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8 Foot Greco Softtop Surfboard

8 Foot Greco Softtop Surfboard
8 Foot Greco Softtop Surfboard
8 Foot Greco Softtop Surfboard
out of stock
Price: 42,999
Snag This!

Greco Surf finally releases this year's new soft surfboard model with more technology than ever. Greco Surf is known worldwide for its innovative touch on soft surfboards continuing to design new shapes that nobody has done before. This year's new 8 foot soft surfboard model called the 2.0 includes the highest density foam out there, a new mesh netting system fused into the core, triple stringer which has a non hallow fiberglass tubing for a center stringer and increased strength Birchwood side stringers. Nobody in the industry is putting technology like this on the market. Dimensions are 8' x 22 ½" x 3 ¼" Greco Surf has been recognized globally as being one of the best boards for beginners and advanced alike.

Includes New Upgraded Leash and Fins

Triple stringer: fiberglass tubing and birchwood side stringers

EPS core with new fused mesh netting system in sandwich construction

***Comes in Red, White and Blue. Color to be chosen at random***

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on 02/19/12
swaggirl203::2013-01-21 11:18:51 and 2 others liked this  
i know how to skimboard but thats it. my dream was to get one of these. skimboards are cheaper than longboards. i am saving for this even though i go to the beach once a year. i have 214 sb so wish me luck. I've only been here for 19 days. thx swagbucks
on 05/19/12
dc5523 liked this  
you are not maximizing your sb earnings. it will take you forever to get this at the rate you are going. get some help to learn how to earn.
on 03/11/12
novaavance liked this  
lol i make over 214 daily
on 03/14/13
Good for you, now stop braging about it...
on 06/02/12
on 10/16/12
WHAT!!!! iv always wondered what would happen if swagbucks gave away surfboards
on 10/03/12
i'll get this after i have enough money to buy a new phone <3 want it badddddddddddddd
on 10/01/12
Wow, I'd LOVE to see the unboxing for one of these!
on 09/16/12
sjohnwill liked this  
I Want diz, n ppl add me plz
on 08/15/12
dc5523 liked this  
The biggest key to earning swagbucks is completing your daily goal... you get a bonus everyday if you reach it and by the end of the month youll get about 1000 sb's free.
on 05/19/12
If you could average 200 swagbucks a day for a year let's say, you could have this surfboard by then. thats 73000 swagbucks
on 02/23/12
cool to bad i dont have enough...
on 02/21/12
Really awesome!!!!!! One of the coolest things ever! She looks so nice!
on 02/20/12
imatwin liked this  
now i have 256 sb:)
on 02/16/12
dc5523 and 3 others liked this  
Looks really nice...but I live no where need an ocean. Lakes and rivers yes but no ocean. Can sb's provide a ocean please. ;)

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