baby girl due in November.
on 08/12/11
funnypuppy liked this  
I ordered it for mine. Can't wait to get it. I'm also due in November and with a girl.
on 12/24/11
on 12/22/11
rebornbabymama liked this  
I just ordered this for my niece to be born in May! My daughter has always loved having her "pink blankie" lovie and I'm sure most kids would...it looks so soft and snuggly! Just look at Linus from Peanuts! Lol... :)
on 10/13/11
rebornbabymama liked this  
this is the size of a small "lovey"...like a big washcloth. it's meant for snuggling, not keeping warm. very cute and easily washable which is important!
on 10/08/11
rebornbabymama liked this  
this looks so nice cuddly and fluffy :)
on 09/03/11
Is this item ever coming back into stock? I wanted it, and by the time I saved up for it, it was gone and hasn't come back into stock for a long period =(
on 08/10/11
Is this blanket big enough for a baby? It says it is for newborns which would be great, but I read a few comments that said it was pretty small.
on 07/29/11
I got this blanket a few weeks ago. I got it because I thought it would be good for my dog to snuggle with, but it was super small. She liked it anyway, and it was really, really soft. This "blanket" is great, but it would be better if it was bigger.
on 07/20/11
rebornbabymama liked this  
i got this in the mail today and when i opened it, i was confused, because i saw a teeny tiny barbie blanket. i expected this to be bigger... well, at least big enough to wrap a newborn in! it's very soft and cute, but WAY too small. it's basically a wash cloth... ugh...
on 07/16/11
This is adorable. Ive always loved Pooh. Its convient that Winnie the Pooh is now in theaters. Im thinking of getting this prize for my little cousin. With the movie in theaters I think more children will be craving the claissic Winnie the Pooh. Us swaggers better get in the deal while it lasts!! :D
on 07/15/11
my lil girl would be too big but i would love to get this for future baby #2!
on 06/13/11
I love this blanket, but I really need a neutral color. yellow, tan. Could that be possible to get in the store? I am making up a basket of baby items, but it needs to be for a boy or girl. If I could get a neutral color, I would order it in a blink of an [I have enough points!] eye..............
on 07/15/11
go to walmart, maybe target
on 07/09/11
I cant wait to have enough points to receive this and give it to my cousins baby
on 07/04/11
This is too adorable! Any girl would like it!
on 07/02/11
awwww so cute im going to snag this for my soon to be ragdoll cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
on 07/01/11
Aww this would be perfect for my baby sister. Time to save up on points!
on 06/15/11
This Blanket would be wonderful for a newborn baby just coming home from the Hospital. I have a Teacher who is pregnant I think she really love this blanket :)
on 06/11/11
perfect for reminiscing classic disney
on 06/08/11
My daughter has this in white and LOVES it. We've named if "Softie"!!!
on 06/01/11
So cute, I want to get it just to wrap up my dog in.
The Swag Gal
on 06/01/11
rebornbabymama and 2 others liked this  
Ooh - this would be perfect for a little pup! I'm hooking you up with 100SB for your comment! :o)
on 05/26/11
funnypuppy and 3 others liked this  
Now this is too cute.
on 05/30/11
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
I love the little character tags the side.

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