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Applebee's $25 Gift Card

Applebee's $25 Gift Card
Applebee's $25 Gift Card
Applebee's $25 Gift Card
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

Some Cards Are Just Tastier. With an Applebee’s® Gift Card, you’ve got tons of tasty advantages that you can’t get anywhere else. Things like freshly prepared ingredients, mouthwatering flavors, and of course, the friendly service you’ve come to expect from your favorite neighborhood hangout. Our menu includes great burgers, juicy steaks, sensational salads, several items that are Unbelievably Great-tasting & under 600 calories, and other neighborhood favorites, like 2 for $20*. Applebee’s gift cards are always easy to order, convenient, flexible, available in either plastic or digital formats, and can be used at nearly 1900 U.S. and Canada locations. It truly is flavor and gift giving at its best. Visit applebees.com/gift-cards to learn more.
*Prices may vary by location

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 05/30/15
on 11/07/14
Can they be used at their Canadian locations?
on 03/02/12
I received my order today and it's 8 days from my Birthday! So guess what the wife are going to do for it? That's right APPLEBEES baby!!!! THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS
on 12/23/13
amyyss liked this  
can you please tell me how you used the applebee's card since they only post it online?
on 09/04/14
Print a copy of the email that they sent u and give it to then when u check out
on 04/15/14
Wh can't I redeem any of these rewards? As soon as I click snag this it loads form and auto fills my email address where the zip code belongs, then it won't allow me to delete it. Impossible to redeem any rewards is this some kind of scam they all are doing it?
on 02/25/14
Yey! got my order today, took 4 days from order. It's my 5th reward
on 08/21/13
Love me some Applebee's.

Anyone know if drinks are excluded with gift cards?
on 01/01/13
SilverCrabby and 1 others liked this  
Is there an expiration on the e-gc when you print it?
on 02/20/13
No expiration date.
on 02/15/13
How do you get it? Do they mail it to you?
on 02/20/13
Spiffyright and 6 others liked this  
Why do people always ask this question? No one knows how to read! Unless clearly specified in the instructions, never assume that a swagbucks gift card will be mailed to you. That's why it is called an "E-Gift Card". It will show up in your account under "My Gift Cards" once it has been processed and added to your account. From there you simply print it and take it to the restaurant.
on 12/21/12
i hate it. it never gave me the pin:( i am so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 12/21/12
why:( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
on 12/21/12
i want to get this for my mom and dads aniverssary.and i can't:-(
on 04/14/12
i haven't snagged this yet but how do you use the e-gift card? do you just take the code into the restaurant?
on 09/17/12
you have to print it up and bring it in just like a real gc
on 05/11/12
When it comes to GC is there certain companies that will not take multiples? I think it is easier to get the smaller ones and build it up, but I am willing to just get the bigger ones if I can't use multiple gc at one time. Does anyone have an answer to that? I think I have the whole e-gc thing though, I can print this out and use it there right?
on 02/27/12
bagelqueen and 1 others liked this  
I have been playing here a long time and never have gotten past 800 SB
on 02/20/13
sucks to be you...you arent trying obviously....not gonna get free points have to do some work
on 12/21/12
i have 2500
on 11/05/12
when you say long time, how long? if you put enough time into it then you should be able to save up for what you want pretty quickly ...I've been here for about 3 years and have made over 30,000
on 10/03/12
SilverCrabby liked this  
You have to get the special codes when they offer them each day. You also have to do surveys. That's how I get my points and I've gotten way over 800 points. I've been doing Swagbucks since April and I've already earned about 6000 points without buying anything. You also have look for the special offers that actually pay off.
on 07/12/12
really? I got 7513 bucks in 2 less than 2 months
on 03/29/12
Poppinfosho liked this  
Do the surveys. i get about 100 SBs per day.
on 02/27/12
conansgirl1 and 2 others liked this  
I've gotten 5,000 in only two months. If you have old books lying around, don't forget to do the trade ins! I earned as easy 2,000SB for books that I was probably going to toss or give away for free. I also do the poll, NOSO, a fruitful search, and the two ad videos under the Special Offers tab everyday. So I get at least 10 points daily in less than 10 minutes. On the weekends I answer lots of surveys. I HOPE THAT HELPS SOME OF YOU!
on 02/27/12
how do you do the book trade ins.....have lots of old books laying around
on 10/03/12
sanhamm liked this  

I haven't done it myself yet, but I need to go through and decide! My grandpa gave me like 7 paper bags full of books, old books from the 1930s and around that time. I probably won't do the trade in if they're worth anything.
on 02/27/12
bagelqueen and 2 others liked this  
I feel your pain. I can't figure out how people get so many points!
on 04/12/12
debdonaldson92 and 1 others liked this  
i do ALOT of surveys. Also you dont have to watch all of the video to get points. Also add the tool bar it helps alot.(:
Beaniej::2013-06-15 ".."+
on 02/27/12
bagelqueen liked this  
I needed a credit card for certain purchases (I didn't have one). I went thru the Special Offers and ordered one. I will be receiving 3600 Swagbucks in a few days. Also, use the Swagbucks' website to make purchases at a ton of stores and check out everything under the "Earn" button on their Toolbar for more Swagbucks opportunities.
on 02/27/12
bagelqueen and 1 others liked this  
Just keep searching, i've traded in my swagbucks like 3 times now. You generally wont find them in mundane day to day searches, if you like to explore the web then you're more likely to get them.
on 02/28/12
oldman2 and 1 others liked this  
I am going to get my 3rd gc for this....since it's on sale and all:)
on 02/27/12
I just snagged this! I can't wait.My wife and I have not gone out to eat in a nice place for awhile,so VERY excited!Thanks SB.If anyone else see's this BEFORE the sale ends GET IT WHILE THEIR HOT!!!!
on 02/27/12
I'm only half way there for the Applebee's $25 Giftcard. Still saving though. I love the atmosphere at the Applebee's... can't wiat.
on 02/27/12
What a great deal! I am saving my swagbucks so I can't buy it, but all the people that do are definitely getting a great bargain :)
Thanks Swagbucks!
on 02/27/12
does this card come in the mail or is it a coded one like amazon? if it comes in the mail how long does it take - there isn't any information here
on 02/27/12
Its an "E" gift card so it'll be in email form with a code
on 02/27/12
That's a great deal! Makes me want to buy one, but I'm saving... Must resist... keep saving SwagBucks... (the force is not strong in this one)
on 02/27/12
Applebee's is a great place to have a great meal without blowing a healthy diet. Their under 550 calorie meals are awesome.
on 02/27/12
RainbowCat liked this  
I like Appplebee's.
on 02/27/12
Totally love Applebees GraniLyn
on 12/27/11
Comment Under Review
on 12/27/11
cammye liked this  
Really? Never heard that, eat there all the time... Delicious
on 12/27/11
Thank you for putting this on sale...I was so hoping you would! I can't wait to go to Applebee's as my reward for swagging so hard before the holidays to earn enough presents for family and friends.
on 12/27/11
Love Applebee's, ribs, burgers and their Bourbon Street steak rock!
on 11/26/11
swaggiliciousyay and 6 others liked this  
Applebee's is my 9 year old daughter's favorite place to eat. Thank you swag bucks for making this a more affordable family dinner out that we will now be able to enjoy more often by using these gift cards!!

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