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UNICEF Charity Donation Drive

UNICEF Charity Donation Drive
UNICEF Charity Donation Drive
Available Donations
5 SB
5 Swag Bucks
10 SB
10 Swag Bucks
15 SB
15 Swag Bucks
20 SB
20 Swag Bucks
25 SB
25 Swag Bucks
50 SB
50 Swag Bucks
75 SB
75 Swag Bucks
100 SB
100 Swag Bucks
150 SB
150 Swag Bucks
200 SB
200 Swag Bucks
250 SB
250 Swag Bucks
350 SB
350 Swag Bucks
500 SB
500 Swag Bucks
750 SB
750 Swag Bucks
1,000 SB
1000 Swag Bucks
1,250 SB
1250 Swag Bucks
1,500 SB
1500 Swag Bucks
2,000 SB
2000 Swag Bucks
3,500 SB
3500 Swag Bucks
5,000 SB
5000 Swag Bucks
UNICEF Charity Donation Drive

UNICEF was first established as the United Nations Children’s Fund by the United Nations General Assembly in 1946 to provide emergency food and health care for the children of countries left devastated by World War II. Since then, it has become a permanent part of the United Nations System and has won both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Prince of Asturias Award.

Today, UNICEF continues to support children and their mothers in need worldwide by responding to emergencies as needed and providing quality nutritional resources, health care, HIV treatment and prevention, general education, as well as advocacy for children, mothers, gender equality, and more.

Every Swag Buck donated equals $0.01, so donating 1,000 Swag Bucks is equivalent to donating ten dollars. Please support UNICEF by donating your Swag Bucks today.

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on 11/20/15
Hope it goes where it should!
on 11/17/15
UNICEF has a comission rate of nearly 70% and shipping rate of about 25% more. So If I donate 500 SB, or $5, I'm only donating 100 SB, or $1 to the kids. I'm never going to donate to UNICEF, it's more like UNISH*T.
on 10/15/15
not much but hope this helps!
on 04/20/15
Youness77 liked this  
UNICEF has a comission rate of nearly 70% and shipping rate of about 25% more. So If I donate 500 SB, or $5, I'm only donating 100 SB, or $1 to the kids. I'm never going to donate to UNICEF, it's more like UNISH*T.
on 04/30/15
So which SB charities are the best? I know the Humane Society is a rip-off...what others?
on 09/07/15
^ What moid said. Wish I had seen this comment before I donated.

What good is donating if it doesn't even help out and just lines pockets?
on 08/30/15
on 05/26/15
Just gave 50!
on 05/20/15
mmarec and 1 others liked this  
Just donated 50 SB. If somebody gives 50 SB too we'll donate $1.00
on 04/05/15
6Rose6Noire6 and 2 others liked this  
Now that I don't really use Swagbucks anymore, whatever I accumulate overtime goes to charity!
on 03/13/15
Youness77 and 1 others liked this  
on 02/18/15
bobigean and 5 others liked this  
Donated 150 swagbucks!
on 02/17/15
Assumi and 2 others liked this  
I donated 5 swagbucks, or 5 cents. WELL EVERY SWAGBUCK COUNTS!
on 02/08/15
Assumi liked this  
on 12/30/14
Assumi liked this  
i only have 22 cents
on 12/22/14
jenny6081 and 1 others liked this  
Bill Gates is part of the Georgia Guidestones, and that's what the UN is all about.
on 12/16/14
Assumi and 3 others liked this  
0.01 x 140 = $1.40 I may have donated less than $2, but every penny counts! :)
on 12/07/14
Assumi liked this  
I am fortunate
on 11/10/14
Assumi and 5 others liked this  
Every donation helps
Thx SwagBucks for giving me a way to make a difference :)
on 10/30/14
GeniusTrophyWife and 6 others liked this  
I hope that one day, world hunger won't exist.
on 03/26/14
Giftcardsforfree and 8 others liked this  
My grandma would always donated about $20.00 a month to these kind of charities... It makes me feel bad when I have so little to donate...
on 10/11/14
Assumi and 2 others liked this  
same im soo young and dont work yet so some day we could help out. be like bill gates giving millions every year and Kennedy giving his whole salary every month
on 06/20/14
Assumi and 3 others liked this  
It's great that you're giving! You don't have to donate a lot to make a difference. Every little bit counts.
on 10/11/14
Assumi and 3 others liked this  
Had 102 swagbucks on this inactive account might as well help someone.
on 05/04/14
Comment Under Review
on 06/01/14
Assumi liked this  
You're joking, right?
on 06/20/14
Assumi and 2 others liked this  
I'm guessing bobisaboringnam is making a tongue in cheek comment about those who donate and then write in the comments that they donated.

Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with people writing that they donated to a good cause. While some may think it's self-serving, I tend to think that they just want to share their support of a charity.
on 07/30/14
Assumi and 1 others liked this  
Some people consider it 'bragging' to appear like they are egotistically great and unselfish. However, I only think of it that way if they constantly mention it over and over bit like when a celebrity donates, then brags on and on about it.
on 02/09/14
Assumi liked this  
They should do a prize at the end of the year for however donated the most to the charity's.
on 02/14/14
Assumi and 19 others liked this  
That would be defeating the point of giving something for nothing in return except for the satisfaction knowing you just helped somebody.
on 07/29/14
Kirsty321 and 2 others liked this  
actually the point is to raise money for charity nothing else who cares what they have to do as long as its raising more money for the charities
on 08/29/13
Assumi and 6 others liked this  
I would only give to UNICEF; most deserving imo
on 11/10/13
Assumi and 3 others liked this  
the Red Cross are good too
on 05/10/14
GeniusTrophyWife and 3 others liked this  
The Red Cross is a joke from my families experience w them. My uncle is a truck driver and had a trailer full of toys, and many other items that would really help families of the military and that has survived a disaster. But they would not take the donation of the many items and bottled water cause he didn't have any cash to donate! I am positive that the volunteers for them are doing it for a noble and selfless cause but I would rather find somewhere else to donate unless you don't mind putting stacks of cash into the pockets of the people behind the red cross. From what I have seen, Paul Walkers Reach Out Worldwide Charity would be a great place to donate. PW himself was out there helping clean up and hang out w people of disasters. I had nothing against The Red Cross until I heard how they were as greedy as the people working on sales on Wall Street.
on 04/30/14
stellarmai and 3 others liked this  
Always wanted to donate to a good charity cause and i feel really good that swagbucks allows you to fulfill that desire when you redeem your points
on 04/02/14
Assumi and 4 others liked this  
Just donated! I've donated a few times before and forgotten about this. Now, I'll try to donate whenever I redeem something.
on 02/03/14
Assumi and 7 others liked this  
this is amazing i hope they acually donate the money they claim
on 01/26/14
Assumi and 8 others liked this  
Don't really feel committed to Swagbucks, donated 65 SB to charity
on 01/11/14
Kirsty321 and 18 others liked this  
It's great that SwagBucks holds these donations, however it would be even better if SwagBucks were to inform the community at the start of every year (via the blog or twitter etc) of how much money we had raised throughout the year before. This would also inform and encourage new users to participate and at least we can get some figures which we can compare our own donations to.
on 01/06/14
Assumi and 5 others liked this  
I wish I had a big mansion so I could take everyone in the third world countries over and have them live there even for at least one day I think just knowing the fact that at least there was a day where they were staying under a roof I can just pass away in peace.
on 12/10/13
Assumi and 5 others liked this  
Guys every swagbuck donated counts thanks for donating =]

1 sb = 1 cent
on 11/27/13
Assumi and 2 others liked this  
Personally I prefer donating directly to the charity, but I wanted to say thanks to swagbucks for giving me a lot of charity options.
on 10/25/13
Assumi and 1 others liked this  
done happy happy ;)
on 09/14/13
Assumi liked this  
Im sorry I made a mistake in my wording on the other post I meant to say how come no one cared about the victims of the marathon bombings here no one set up a fund here for them at all.
Anyway I like donating to animals the most of any, and I believe that you should always give back what you are given we all have been given blessings in one way or another and its the chain of love to give back to others what we were given.We need to continue the chain of love always.
I did donate to 2 of the organizations on here but I won't say what they were, because I don't want pats on the back for it.
on 08/20/13
Assumi and 5 others liked this  
I don't have alot but I gave my all ! (70) SB I hope this helps..
on 07/12/13
Assumi and 2 others liked this  
Donated 40 Swag bucks
idk how much helps
on 08/16/13
Assumi and 1 others liked this  
1 swagbucks is 1 cent, so 40 swagbucks would be 40 cents
on 08/08/13
TheCoolKiddd and 10 others liked this  
Donated 750 (all of my swagbucks) I feel good now :)
on 07/10/13
TheCoolKiddd and 2 others liked this  
I like how Swagbucks added this feature. I had some extra Swagbucks so I donated. I hope this helps poor people. Every penny counts. :D
on 07/03/13
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
Can't believe I didn't make donations before. UNICEF deserves every swagbuck!
on 06/19/13
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
I intend to donate 10SB after I do a swagstake.
on 06/15/13
TheCoolKiddd and 2 others liked this  
Everytime I get over 5 swagbucks I donate 5 swagbucks this is my 10th time so far this month :)
on 05/12/13
TheCoolKiddd and 6 others liked this  
Thanks for allowing a way for those just surfing the internet to give to those in need. I give thanks for God's blessing upon us. :) Praise be to his name! <3 Like the word of God says, give to orphans! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! Amen
on 05/08/13
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
I feel really good about my donation
on 04/25/13
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
Thank you, it feels really good to do this for unicef, as it is nothing to earn a few swag bucks, and pay it forward, as the swagbucks crews always do,
Thanks guys for the tiny opportunity to share what is the tenth the price of a cuppa java.
on 10/13/12
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
Does it say anywhere what these donations go towards? Obviously needy children don't need Swag Bucks, so how exactly does this work? I'll gladly donate if I know exactly what's going on.
on 04/01/13
TheCoolKiddd and 1 others liked this  
It goes to like food and water and free goods for the people.
on 10/15/12
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
each swagbuck gets turned into one cent. So 1,000 swagbucks is $10.00
on 10/14/12
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
the swag bucks you donate gets turned into money
on 03/16/13
TheCoolKiddd and 11 others liked this  
I just donated 3,500 Swag Bucks <(^.^>) and Im glag I did.
on 03/04/13
TheCoolKiddd liked this  
I would donate but i only have 1 swagbuck and i feel really bad
on 01/24/13
molineuxwolf liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 02/12/13
zubby001 and 3 others liked this  
Do you have proof , becuase UNICEF is great organizations its all around world. can you proof your words . if you so tell us so we dont
on 01/24/13
TheCoolKiddd and 3 others liked this  
I dontate because i love these children :D lovely for swagbucks to give me this opportunity to share things some people dont have.
on 01/13/13
TheCoolKiddd and 7 others liked this  
So I got an e-mail from Swagbucks giving me 50 swagbucks for my birthday. This kind gesture inspired me to come here and donate 250 SB to this great cause. I know it's not much but it's something.
on 01/20/13
TheCoolKiddd and 6 others liked this  
same here bro, i gave all my 388 swagbucks to this great need. now i have 3 sbs' and ithink ima do it again!
on 01/09/13
StayPositive246 and 7 others liked this  
Yes donate. Maybe once a week. In a month if you donated 5 SB a week, they would get about 25 cents a month. I applaud whoever donated 100+ SB to charity. I still applaud you if you donate 5 SB too.

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