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Sephora eGift Card - $25

Sephora eGift Card - $25
Sephora eGift Card - $25
Sephora eGift Card - $25
Price: 2,500
Sale: 2,375
Snag This!

Sephora carries the best brands in makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care. With over 13,000 products and 500 brands, Sephora is the leading beauty retailer. eGifts are redeemable in over 500 Sephora stores and Sephora Inside JCPenney, as well as online at Sephora.com.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

***Sephora e-Gift Card can be used by Canadian residents for purchases In-Store at Sephora retail locations, but is NOT VALID for purchases at Sephora.com***

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 01/19/14
Bellachic333 liked this  
Yeyyyyy!!! I just redeemed my Gift Card of $25.00! I can't wait to receive it!!
Thanks SwagBucks!!
on 02/25/14
Just qualified today. I'm so happy.
on 08/31/12
kittenmittins8 and 9 others liked this  
PLEASE reconfigure this gift card so that Canadians can use it online!
on 12/08/13
kweiler7 and 2 others liked this  
Sephora.ca doesn't accept gift cards online, they only take them in store. It's hardly Swagbuck's fault.
on 10/08/13
I redeemed my eGift card in a Sephora here in Canada no problem. They lady had a little trouble scanning the paper, so she entered in the # on the paper and it worked! Got some Kat Von D eyeshadow, and I am looking forward to more Sephora purchases thanks to Swagbucks :D
on 06/27/13
if I redeem my swag buck to ward a store how it work because most of stores does not accept paper gift card. I wanted to redeem with Safora store and I called them they said we are not accepting this kind a gift card it had to be actual card. any one plz help me for this
on 05/23/13
Can you use this in the U.S.? I'm confuse it said can only redeem at Canadian store. Can you still use this in the U.S? Please answer :'(

I would like to buy this when I have enough SB earn. I need more swagbucks to get this.
on 05/23/13
Yes, in store and online for the USA.
on 05/24/13
DeniseLives liked this  
Thank you. Really helpful ;)
on 05/14/13
Clarification Needed: ***Sephora e-Gift Card can be used by Canadian residents for purchases In-Store at Sephora retail locations, but is NOT VALID for purchases at Sephora.com***

Can Cdn use it in a Sephora retail store in the United States?
on 05/24/13
I think your answer is yes. Can be use it both country but Canadian country can be purchase at sephora store.

Anyway, thank you so much :)

Vey much helpful ;)
on 03/25/13
Eveyluvsthee626 liked this  
How would you redeem this in a store?
on 04/22/13
I haven't tried it yet, but i'm assuming they just scan it like a regular gift card at the register
on 05/07/13
PixiDust319 liked this  
If you have an iPhone and the Sephora app you can add the gift card to Passbook as well and they can scan it from there too!
on 05/06/13
on 11/17/12
DeniseLives liked this  
YAy! Since when does Swagbucks have Sephora giftcard? Now I can buy more makeup! I always bought my makeup through Amazon but sometimes they didn't have all the variety they have at Sephora. Can't wait to get this!
on 08/08/12
This would be so awesome! One of my favorite stores!
on 06/27/12
does it work in the canadian stores?
on 07/04/12
misspippacross and 2 others liked this  
Yes, but you have to use it in-store, not online.
on 07/31/12
swaggerboy1998f liked this  
so can people from the US use it online? :s
on 08/05/12
Yes, I used it online w/ no problems.
on 07/08/12
jennymayhem1984 liked this  
I ordered this about 2 weeks ago and got it a couple days ago! I live in Canada and brought this to my local sephora! It was accepted though they had never seen it before and had to go to the back and the manger contacted someone to see if it was legit. So it was a pretty awkward situation so I am glad that there wasn't too many people but otherwise it would have been pretty embarrassing so if you get embarrassed by these things try it online instead (though I have never tried it)
on 07/03/12
I'd give this to my wonderful sister. She likes make-up more than anyone in the family.
on 07/03/12
on 06/19/12
billyboy64 liked this  
Has anybody used this? Does it work in a store??
on 05/10/12
I was hoping to see Sephora Gift Cards - whoooo hoooo!!!!!!!
on 05/07/12
I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS <33333333333333

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