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Sunoco Gift Card - $50

Sunoco Gift Card - $50
Sunoco Gift Card - $50
Sunoco Gift Card - $50
Price: 5,000
Snag This!

The Sunoco Gift Card can be used at any Sunoco station and is good for purchases at every Sunoco - just like cash. You can pay right at the pump or inside Sunoco locations. Sunoco offers over 4,900 locations in 26 states in the United States. Gift Cards can only be used at Sunoco stations in the United States. For the Sunoco nearest you, please visit us at www.sunoco.navisite.com or call 1-800-SUNOCO1 (1-800-786-6261).

*This is a physical gift card and will be shipped to the address listed in your Swagbucks account. Make sure the address is correct as we cannot ship out replacement gas cards.

Sunoco® is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. Use of this Sunoco Gift Card is subject to terms and conditions printed on the cards. Sunoco Gift Cards are issued and sold by SVM, LP. SUNOCO and logo are registered trademarks of Sunoco, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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on 04/21/15
Love getting these gift cards. Please get a $25 card so we can utilize the 2200 swagbucks price. Thank you for all you do.
on 04/03/15
Swagbucks, Please have 25$ Sunoco and Exxon mobil gas cards. It takes too long to earn 50$ worth of points.
on 12/28/14
I didn't even notice the gas cards until after I got my first $100 gift card to Wal-Mart. My question is this... Does this expire? I am planing a trip to Florida this summer and this would help me out. I know I can get 10,000 every 2 months so saving these cards will help. Also can you order more then one if you have the points? I just do not want to be tempted into using them.
on 12/11/14
Aradia1997 liked this  
I have ordered this card before and received it within a week. Thanks for offering gas cards!
on 09/14/14
on 09/02/14
Thank you so much for having Gas Cards...It helps so much.
on 07/31/14
I have 4,100 swagbucks it took me forever to save up..only 900 more to go I can't wait to order this:)
on 08/01/14
I just now ordered it:)
on 08/06/14
SleeplessInTx liked this  
Shipped on 8-5-14 now I just wait to get it
on 08/11/14
SleeplessInTx liked this  
got it today :D
on 06/04/14
Aradia1997 liked this  
i ordered it 5/29/14 and it shipped 5/31/14 and im wondering how long will take to get to my house
on 06/05/14
got it today yeay
on 05/11/14
I love that Swagbucks has Gas Cards now!
on 12/26/13
at 443 SB right now... SIGH. It seems to take me so freaking long to earn SB !
on 01/03/14
2042 SB right now !!!!
on 01/26/14
2469 today !
on 02/05/14
SleeplessInTx and 1 others liked this  
3105 right now :) Almost there !
on 04/25/14
Glad you are sticking with it! You'll get there before you know it.
on 02/26/14
Ordered this on 2/13/14 still havent recieved it yet, hope it comes........
on 03/06/14
Did you get it yet ?
on 03/08/14
unfortunately I did not get it and I spent so much time working towards this I had hoped I found a way to earn some extra income so I wouldnt be so overwhelmed once college started up again but alas my time would have been better spent picking up OT at my day job.....but all hope is not lost maybe it just takes an extremely long time to recieve it but for now I have stopped trying bc I dont want my time to be in vain but if it comes I will get right back to it!
on 04/08/14
Finally got it!
on 03/08/14
I'm kind of wary to order this gift card because people seem to have not received theirs. I have been saving a while for this....
on 03/18/14
I emailed them about the problem waiting to hear back but if and when I get it I will post so that you will know if you should even bother.
on 03/22/14
Well they responded and are mailing me a postcard with a pin so I can confirm my address bc that is what they say the problem is I never had problems b4 with my address so I will soon see if this truly resolves the issue!
on 04/08/14
I finally got my card as of yesterday!
on 11/30/13
Finally made it to $5,000 sb today, ordered my card this morning yay! Only 10 business days (or less!) So exciting!
on 03/08/14
did you get yours?
on 11/24/13
I will be getting this card for my summer trip this year.
on 11/22/13
zeel113 liked this  
I'm at 4,241 SB, only 759 more SB to go!! I'm a full time student with 2 part time jobs and in 5 days I've earned 596 Sb, I am super proud!!!!!!!!!
on 11/17/13
I'm at 3,645 sb now, only 1,355 more to go. More than half way there, so excited!
on 11/01/13
KatKaulitz and 1 others liked this  
I love that I can get Gas Cards now. With this redemption, I'm at $200 in Gas Cards! Thank you Swagbucks!
on 10/25/13
KatKaulitz liked this  
Adding this one to my wish list. It will be my first gift card I get from Swagbucks. I'm almost half-way there at 2,266 SB. I can't wait!
on 10/02/13
KatKaulitz and 2 others liked this  
I think this is amazing , trying to get to 5000 sb!

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