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Foot Locker eGift Card - $25

Foot Locker eGift Card - $25
Foot Locker eGift Card - $25
Foot Locker eGift Card - $25
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

Foot Locker® is the world's largest athletic specialty store retailer, offering a broad selection of footwear and apparel to meet today's ever-changing needs. Whether it is function or fashion, Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, and Kids Foot Locker have what everyone is looking for! The Foot Locker® GiftCard is redeemable for the latest in athletic footwear and apparel at over 2,500 Foot Locker®, Lady Foot Locker® and Kids Foot Locker® stores in the U.S. For the Foot Locker® store location nearest you go to our Dealer Locator on the website. You can access all Foot Locker® locations. Foot Locker® GiftCards are also redeemable through our catalogs and online in the U.S. and Canada.

***Only available for in store redemption in the U.S.***

The merchants listed are not affiliated with the program, the program sponsor, or the program administrator, nor are they sponsors or co-sponsors of the program. All merchant names, logos, trademarks or other marks herein are used with permission.The registered owners of the names, logos, trademarks or other marks retain all rights therein. Merchants may have additional terms and conditions, which may be found on the gift card, gift certificate, voucher, or merchant's website. Merchants listed are subject to change without notice. Foot Locker® GiftCards have no expiration date or applicable dormancy fees. Foot Locker® is not a participating partner or sponsor in this program.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

on 11/03/13
How long does it take to get it on your email - 10 days????
on 09/01/13
I was wondering if I can order the Foot Locker gift card and if they would mail it to my nephew. His birthday is September 18th
on 04/30/12
Can you add this gift card to a main account?
For Example, If I buy 2 of these gift cards, can I use them both towards one purchase?
on 05/16/13
yes you can
on 03/12/13
I cant wait to start doing this this card will help out alot
on 02/23/13
Does this gift card work in the UK?
on 09/08/12
my new goal!!!!!
on 04/09/12
do they send you the gift card in the mail
on 06/09/12
No they send it to your email.
on 06/02/12
Can this gift card be reedemed in stores?
on 04/19/12
Im saving to get this one.
on 04/08/12
I knew as soon as I cashed out you guys would come up with an amazing Braggable Bargain. I still love you Swagbucks.
on 04/02/12
I'm brand-new to swagbucks... and my mom wants running gear for her bday...and this is the perfect!!:)... now to earn 2,811 more SB...any ideas how i can reach the goal before April 10th??? ha ha
on 04/08/12
Mrbrandonsantos and 2 others liked this  
get a real job
on 04/07/12
youngsterjay liked this  
maybe do a netflix trial and a stamps.com trial? and some surveys.. :)
on 04/09/12
yosoyricky::2013-01-08 05:00:10 and 3 others liked this  
Those surveys never work. You tell them the truth and you get disqualified.
on 07/25/12
I feel the same, it seems if I lie I would get the points.
on 04/08/12
never heard of stamps.com..where do i find it?
on 04/06/12
umairishere liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 04/07/12
Allisonrules liked this  
haha ya i found that out pretty quickly!:)
to bad im to young to take the surveys...:/...
on 04/07/12
Foot Locker is still around?
on 04/06/12
thank you for the awesome braggable bargain!
on 02/27/12
what happened to the sale?
on 02/27/12
Good deal
on 02/11/12
Can you use this Gift Card in the UK?
on 01/20/12
Just reporting back to say I was able to get this giftcard for my cousin for Christmas and she loved it!! Thanks so much Swagbucks! :)
on 01/09/12
msgator04 and 2 others liked this  
This is awesome swagbucks. I'm already thinking ahead of the game for school that begins in August. I will be saving them up for kids shoes!!
on 12/13/11
Michelle11896 liked this  
on 12/10/11
on 12/10/11

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