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Walmart eGift Card - $25

Walmart eGift Card - $25
Walmart eGift Card - $25
Walmart eGift Card - $25
Price: 2,500
Snag This!

With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in-store and online at www.walmart.com. Youíll find a wide assortment of top electronics, toys, home essentials and more. The Walmart eGift Card can be used for purchases at Walmart stores, walmart.com; also for purchases by SAMís Club members in U.S. SAMíS Club stores and at Samsclub.com. Walmart currently has over 10,000 retail units, including Walmart stores, SAMíS Clubs, Walmart SuperStores in 27 countries.

Terms & Conditions
Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the Gift Card Terms and Conditions posted on Walmart.com. The card can be used in-store and for online purchases at Walmart.com. It can also be used by members of Sam's Club for in-store and online purchases at Samsclub.com. This card cannot be redeemed for cash.

Prodege, LLC, doing business as Swagbucks, is/are not affiliated with Walmart Stores, Inc. The services, products or activities of Prodege, LLC, are neither endorsed nor sponsored by Walmart Stores, Inc.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 03/28/14
Christy2013123 liked this  
I've only redeemed amazon codes and they all just work fine. Total: $75
on 04/17/14
I redeemed this walmart card and it also worked fine :)
on 04/28/12
septemberann and 1 others liked this  
I just hope Walmart doesn't screw people over and send out gift cards (or codes) that won't work at all (either online or in the stores). Lots of people have blogged online about trying to redeem Walmart gift cards and the cards will register as having no money even though the person never actually redeemed the cards. I'd love to hear if anyone has any trouble with redeeming this new Walmart code (especially if you use it to go to the Walmart website to order a gift card to use in the store). If this works, I'd be forever thankful to the Lords of Swagbucks. Of course I'm still thankful because even if Walmart screws people over, that's not the SB's team fault.
on 03/07/14
Since I've been using these for a while, I've noticed that many cashiers scan these paper gift cards incorrectly. For some reason, they scan it as if you're PURCHASING a gift card, rather than REDEEMING it. If this happens, the cashier will usually tell you there's nothing on the card (because they don't know what they're doing). I have never received an empty gift card, so insist to them to find a cashier who knows how to scan it, or just ask for a manager.

In one extreme case, I was even told by a cashier (and their manager) that they don't take printed gift cards at the store. This was absolutely not true, and rather just an excuse by the night crew (after midnight hours) because they weren't trained on it. I had redeemed over 15 other cards at this same store, just during regular hours. Just keep insisting that you're in the right, and you should be fine.
on 12/08/13
I am really interested how this works.
on 02/12/14
CALSCH liked this  
I've read through all of the comments for I am going to attempt to use my very first Walmart e-gift cards in the store today! I must admit, I am nervous that the cashiers may not know what to do with it. I may take others advice and go to Customer Service and buy a plastic card with it prior to shopping! Many of the people who have commented that it works are older posts, so I am the test subject for 2014! I will post a reply after I use it to inform everyone else about my experience! Wish me luck! I will rate it 5 stars for now, because free money is an awesome thing! Thanks, Swagbucks!
on 02/12/14
musikgenious and 1 others liked this  
Just got back from Walmart. NO PROBLEM! Decided to go to Customer Service and turn the e-card into a plastic gift card and they scanned the upc and applied it to a gift card in less than 30 seconds! Done deal! I didn't feel comfortable hanging onto the paper e-card in case I accidentally got it wet and the upc became unscannable! Getting another one right now! Thanks, Swagbucks! Awesome!!!
on 03/06/14
I believe you can print another copy if your first paper e-card gets lost or gets destroyed by water. I have gotten many Walmart paper e-cards and have never had any problems. But you can definitely turn the e-gift-card into a plastic gift card. I have done that many times.
on 02/21/14
suzymazz liked this  
Thanks for sharing. I was wondering myself as to how much trouble it would be using an e-gift card at a Walmart store. I usually just bank mine on Walmart.com and spend them that way. :)
on 02/27/14
It definitely worked without a problem. I think the lady at customer service had seen them before. I will do it this way from now on.
on 03/02/14
I'm so glad you posted this. I was kind of boomed when I realized they were all egift cards and thought they couldn't be used in the store.
on 02/25/14
Can they be used at the gas station?
on 02/27/14
Not sure. If you turn it in for a plastic Walmart gift card at customer service, I can't see why not.
on 01/04/14
I haven't receive my PIN no. yet. Please need your help.
on 12/09/13
Ive never got a gift card off here can some one tell me if they send it to me or do they just give the numbers
on 12/20/13
agregg29445 liked this  
I got an e-mail with an e-gift card. Print it and take it in the store or use it at walmart.com. I've never had a problem getting them or using them. It does take several days. Got my e-gift card in 7 days. But I ordered an actual plastic gift card from another website, ordered on the same day, it's been 6 weeks and I don't have that one yet. I'm sticking to swagbucks. I know I'll get my 'prize' and get to enjoy it!
on 11/06/12
I recently redeemed mine in store. I went to the store and bought a plastic gift card with it. That way I don't lose it. Saving for Black Friday!
on 11/25/13
falakpatel liked this  
how do you do that? I have my swagbucks app on my smartphone so can I take it to Walmart and redeem my points on my phone in front of them to get on one of Walmarts card right at that time? I was hopping to use my swagbucks at Walmarts BlackFriday I have never done anytime of rewards before sincerly danasense
on 11/29/13
No, You have to redeem your points for walmart giftcard now, and then it takes about a week to get your walmart gift card. Then you can show your gift card to walmart emplyee to redeem it.
on 05/08/13
beanasaur and 1 others liked this  
Has anyone tried ordering Visa Gift cards online using Walmart gift cards?
on 11/22/13
yes ive bought four or so,but be sure before using u check to make sure they activated it, 1 came inactive lol, had to put my beer back lol.....they had it activated next day after calling and griping a few times...
on 11/14/13
On another note, I was at Walmart today and I asked the cashier if I could purchase gift cards with my Walmart gift card. She said that I certainly could. =)
on 11/12/13
falakpatel liked this  
You may want to try paypal, and you maybe able to load money onto your visa card through paypal. You can send paypal to your bank account if you have one, there are multiple ways of using paypal to your advantage!
I have transferred money from paypal to a free online banking account.
on 06/12/13
nansiludie and 1 others liked this  
Yes I have, and you know what? I love it! I'm going for my 2nd visa gift card. I'm so happy to have cash to buy stuff. XP
on 11/21/13
Why do I keep getting this message even though I have more than enough swag bucks
We thought you should know...
We are sorry, this prize is currently unavailable. (If you feel this an error please email verification@swagbucks.com)
on 09/16/13
can we use this card online ,like shop online,do they send you the card number and the pin number
on 11/09/13
falakpatel liked this  
Yes to both questions.
on 10/24/13
Roswalee and 2 others liked this  
I just bought my mama's Christmas gift with this! Thank You Swagbucks!
on 07/12/13
lorenialex liked this  
I noticed on Walmart's web site that you can get reloadable cards from Walmart. My question: If you get one of these egift cards from Swagbucks, can you load them on to Walmart's reloadable cards? And then keep throwing Swagbucks egift cards on to that reloadable card thereafter, so you have them all consolidated on one card that you can keep building up?

If the answer to this is "yes", another question: Can you apply these egift cards to your relodable card online, or just in a store at, say, customer service?
on 10/19/13
you can print the barcode and get each card loaded to a reusable in the store. but you would have to get a new plastic each time.
on 07/27/13
12hungryearwigs and 1 others liked this  
No, I don't think you can, all of walmarts gift cards are reloadable, so I tried to reload it with an egiftcard, but that is not an option. You can only reload it with money from your bank account or a credit card.
on 07/31/13
Thanks for the reply.
on 06/22/13
what is the shortest and longest time it took you guys?
on 06/12/13
BubbleRond and 5 others liked this  
They need expedited shipping on these!!!
on 06/11/13
I so want to win this. I just keep trying right??? LOL
on 06/09/13
Why isn't this available to Canadian residents? :(
on 04/05/13
jo423 liked this  
Whats taking my gift card so long it has been 11 days :(... you guys really need to get express shipping back on here.
on 04/16/13
It came but it took 16 DAYS!!
on 04/17/13
Hi, did come like an actual gift card? ty :-)
on 04/22/13
marilyndowell744 liked this  
No as a digital one. but if you want you can order a gift card at walmart.com with your digital gift card for it to come to your home... hope I didn't confuse you.
on 03/26/13
It is interesting to me that the Braggable Bargain automated Tweet many times exceeds 140 characters, and has to be edited before it can be tweeted. Maybe the authors should think about that. We have to add our Swag name to the blurb on top of that. Help us out...
on 03/26/13
Just ordered! Had no problems when I ordered the $5 card so I'm happy I made enough for this one! Going to swap it out for a plastic card once the prize is posted!
on 11/16/12
ShadowC38 and 7 others liked this  
You don't need to use this gift card to purchase a walmart gift card online to use in the store. You can now print off your Walmart gift card when it shows up in your Swagbox and take it right to Walmart and use right away. This is how I buy my groceries and I save a butt load of money! I get free food everytime I go to the store!
on 03/26/13
Thanks so much for that info, that is awesome! I usually get PayPal cards, but this is nice to know!
on 11/23/12
I really want to redeem my SB's for gift cards but sooo confused on the whole ECard process..I read your comment where you can print them and go the store and use them but I had read comments where individuals did that but the people at Walmart had no clue what they were or what to do with them lol..
on 03/27/13
12hungryearwigs liked this  
I tried to redeem mine in the store it wouldn't scan and the cashier looked at me like I had 10 heads, I used it online instead
on 03/26/13
falakpatel and 1 others liked this  
That is why they are working at Walmart. They don't have the education to work where they might have to read or independently think. I hate to be so caustic, but the biggest percentage of clueless cashiers that I meet tend to work at Walmart. In that area, they have now surpassed the fast-food flunkies.
on 03/26/13
Walmart is strict on anything printed...coupons, freebies, ESPECIALLY gift cards. It stinks.
on 03/25/13
There are instructions printed directly on the paper SB sends you. Most cashiers don't know what to do with it because they haven't seen them before. I had a few printed cards that I used, and it confused a couple. But, it's pretty simple: they hit the button that says you're paying with a gift card, scan the barcode, then voila! It's paid!
on 11/21/12
klees1994 and 3 others liked this  
That's all good for people who actually own a printer......
on 03/25/13
Maybe if you have a smartphone and can pull it up in the store they may be able to scan it right from your phone. I'm not sure if that would work, but it's worth a try!
on 03/27/13
nic116 and 2 others liked this  
People who can afford a smartphone can't afford to print a 25 cent piece of paper at the library???
on 06/24/13
treborsedol liked this  
they got the smartphone for free from swagbucks -_-
on 04/30/13
on 02/05/13
emgurl12 liked this  
You can use the printers at a library. The first 5 prints are usually free.
on 03/25/13
juicycouture88 liked this  
our library charges 25 cents per page. No freebies!
on 03/25/13
loreeshay2013 and 4 others liked this  
dang...things are tough all over!
on 03/25/13
The $25 Walmart card is such a great use of Swag bucks and very easy to use! I was so sad to see Express Shipping was no longer an option though. I would love for it to be brought back - that was such a great thing for my family! For 50 swag bucks more, sometimes it was definitely worth it. Can't complain too much though; we can still get great gift cards like this one. Thank you SwagGuy and SwagGal! Keep it up! :)
on 02/01/13
emgurl12 and 1 others liked this  
are there no $10 or $15 Walmart gift cards available??
on 03/18/13
No sadly, I wish there were like $20 and other amounts of money just 4 different amounts of money.
on 03/25/13
apo2706 liked this  
me too.. I'd love to get smaller amounts like $10 or $15...
on 03/14/13
Comment Under Review
on 03/15/13
Comment Under Review
on 02/14/13
sasoriza and 1 others liked this  
When will the express shipping be back on
on 01/21/13
were did the express shipping go cause i need to this to get my best friend a gift for valentines day
on 01/14/13
i didn't even get my card today atleast give me back the extra 50 points i payed for.
Team Rewards Store
on 01/15/13
Unfortunately there was an error and the Walmart e-Gift Cards are not currently available for Express Shipping. The 50 SBs you paid for Express Shipping will be refunded ASAP. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and have made every effort to ensure a situation like this won't occur in the future.
on 01/15/13
no need i got it today even tho it's a day late.But thank you
on 01/14/13
Comment Under Review
on 01/14/13
Comment Under Review
on 12/27/12
Comment Under Review
on 01/12/13
have you been able to get it resent?
on 01/07/13
Got this for black Friday my original total was 50 and some change but bekuz i used my gift i only paid 25 and some change. so i got some of my Christmas gifts free or very cheap you could say :)
on 01/05/13
treborsedol liked this  
I redeemed a $25 Walmart gift card and printed it out to try at the store. I was nervous that they wouldnt accept it because it didnt scan right away but after my cashier asked a neighboring cashier, she realized that she didn't read the instructions on the bottom that tells them how to redeem it. It worked! No real problems and it was quick. Thank you Swagbucks and Walmart! I'll be using these alot more now.
on 11/23/12
I know this sounds dumb..I'm reading the posts and I still don't understand how this ECard all works and I want to redeem my SB's immediately some are saying you can use them at the store..you just print them out and take it there. I have many points and would like to use them on gift cards but I don't want to print out the cards take them to the store and then be told I can't use them because they don't/never seen/heard of them..I know you choose the cards you want (is there a limit on how many you can get for each card you choose?) I know it says you can use them online let's say you choose a walmart ecard you just go to walmart.com, shop for what you want and key in the code,,do you have to have the stuff shipped to your house once you purchase
on 12/14/12
PrettyLynSwag and 1 others liked this  
What i do is this.I earn my walmart giftcard code here.I then go on walmart.com and order a physical walmart giftcard which comes to me free of shipping.You cannot get a walmart $5 giftcard,you can get $10 and up.When i recieve my physical giftcard,i then go to walmart and shop for groceries.Just this pass weekend i took 2 $10 giftcards which i ordered and went to walmart to buy groceries.My bill came up to a little under $23...which means i got $20 worth of free groceries.
on 11/21/12
you can use these gift cards to shop through swagbucks' shop and earn ;)
on 11/13/12
I got to save up for this
on 11/11/12
Does anyone know if it really takes 14 days for the cards to post after you redeem them?
on 11/12/12
churchpeppergirl liked this  
Took me a week to get mine.
on 04/26/12
septemberann and 10 others liked this  
I love this! You guys are amazinggg! And just a heads up everyone you can use the online e-card to purchase a physical gift card that can be sent to you with FREE shipping! So excited to earn this many Swag bucks!!!
on 11/06/12
I buy a plastic card in store with mine.
on 06/01/12
BIGbarb70 liked this  
Thanks for the heads up im close to where i can get a 100 dollar gift card that would be great
on 05/17/12
have you tried this?
on 05/25/12
BIGbarb70 and 1 others liked this  
ive done it with two 5 dollar ones and got a ten dollar one sent to my house. it really works.
on 05/07/12
Lionslove44 and 3 others liked this  
Have you actually tried that? I keep reading that you can, but yet to read from someone who honestly did it.
on 11/11/12
I've done its many times works
on 10/02/12
luvnic07 and 2 others liked this  
yes it really works i have done it many times on walmart.com
on 05/25/12
luvnic07 and 3 others liked this  
ive done it with two 5 dollar ones and got a ten dollar one sent to my house. it really works.
on 11/11/12
Why do you have every value for a walmart giftcard but a $20 dollar giftcard lol
on 11/08/12
I can't wait to get this!!
on 04/25/12
septemberann and 3 others liked this  
Thank you sooo much for getting the Walmart gift cards. (wish we could use them in the store though). :) <3
Team Rewards Store
on 04/25/12
churchpeppergirl and 13 others liked this  
Currently you can only use these online, but in a few months Walmart will make them available for use instore.
on 11/04/12
they have worked for me at the register twice now..??
on 11/06/12
the original comment was from April.
on 10/02/12
Mamakitty liked this  
i wish the 25 dollar one wasn't so high lol
on 04/30/12
Would that be the same with the Target gift cards?
on 04/29/12
Good to know. :) and happy to hear it.
on 11/04/12
MrsKillaX1 liked this  
i have used these in the store twice now. when you print it out, there is a barcode, and a number under it. they do work in stores :} PROMISE!! im getting my third one now!
on 11/06/12
I recently redeemed mine in store. I went to the store and bought a plastic gift card with it. That way I don't lose it. Saving for Black Friday!
on 10/30/12
KissMeImABBW liked this  
So can you or can you not use this gift card in stores? I would like to know before I use my swagbucks on it. Thanks!
on 11/04/12
yes you can!! just print it out and they scan it at the register. this is my third one!!
on 11/03/12
Getting this card now thanks
on 08/29/12
YES... finally can be used in stores
on 08/22/12
nece34 and 4 others liked this  
Swagbucks! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I ordered this card yesterday and it posted to my account TODAY!!! I've been saving them up for a new microwave (mine is on it's last leg) so guess who's getting one this weekend? THANK YOU SWAGTEAM!!! This site has really helped my family be able to get the things we need, but couldn't spare the extra dollars to get them. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!
on 06/15/12
nece34 liked this  
I can't redeem my Walmart gift card for a physical card.
on 08/22/12
On the certificate, it states that you can print it out and use in a Walmart or Sam's Club store, so you don't have to order a physical card. I keep reading comments that folk are doing so, but if you just wish to print out the eGift Card and present it at the store, it should be accepted.
on 08/05/12
Thanks for the gift cards
on 07/31/12
phobitopia liked this  
just ordered a physical card by choosing 'pay with cash' and using this eCard to get a physical one, thanks Swagbucks! woot!
on 07/30/12
Lionslove44 and 1 others liked this  
Just ordered the last of my gift cards for this month. ALL were Walmart gift cards to use for back to school shopping for my kids. Was able to get $125 in Walmart Gift Cards this month, it is helping out SO much! Thank You Swagbucks!!!!
on 07/16/12
astafford09 liked this  
Now that swagbucks was able to get target, walmart, and cvs gift cards, I would love them even more if they got bed bath & beyond gift cards. They have pretty good deals. Think about it swagbucks.
on 06/06/12
lirse and 3 others liked this  
I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart! Would love to see PayPal on sale.
on 06/06/12
I would like this Walmart giftcard to buy some new jeans. I ran a whole through a lot of my old jeans.

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