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Sephora eGift Card - $10

Sephora eGift Card - $10
Sephora eGift Card - $10
Sephora eGift Card - $10
Price: 1,000
Snag This!

Sephora carries the best brands in makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care. With over 13,000 products and 500 brands, Sephora is the leading beauty retailer. eGifts are redeemable in over 500 Sephora stores and Sephora Inside JCPenney, as well as online at Sephora.com.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

***Sephora e-Gift Card can be used by Canadian residents for purchases In-Store at Sephora retail locations, but is NOT VALID for purchases at Sephora.com***

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 04/01/14
Ok so I'm really upset.. I bought 2 10$ gift cards on here, drove an hour to my nearest sephora all excited, and then they told me they cant accept these gift cards. I told them what it says for canadian residents that they can be used in stores, they called a manager over and even the manager said it can only be used in US.. so basically I wasted 20$ of effort on here and I drove an hour for nothing :/
on 04/01/14
A lot of people have posted that these cards work in Canada. Can I ask what city it was in? As a fellow Canadian I am now worried because I have a $50 one :(...
on 04/05/14
I told her I got it from a site where you can redeem points for rewards and they said Canadian residents can use it in store and they told me I got scammed
on 04/05/14
mississauga square one.. the girl was like yeah ive worked here 3 years and i know what im talking about you cant use this here, and she called over a manager and the manager said the same thing
on 03/11/14
Somewhat hesitant to use this LOL , seeing people saying other sales associates were hesitant to accept the printable e-gift cards.... Anyone went to yorkdale or eaton center and they accepted with ease ? In toronto!
on 04/01/14
I would also like to know this! I'm in Mississauga/Guelph and have a $50 one that I haven't tried yet
on 03/17/14
They excepted mine at upper canada
on 03/28/14
Interesting idea! Looking forward to earning.
on 03/23/14
Can you use this in USA stores?
on 03/17/14
it didn't work for me ! the manager said it can only be redeemed at american stores but i live in canada
on 05/24/13
Can someone please answer this I live in the United States do they send you a normal plastic gift card? Do the sephora workers accept it? How does it work excactly?
on 01/19/14
Add it to your passbook if you have a smartphone.
on 08/23/13
its called a e-gift for a reason.To use it in store u have to print it out.
on 01/01/14
I am skeptical about snagging this reward.. a bunch of reviews stating its awkward to redeem in store, and my friend works at Sephora and she hasn't ever received a paper gift card before... To snag or not to snag.. that is the question!
on 01/03/14
I feel that way about a lot of the gift cards ha
on 11/26/13
I live in Canada and the nearest Sephora to me is 90 miles away.guess ill not be getting.
on 03/08/14
I use paper e-gift cards at my local Sephora all the time, I live in California
on 11/27/13
on 12/10/13
The description says that Canadians can't use it online. I don't know why...but that's what it says.
on 10/04/13
if i used it will i recieve beauty insider points on my sephora card?
on 10/05/13
yes as long as you have the associate scan the card or give them your email. or use your inside account online
on 10/05/13
Yes, I believe you do. I used a Sephora giftcard from a different site and recieved the points, so I don't see why this one would be any different.
on 01/01/13
are these stackable??
on 09/10/13
In the store you can use as many as you like. Online you can only use two.
on 07/13/13
im wondering the same thing..
on 01/17/13
RC26 liked this  
Are they?
on 09/03/13
Is the express shipping on these for 50 extra sb not being offered anymore? :(
on 05/24/13
And if its not a plastic gift card do they send you a code or something because i cant print it out so can the gift card pay for shipping online as well as items?
on 04/08/13
Yay snagged this with express shipping. Going to order and also get a free gift for my birthday!
on 03/25/13
tiddliewinks26 liked this  
How do you redeem these in stores?
on 01/27/13
I don't understand how do I use this gift card if its only virtual but sephora.ca doesn't except gift cards PLEASE answer it would mean a lot !!!!!
on 02/07/13
you can print out the gift card on a sheet of paper and take it in to any us or canadian sephora retail store. it just cant be used online. i've gotten one before and you just hand it over, they input the card # into the register and done! super easy
on 12/14/12
gh9700 liked this  
They were REALLY hesitant to accept this at my local Sephora ( I live in Canada). I had to insist that they accept it, and they did.
on 04/05/14
The girl told me she kept trying to input the number and it didnt work :/ At square one mississauga
on 02/07/13
michoshar liked this  
depends on who you get, the first woman i had was relatively new and had no clue what to do with it. if need be just ask for a manager and they'll accept it no problem, most of them aren't used to seeing e-gift cards!
on 12/18/12
ShaniM liked this  
I gave it to the cashiers and they looked at me like i was crazy, but they never said anything and accepted it, i live in Canada
on 03/22/13
ladybugz36 liked this  
I got the same reaction when I brought in my Old Navy E gift card... makes you feel like a tool!
on 01/05/13
So we cant use these online because sephora now ships to Canada
on 01/25/13
They do ship it to canada its just that they dont accept gift cards
on 12/14/12
Great.... I hope they accept mine :/
on 09/25/12
Bellachic333 and 4 others liked this  
Love this gift card! Sephora.com let's you use 3 at a time so I bought 3 and got an UD liner duo, Pro Smokey eye brush, and a Sephora liner for free -- including the deluxe sample of Stila mascara for "spending" over $25. I got all this with only paying $2.98 out of pocket, originally $32.98!

(Also, for those who don't know, Sephora gives 3 free samples with every order and you can pick them. I've gotten the Stila tinted moisturizer before and it was amazing!
on 11/14/12
beatlesfan63 liked this  
Do the stores have a restriction on how many your able to use?
on 12/01/12
invisiblehorse and 1 others liked this  
I don't think so! I've used 5 in one purchase before with no problem =) Good luck!
on 11/30/12
when this goes on as a braggable bargain how much swagbucks is taken off of the price? 50? or more than that? i have only ever purchased amazon cards and actually used all of the money i made through out the year to buy gifts for Christmas thank you swag bucks!! but now its is time to get myself something nice cant wait to get my sephora gift cards!!
on 10/16/12
I live in Canada but constantly travel to the states. Can I order this and use it in-store in the US or can I only use it here?
Team Rewards Store
on 10/17/12
You can use this in US stores
on 11/01/12
Can this be used in Canadian Sephora stores as well or just in the US? I shop at Canadian and US locations and want to know if I can use it at both.
on 10/18/12
Perfect, thank you! Ordered this while it was still a braggable bargain :)
on 09/05/12
lovemarion and 2 others liked this  
Lol. omg.

I just bought one 2 weeks ago for the full price..FML
on 09/06/12
Bellachic333 and 5 others liked this  
What I do, is only buy the Amazon $5 'full price', because they never go on sale. I save up the rest of my bucks for when something good is the bargain of the day :) They all end up rotating around every month (Starbucks, Sephora, Walmart, etc), but you have to be patient!

On the plus side, your gift card will def be approved by the time Sephora has their 'Friends and Family' sale in October-- save it until then and your $10 will be worth more (pretty much everything will be at least 20% off online)!
on 10/16/12
MaraJade9 liked this  
That is a good idea!
on 10/16/12
See? Its October 16th, and these are on sale again! hehe!
on 09/06/12
lol that sucks! i hate when that happens to me too! lol
on 09/05/12
on 09/05/12
I love Sephora! I get most my make up from this great place. Thanks Swagbucks for this amazing sale!
on 09/05/12
Id this only for people who live in Canda?
on 09/05/12
Canadians can only use this card in the physical stores in Sephora retail store locations. Canadians can't use it via the internet on Sephora.com.
on 06/21/12
michelle3083 and 5 others liked this  
I need to get this for my wife :) she loves sephora!!! She will be surprised!
on 09/05/12
MaraJade9 and 3 others liked this  
Please tell me you're not married to Goodheartedone!

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