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Swagbucks Reusable Tote Bag

Swagbucks Reusable Tote Bag
Swagbucks Reusable Tote Bag
Available Quantities
449 SB
1 Tote Bag
999 SB
3 Tote Bags
1,199 SB
5 Tote Bags
Swagbucks Reusable Tote Bag
out of stock
Price: 449
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Snag This!

Go green in style with this Swagbucks Reusable Tote Bag!

Perfect for carrying your personal belongings, groceries, school materials, office things and more. This eco-friendly reusable tote bag features the Swagbucks logo on each side and heavy duty straps to keep large loads secure. Help save the planet, snag one today and show the world that you're a proud member of Swag Nation!

Bag measures approx. 16"h x 13.5"w x 5"d

Order multiple tote bags at one time, and save some serious Swag Bucks!

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on 05/06/13
Still waiting for mine in the mail im so excited!
on 05/10/12
Emma121 and 2 others liked this  
this is a really awesome idea. Use fabric glue to put your referral link on it :)
on 04/15/13
Great idea!
on 06/21/12
Think I'm going to snag one and then when people ask about it, I will give them one of my new Swagbucks referral cards I had made through Vistaprint (free, of course)! Great item to try to get referrals cuz I use bags like this all the time--like carrying my books when I go to my book group---a lot of retirees there with a lot of time on their hands. Hmm, thinking of lots of uses and possible referrals!
on 04/15/13
Good idea. I think im going to make some cute referral cards and hand them out. I am going to save my points to get more than one bag. I have many uses for them lol.
on 02/22/13
awesome bag, I like it. I might be geting another one.
on 02/06/13
Got mine in the other day, and me and my son took fabric markers and decorated it for a library book bag.
on 12/16/12
Elizabeth19 liked this  
i would use this for clothes
on 11/27/12
This bag isn't bad for carrying groceries just don't wash it. :)
on 10/16/12
Tried to add a comment 2 times. I was not able to give it a rating - the stars did not come up on my 1st post OR this one. bum me out da door dude. In any case I will "verbally" give it 5 stars. just wish product price had not gone up so much
on 11/01/12
Hello, When you have enough SwagBucks to get something, do you have to pay for the shipping or is it all just paid for with swag bucks?
Team Rewards Store
on 11/06/12
No shipping charges are incurred. Feel free to choose any Reward and rest assured that you will not be charged shipping for your purchase.
on 10/16/12
SayWHATdude and 1 others liked this  
I purchased these awhile back. I just got to tell ya they are SOO useful! I love using them for my 'knitting' when I go to various appointments. I have been quizzed on 'What is Swagbucks' - I explain, given them my email (facebook account, etc). Hopefully it will soon begin generating referals. yay!
on 06/15/12
I've used the bag for a couple of days now and it is in fact quite sturdy. I've even used it to carry my laptop. Great bargain as far as I'm concerned! Will be getting a few more for myself and a couple of gifts!
on 09/30/12
be careful for a rip hole xD
on 08/24/12
And I love it going to use it for my survival kit!
on 08/16/12
Autimama and 2 others liked this  
got one for 249 swagbucks and loved it so i was going to get another but they doubled the price! NO THANKS!!!!
on 08/15/12
Left this on my wishlist after it went out of stock because I was hoping they would get more. They did, and they doubled the price. No thanks.
on 07/11/12
this looks really nice!
on 06/12/12
Comment Under Review
on 08/22/12
dont worry its really big I had it when it was only 250swagbucks
on 06/12/12
Maybe Swag Team, can let us know the 'depth' measurement AND possibly how long, this sale price will last ;) ;) ?
on 06/13/12
Just got mine today - YAY! They are of good quality in my opinion (maybe not as sturdy as the grocery store bags - but, I've nothing to compare). I would definitely use it for magazines, books, etc., and probably light grocery shopping!

The depth you were looking for is about 5 inches.
on 07/10/12
Cool, thanks nish68. :)
I've cashed in for my monthly, 5 - $5 AGC's ... now to decide if I want this one, or save for a $10 PayPal. Hmm decisions decisions, lol
on 07/07/12
So awesome!!!
on 07/05/12
soundsdisco liked this  
I wish this bag would say, "Ask me about Swag Bucks."
on 07/01/12
this bag is great glad i got it highly recamend i go shopping with it just as big as a grocery bag
on 06/06/12
and swagbucks dont worry ima show this to everyone so thay will go to this awesome website ;-)
on 06/06/12
im only 50 swagbucks away
on 06/01/12
smthsmsmith liked this  
Snagged 1 of these bags. I am loving it. I would like to see more of these bags in other colors.
on 05/11/12
derekBroX liked this  
Just grabbed 3 of these. Can't wait to get them, go shopping and show them off to others. Thanks for keeping these on sale till I grabbed them today :)
on 05/06/12
def a must have!!!!! :)
on 05/05/12
ugh swagbucks.... i want a bag .... runs to get more swagbucks.. i only have 259 in my account ..the bag is on sale for 299 .....
on 05/03/12
SayWHATdude and 5 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 05/05/12
Emma121 liked this  
That's a good idea!
on 05/04/12
isha327 liked this  
Cool looking bag, and reusable too!
on 05/04/12
These are pretty cool...and not badly priced!
on 05/04/12
What is this made of?
on 05/04/12
derekBroX and 4 others liked this  
Now, this might be that perfect carry along item to the grocery store or anywhere else for that matter. I can only imagine people's faces go, hmm, Swagbucks. I've heard about them but don't know much. Once I see that face, I'm just going to go over and ask them if they need help getting started :)
on 05/02/12
elizabethhersom5 and 5 others liked this  
Just got me one! My wife loves tote bags and I love Swagbucks so it's a win win!
on 05/02/12
LukesKristie and 6 others liked this  
Nice! New place to stash all the loot I win from Swag Bucks! :D

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