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ExxonMobil Gift Card $50 Gift Card

ExxonMobil Gift Card  $50 Gift Card
ExxonMobil Gift Card  $50 Gift Card
ExxonMobil Gift Card $50 Gift Card
Price: 5,000
Snag This!

Use your ExxonMobil Gift Card at approximately 10,000 Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide; the card can be used right at the pump for the ease and convenience of filling up your tank; use it inside the station for snacks, beverages and convenience items, or while on the move stop in and get your car washed and or repaired.

Exxon Mobil Corporation is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. The Exxon and Mobil logos are registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. ExxonMobil Gift Cards are issued and sold by SVM, an Illinois Limited Partnership.

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on 11/09/15
need help.... used 23$ of the 50$ gift card at the pump but now when i went again to use it is says transaction called although i still have 27$ left in the card. what do i do?
on 08/17/15
smdl211 liked this  
This reward is AWESOME!! I ordered it and it came a few business days later. Order this reward it is great and fat. It is a physical card and can be used for gas and inside the store. Highly recommended.
on 07/18/15
Can anyone who as received one of these cards tell me if they have an expiration date on them? Trying to save up gas cards for a trip to Disney in a few years and didn't want to purchase so soon if they expire. TIA.
on 01/02/15
smilerbre405 liked this  
Wow ordered Dec 28 received Jan 2! Will definitely be selecting this reward again soon!!
on 05/14/14
smilerbre405 and 4 others liked this  
I've already used two of the $50 cards. They arrive in the mail about 4-7 days after I place the order. I haven't had a problem using them at the local Mobil gas stations. One cashier did advise me to bring the card inside to pay for gas rather than using it at the pump. However, I had no issues using the card at the pump. The cashier said that using the card at the pump may result in a temporary hold that may make it appear that you have no funds on the card. I didn't have that issue though.
on 10/07/14
Debphoto and 5 others liked this  
Update: Just redeemed my eleventh card. Still have zero issues while using these cards at the pump. The nice thing about these cards is that the pumps around here know the card's balance and give me exactly enough gas to clear out the card's balance!
on 07/14/14
jsmith13247 and 2 others liked this  
This is the best! I ordered my card on 7/7/14 it shipped on 7/9 and I just got it today, 7/14!! Unbelievable, 7days total when I was expecting at least 10days. So happy with this website..now if I could just get some referrals. :-)
on 07/14/14
How can i find out if this ExxonMobil Gift Card will be excepted at my location
on 06/19/14
dbh777 and 3 others liked this  
Thank you SO much Swagbucks! This is a fantastic reward! I ordered it on 6/6/14. It shipped on 6/10/14. And I got it on 6/14/14. I couldn't be happier! Hope this info helps someone!
on 04/26/14
staceylynhall and 1 others liked this  
vhaat? it can be used inside to buy stuffs too? awesome.
on 06/16/14
smilerbre405 and 2 others liked this  
Yes you can use it inside to purchase products as well as gas. I was able to pick up some much needed milk in a pinch! This comes in handy when I'm running short before payday!
on 06/11/14
grandmatweety liked this  
No problems using this card. Sure does come in handy!
on 12/16/13
cyntimental and 3 others liked this  
Do these gift cards expire?
on 04/01/14
staceylynhall and 2 others liked this  
No they don't. I got a few of them and they really come in handy. They mail you a real card to use at any Exxon Mobile station.
on 04/27/14
staceylynhall and 3 others liked this  
Glad to hear you get the real card and not just a printout like other gift cards.
on 04/09/14
breee1220 and 2 others liked this  
how many days will it take to receive this card??
on 03/29/14
What stations can you use these at?
on 04/01/14
BoostedZ and 5 others liked this  
Well....and I'm just guessing here... I think... maybe... you can use it at any Exxon Mobile station. But again... I'm just guessing... I could be wrong.
on 04/07/14
can you use them at hotspot
on 09/28/13
ringo12147 liked this  
I could use one of these right but oh man i only got 434 points right now. I could use one for my gas tank :]
on 04/07/14
Can you use these at hotspot
on 11/10/13
grandmatweety and 5 others liked this  
ordered the gas card reward ... SB approved and sent it quickly. Highly recommend!
on 01/17/14
cyntimental liked this  
How long did it take to get 5,000 swagbucks? I feel like I have been working at it forever to just get 500 points.
on 03/26/14
ChristyThan126 and 2 others liked this  
join bing rewards, you'll make 500 in less time than you think.
on 11/24/13
can you get a real card?
on 12/04/13
staceylynhall and 6 others liked this  
yes, it comes as a real plastic gift card in the postal mail. This is not an "e-card".

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