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Hohner Bluesband Harmonica

Hohner Bluesband Harmonica
Hohner Bluesband Harmonica
Hohner Bluesband Harmonica
out of stock
Price: 1,300
Sale: 729
Snag This!

Do it like the old blues-men with a brand new Harmonica!

This economical 10-hole harmonica for all ages is a plastic body model designed for beginner level players in the rhythm & blues style. Diatonic, single reed harmonicas feature reeds tuned to produce the natural notes of the musical scale-without any additional sharps & flats (a diatonic instrument). They are ten-hole instruments with the four middle holes comprising a complete eight-note octave-the holes on either side permit chord playing. They are capable of producing bending & overblowing, which will allow the player to achieve sharps and flats.

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on 06/13/12
I snaged this and came today it took 8 days
on 05/24/12
This would be the ideal gift to my Brother, he would love it.
on 06/10/12
Team Rewards Store and 1 others liked this  
I hope your brother enjoys his new harmonica!
on 12/10/11
I can just here the music now...:)
on 06/09/12
Uh, you mean "hear," don't ya, Sweet Cheeks?
on 03/03/12
KnownandUnknown and 3 others liked this  
on 06/08/12
xXGH0STXx liked this  
Didn't get the golden ticket, but the harmonica was pretty nice.
on 05/31/12
daddydawg and 1 others liked this  
music to my ears
on 05/28/12
If I didn't already have a C harp, then I'd probably get this.
on 05/26/12
daddydawg liked this  
I can just SNAG IT easily! With 7,567 SB ;)
on 05/26/12
wiidude and 1 others liked this  
This would be great to use when there's no code that day and you just gotta play those Swagbucks blues away~
on 05/22/12
all those links i thought there would be a swagcode here LOL or am i just blind?
on 04/04/12
jhvh2008 liked this  
I remember when my dad used to play the harmonica to me...
I hope I can recreate that memory by getting this harmonica!
on 03/09/12
8meepit liked this  
I've always wanted to play harmonica
Here is my chance to earn some swag bucks
on 12/26/11
daddydawg liked this  
o no this is just what i need cool

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