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Chem Light 6" Glow Stick

Chem Light 6" Glow Stick
Chem Light 6" Glow Stick
Chem Light 6" Glow Stick
Golden Ticket This is a golden ticket item.
Chem Light 6" Glow Stick
out of stock
Price: 359
Snag This!

Get yourself some awesome Glow Sticks for free with Swag Bucks! These 6" Chem Light Style Glow Sticks are perfect for parties, backpacking, clubbing, night time activities, emergencies, and as toys for young children. These Glow Sticks are safe and non-toxic.

***Color to be chosen at random***

on 08/15/12
how many do u get is it worth me getting them?
on 05/25/12
thats basicly almost 5 bucks just for 1 glow stick.. ( real 5 bucks)

since a 5 dollar amazon gift card costs up to 450 swagbucks ur basicly AMLOST paying 5 dollars just for 1 glow stick..
on 05/03/12
mustafa799 liked this  
How many do you get?
on 05/13/12
Don't waste your swag bucks I got mine yesterday. It was a single ugly yellow. It wasn't worth it. From now on my bucks will go to gift cards.
on 05/20/12
TheRarityofAlice and 8 others liked this  
Y U NO LIKE YELLOW?! (yellow no like you too)
on 05/11/12
xXGH0STXx and 1 others liked this  
on 05/17/12
xXGH0STXx and 1 others liked this  
Soo tempted to buy these if I didn't already have a box full.. D;
on 05/15/12
i love ripping glow sticks open and splatering it all over a dark room. the mess dissappears exept for orange.
on 05/08/12
i like to eatch these glow sticks being used in pio
on 05/06/12
This looks cool to e honest hehehe I will get these glow sticks as soon as i finish my first goal in Swag Bucks......!!
on 05/03/12
I remember playing in the dark with these. I love bending them, just to hear the cracking sound and then watch them glow.
on 05/02/12
LivForMusic and 5 others liked this  
You wouldn't get back nearly as many swag bucks as you spent
on 04/24/12
kiakia2 and 1 others liked this  
OMG I REALLY HOPE I GET THIS SOON I LOVE YOU SWAGBUCKS ;-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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