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CharityChoice $5 Gift Card

CharityChoice $5 Gift Card
CharityChoice $5 Gift Card
CharityChoice $5 Gift Card
Price: 500
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The CharityChoice gift card allows the recipient to choose which charity they want the gift card/e-cert funds to benefit. Cardholder simply logs on to CCgiftcards.org and selects their charity of choice from a list of over 150 charities, such as American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Girl Scouts. The charities are listed by both category (hunger, disaster relief, education, etc.) and alphabetical order.

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on 05/03/15
sales127630026 liked this  
I just use my swag bucks for donating.
on 05/01/13
Rayneenigh and 1 others liked this  
Right now the only thing I am focused on donating to is the One-fund for the marathon victims, does anyone know if that is one of them? How can I find out?
I feel that they need it more than anyone right now and it would give them some happiness after what they have all been through.
Please can someone let me know.
on 10/15/14
STarlightgold: As the mother of a daughter who has participated in countless #s of marathon walks, jogs, & runs for the Breast Cancer Foundation's walk-a-thon, jog, & running marathons... Thank you.

My daughter always had to bring a letter from her cardiologist giving permission b/c she was born w/PAT (paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) w/a regular irregular heartbeat Her reasons, as she told me once, was to do her part to speed up research so nobody's aunts or the mother of an aunt had to fight to survive breast cancer & esp find other ways to combat the disease w/o the need for a single or double mastectomy, which both aunts & the mother of the one aunt had to undergo. She walks for me too b/c I had 2 cysts removed from my right breast 5-days after her wedding. Thank You for supporting cancer research. (btw, the 2 cysts I had were benign)
on 09/06/13
Comment Under Review
on 10/31/13
stacyj913 and 4 others liked this  
It's not "your money" because strangers are giving you free money. Why not give back to others that need help?
on 05/31/13
dulamangaelige and 4 others liked this  
Give from the Heart it does not matter how much, whether it 5 swag bucks or 1000.
on 12/24/11
royalwiz and 3 others liked this  
I would definitely by this but i just started swagbucks and i only have 31 bucks.I have a long way to go
on 12/25/11
HPFan1 and 3 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 04/11/12
Jlove334 and 4 others liked this  
This person clearly wants to help someone besides themselves. Just sayin'
on 04/07/12
Jlove334 and 5 others liked this  
Or you could have a heart and donate....
on 01/29/13
Kaycos and 7 others liked this  
How do you know that RagingSquirrel doesn't donate amazon cards to his local library or to his local school? by doing that he could donate more $ in the long run.... example... 450SB=$5 on amazon.... so for 22,500 SB he gets them $50 worth of $5 ecards for the library... as opposed to donating thru this charity, where that same 22,500 would only get them $45. Don't judge people when you may not have all the facts.

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