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GAVI Alliance Charity Donation Drive

GAVI Alliance Charity Donation Drive
GAVI Alliance Charity Donation Drive
Available Donations
5 SB
5 Swag Bucks
10 SB
10 Swag Bucks
15 SB
15 Swag Bucks
20 SB
20 Swag Bucks
25 SB
25 Swag Bucks
50 SB
50 Swag Bucks
75 SB
75 Swag Bucks
100 SB
100 Swag Bucks
150 SB
150 Swag Bucks
200 SB
200 Swag Bucks
250 SB
250 Swag Bucks
350 SB
350 Swag Bucks
500 SB
500 Swag Bucks
750 SB
750 Swag Bucks
1,000 SB
1000 Swag Bucks
1,250 SB
1250 Swag Bucks
1,500 SB
1500 Swag Bucks
2,000 SB
2000 Swag Bucks
3,500 SB
3500 Swag Bucks
5,000 SB
5000 Swag Bucks
GAVI Alliance Charity Donation Drive

Simply put, the mission of the GAVI Alliance is saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunization in poor countries. GAVI works to ally powerful organizations in the global health field like World Health Organization and UNICEF with cutting edge immunization research groups from around the world and major philanthropists like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is estimated that “The GAVI model” has contributed to the immunization of 325 million children, averting the deaths of over 5.5 million deaths. In 2011, 73 countries were eligible for support from GAVI in making vaccines more readily available at a lower cost. Hepatitis B vaccination coverage in low income countries has increased from 17% to 74% during the time that GAVI has been operating.

Every Swag Buck donated equals $0.01, so donating 1,000 Swag Bucks is equivalent to donating ten dollars. Please support the GAVI Alliance by donating your Swag Bucks today.

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on 03/20/14
Jabberwocky2342 and 5 others liked this  
I earn when bored and donate when im done , helps. My boredom, helps needing people and we are both winners . Hope they really receive the donations. Id send money but we disabled Americans don't make enough so ill pay ties and donate earnings
on 06/19/14
Jabberwocky2342 liked this  
same here! I hope it goes to a good cause :)
on 02/23/14
Jabberwocky2342 and 2 others liked this  
just donate 5 swagbucks!!!!
on 11/24/13
Jabberwocky2342 and 8 others liked this  
swagbucks should hold a donating contest and teams donate and whichever team donates more gets like 10 swagbucks for each person
on 10/16/13
Jabberwocky2342 and 3 others liked this  
75 swag bucks donated
on 07/29/13
Jabberwocky2342 and 4 others liked this  
Donated 10 of what SwagBucks gave me for my Birthday! Thank You SwagBucks!
on 05/25/13
renatog24 liked this  
poor people:(
on 04/09/13
renatog24 and 2 others liked this  
Well i donated 5 swag bucks!
on 04/07/13
renatog24 and 2 others liked this  
Well I donated 5 swag bucks! I know it's not much but I hope it helps!!!
on 02/09/13
soulofme and 9 others liked this  
I'll say the same thing I do every month. If everyone just donated 5 swagbucks (a nickel) imagine how much money these charities could raise! To everyone trying to save their points, watch a couple of one point videos to pay yourself back. I donated 10 swagbucks, will Im sure donate more today. Point is is everyone just donates a dollar, or a nickel etc...
on 02/02/13
soulofme and 3 others liked this  
Thank you for this opportunity. It's nice to see people investing their time into something that will help out other people instead of just themselves. :)
on 01/13/13
on 12/03/12
Jabberwocky2342 liked this  
donated :)
on 11/20/12
Jabberwocky2342 and 6 others liked this  
I Gave all me swag points hope it helps
on 11/11/12
Jabberwocky2342 liked this  
Donated :))
on 11/08/12
Jabberwocky2342 liked this  
donated :)
on 11/05/12
soulofme and 1 others liked this  
150 SB donated!
on 10/14/12
Jabberwocky2342 liked this  
Donated :)

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