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Treecycler - Plant A Tree

Treecycler - Plant A Tree
Treecycler - Plant A Tree
Treecycler - Plant A Tree
Price: 99
Snag This!

Snag this prize and plant a tree in a global reforestation project of your choice on Treecycler.com!

Treecycler is the fun and easy way to support the Earth.

The world needs trees. There’s the whole giving us oxygen thing. Plus, they reduce air pollution, provide food and shelter, and make the perfect companion for tire swings. And they look great while doing it!

With Treecycler, you can plant a tree without ever leaving your home. For each Treecycler code you redeem, you can plant a tree in one the many reforestation projects we support. You’ll help the environment and communities around the world – one tree at a time.

These projects are available from reforestation partners around the world — from Alabama to Zimbabwe. So by redeeming your code, you’ll help the environment and communities across the globe — one tree at a time.

Now, only one question remains. Where will you plant yours?

Your discount code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 10/18/15
I would love to take part in this, but there are no projects in the UK or even in the whole of Europe.
on 07/17/15
I waiting for my code to plant a tree!
P.S. This Treecycler code donation is down in May 1,2016 for swagbucks. Please keep donating trees
on 04/29/15
SayWHATdude and 2 others liked this  
I'm a druid so I'm bound to love getting trees plated.
on 12/29/13
BattyJanice and 8 others liked this  
swags should tell us how many trees that HAVE planted so far!!
on 03/12/15
hmrocks4ever and 2 others liked this  
Check the charity's website, they mgiht provide info on that.
on 10/29/13
nansiludie and 3 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 02/05/15
I don't know who you are, nor anything about you; however, it is my observation that you should -being that you are not, already- think of a career in journalism. I have read a few of your posts/comments regarding the planting of trees, charities, etc., and you seem to be very educated, and as I would assume, also well spoken. Please do NOT take this compliment as sarcasm or my being pompous in any way, for I truly enjoyed your comments.
on 01/15/14
I wouldn't mind giving :3 But how exactly does this work? Not the snagging and whatnot, but the actual program.
on 12/31/14
kelsietaylorphot liked this  
check out the website treecycler.com. You just put in the code to their website that you get from swagbucks and tell the where you want your tree. The the company gives your money/swagbucks to the company they are funding in that area, and they plant it.
on 09/01/14
:) 99 cent seed?
on 05/11/14
whogotswagger and 1 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 01/25/14
Silo0345 and 4 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 05/10/14
TRACIERD and 3 others liked this  
"With Treecycler, you can plant a tree without ever leaving your home. For each Treecycler code you redeem, you can plant a tree in one the many reforestation projects we support. "
on 05/10/14
TRACIERD and 4 others liked this  
So you tell them where you want a tree and they'll go plant it.
on 07/30/13
hmrocks4ever and 3 others liked this  
I want to plant a Sakura Tree, except all I imagine they planting are pine trees :(
on 05/07/14
As I understand it, they typically plant things that would be growing in the selected area.
on 10/29/13
TRACIERD and 3 others liked this  
I don't know if you're a coffee aficionado; hwr, if you enjoy coffee, there's an organization that sells Rain Forest Shade-Grown coffee beans planted within the Rain Forest to protect those areas from deforestation. I buy decaf b/c caffeine triggers migraines that req' an ER visit w/injection of Dilaudid, Phenergan, & a type of lidocaine b/c the injection's painful; worst part is it puts me out for as high as 4 days w/o my knowing anything going on around me. :( Rain Forest Coffee, which is what it's listed under, is great & saves the Rain Forest. Types offered do well in an espresso bar or French Press (I have both). If you want to help these coffee plantation owners by purchasing their coffee, invest in a burr grinder & a container w/pump that removes oxygen from the container, allowing the beans to remain fresh longer. I support their efforts by ensuring the plantations continue & the Rain Forest remains out of the hands of those who w
on 10/29/13
hmrocks4ever and 3 others liked this  
Actually, it depends on where a tree is planted. The charity organizations will not plant trees that will not flourish where they are planted; in addition, in areas where Pine trees are not native to the area, the charities involved in planting trees in various areas around the world will choose trees that are indigenous to area. Over the many years I've planted trees through Ann Arbor & other like charities, none are all Pine trees. I have received information letting me know the funds I provided for the re-forestation of trees include Banyan, Bradford Pear, Banana trees, orchard-type trees such as those that grow oranges, banana, and many other types that are indigenous to the areas I chose and even planted indigenous trees in areas where I didn't choose the where - just the request to have trees planted where needed.
on 04/10/14
hmrocks4ever and 2 others liked this  
This is great! I hope my code arrives soon so I can help plant a tree!
on 02/03/14
Silo0345 liked this  
how bo'at a monkey tree, their endangered you know
on 05/16/13
TRACIERD and 4 others liked this  
5 Stars! haven't bought it yet but I use to do it when it was a limited entry swagstake and have won it multiple time. I will buy this later. I like to plant in Haiti or in El Salvador Because both of these locations the trees are use for RESORCESs or FOOD for the locals!
on 10/29/13
TRACIERD liked this  
Thank you for such a kind & generous gift to the world, especially in areas such as Haiti and El Salvador. Also, these are 2 areas where the addition of more trees will do more than provide resources or food; they will provide added benefits to stop the erosion of soil as the trees in these areas are part of a network that helps prevent the terrible mudslides over the last several years after being hit with such devastating hurricanes (particularly in Haiti). Again, my sincerest thanks for thinking of those who can barely help themselves after having to rebuild despite the lack of time to properly mourn the many who were lost in these natural disasters. I'm sure the charity will place the trees where they will serve the greatest of multiple purposes. Again, thank you for thinking of others along with our planet at large. <3
on 03/14/13
TRACIERD liked this  
I love these, I won 2 by entering 6 entries the first time and 4 the second time.
on 05/28/15
I won on too, back in May of 2013, from here on SB, I purchased all nine of the remaining tickets left, and won the tree. Choose to have it planted in Uganda, in honor of my doctor's (practicing here in USA) home country.
on 03/30/13
TRACIERD and 1 others liked this  
With swagstakes? I wasn't sure if anyone ever actually won them. You would be the first I have heard of. Anyhow, I entered to win one too. Good price, hopefully it works.
on 10/29/13
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Also, I want to extend my sincerest thanks, not merely b/c protecting the planet is part of my ethnic upbringing as a Native American woman but also for caring enough to enter & have the desire to plant a tree that will provide our planet with a much-needed/necessary plant-life in the fact that it is a tree & everyone, regardless of ethnic heritage, continent, or station in life must have oxygen to breath & trees are the most effective manner to ensure the survival of the planet's resources from the ground beneath our feet, the wildlife who need a safe place to live, & for setting an example for every human being as to the importance of ensuring we have enough trees to sustain human life in our own right but esp for future generations to come. Please accept my sincerest thanks. <3
on 08/27/13
I won a 5 dollar amazon gift card :)
on 09/23/13
hansolfl and 1 others liked this  
respec to tha earth
on 09/14/13
Kei98 and 1 others liked this  
This not a prize it is something that u wish to do like donating to a charity or redcross this is something that comes out from your heart to help others and the world.
on 05/26/13
AllieMonkey liked this  
I put in 2 codes to plant 2 trees in different areas on April 2012, when I checked the status today it's still "awaiting planting." :/
on 10/29/12
pkmnyab and 4 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 01/19/13
RobLuis and 8 others liked this  
"Free" in the sense that you didn't have to put up any cash for it. By this definition, all of the prizes in the Rewards Store qualify as free. In any case, I think 99 cents for a tree is quite affordable, don't you?
on 05/08/13
That really makes sense.
on 05/08/13
Great job man!!
on 04/30/13
DealDesires liked this  
I'll miss this prize when it's gone. Truly one of my favorites ever.
on 10/29/12
gangna3 and 5 others liked this  
If I buy a tree I want to plant it myself. You are only donating to replace tree cut down to make timber.
Id rather plant a tree somewhere nice like my garden :)
on 01/19/13
hoobobba and 3 others liked this  
Those trees need replacing too, you know. ; )
on 08/02/12
Kei98 liked this  
doesen't a tree cost more than 99SB? I though 1SB = 1cent. so 99cents will give you a tree?
on 09/30/12
KatyPerry1 liked this  
Treecycler must buy in bulk, so its cheaper, plus they buy small trees which grow fast.. i think
on 08/17/12
DealDesires and 3 others liked this  
I love that swagbucks added this! And for 99 SB, it doesn't break the swag bank! Also, if you have fb, you can get a code when you "like" them. you can also get a code playing the game from their site. I've already planted one!
on 06/20/12
DealDesires and 4 others liked this  
Wow .. this is a great value, for only 99 SB's. Only thing that could make this better, is if the trees could be available for us to plant in our own yards. However there are MANY places, that they are needed, even more all around the globe.
on 08/02/12
DealDesires and 1 others liked this  
I want a 99SB tree in yard!
on 06/30/12
RobLuis and 2 others liked this  
Finally, an environmental cause I can use my Swagbucks for!
on 06/21/12
DealDesires and 1 others liked this  
I love this. I grew up in West Virginia and now live in Kentucky. It's so great to be able to give back to the two states that have given so much to me and are probably two of the most beautiful states I have ever been.
on 06/20/12
Shafeeq liked this  
What a neat idea?! I didn't know you could do this. Pretty cool prize, Swagbucks!
on 06/20/12
For some reason, I like this prize ;)
on 06/20/12
Nice tree
on 05/18/12
This was so great! It's so simple and easy. I can't wait to buy more!
on 05/16/12
therainbowcatz and 6 others liked this  
This prize will keep the world green--Cuz not replacing trees is just plain mean.

Snag a Treecycler.com code to support the earth, choose a project and create a leafy rebirth

Say "click" to an environmental beginning, and Counteractin' our atmospheric sinning

As a tree is lot more than a friend--It's something which we all depend

High five to tree huggers and reforestation Lovers

Treecycler is the place to go for the replenisher in the know!
on 05/14/12
DealDesires liked this  
So effing stoke about this.I am going too tell all my friends about this.Plus my little girl would love me too use my swagbuck's too save the earth
on 05/11/12
This might just be the best deal ever! (besides agcs)
I will definitely be redeeming it to help out our mother nature :D
on 05/09/12
DealDesires liked this  
Hey can Australians join in on this great offer?, I would be very happy to use my swagbucks here every month.

:) Best Deal Ever !!!
:) :) :)
on 05/10/12
i believe so, there is even 2 options to plant them in Australia
on 05/10/12
gangna3 and 1 others liked this  
Thats so smart! I would love to do this!
on 05/08/12
BabySnakes24 liked this  
I love this idea! I hope that lots of people will do this :)
on 04/30/12
tzyu520 and 1 others liked this  
want on the website and plant 2 trees! This is for an awesome cause
on 04/30/12
sns1391 and 2 others liked this  
Love this idea! Thanks SB! :)

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