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Hulu Plus Subscription eGift Card - 1 Month

Hulu Plus Subscription eGift Card - 1 Month
Hulu Plus Subscription eGift Card - 1 Month
Hulu Plus Subscription eGift Card - 1 Month
Price: 800
Snag This!

The Perfect Gift for TV Lovers. Give them the most convenient way to watch more of their favorite shows anytime on their TV, mobile phone, or other connected devices.

Terms & Conditions
Internet access and valid credit card required to redeem the gift card and use the Hulu Plus service. This gift card is valid for the Hulu Plus service in one-month increments and may be cancelled at any time. When the gift card is fully redeemed, redeemer's credit card will be charged for subsequent months (plus applicable sales taxes and fees) unless cancelled prior to the monthly renewal date. To cancel, please visit the billing information section on your "Account" page. Hulu is not responsible for hardware issues related to your device's access to the Hulu Plus service so please check with the applicable device maker for compatibility. Hulu Plus gift cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash, either prior or subsequent to redemption, unless otherwise required by applicable law. Hulu is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or subscription codes. Visit www.hulu.com/gift to link to the complete terms and conditions. Hulu reserves the right to amend, modify or waive the terms and conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 09/27/15
Has anyone tried this with the new commercial free Hulu? It's $4 more. Could I get a month free of that or will it only work for the $7.99 "limited commercial" Hulu plus?
on 10/09/15
It looks like Hulu is phasing out the "Plus" cards, since with the new option there IS no "Plus" anymore. They're now offering GCs with a dollar value as opposed to a subscription length. In the meantime, Plus cards seem to only apply to "Limited Commercial" subs. Hopefully SB will transition sometime soon (when they run out of stock?) so we'll have the option. That said, AFAIK the "new" Hulu GCs START at $15 (which is kind of an awkward number considering their price points, but hey... way to ensure renewals I guess)...
on 10/19/14
JossyJo and 14 others liked this  
Love Hulu Plus GCs! Swagbucks delivered quickly and I loaded them into my HP account easy peasy! Now if they only had Netflix ;)
on 12/26/14
TheSwaggyNoob and 7 others liked this  
Yes Netflix
on 09/09/15
NepetaLeijon and 1 others liked this  
Really would like Netflix as a reward
on 04/23/15
wade3county and 4 others liked this  
To: Hulu Plus users. if you want this, but not for 800 SB, use 500 for a Bing rewards card. Then, use those points from that card (only 450 out of the 500) to get the same thing that it right here. To prevent you from abusing this, Team Swagbucks has placed a limit of one Bing rewards card per account, as to stop people from abusing this. This is a one time only thing. This comment is not bannable by Swagbucks, as they even have the card in the selection of items to choose from.
on 08/01/15
Hulu 1-month subscription on Bing went up from 450 (if you were a gold member) to 680; which is going to take you almost a month to gather.
on 07/19/15
Shame the bing card shows it's expired. So this is no longer an option at least for now.
on 08/05/15
Bing still has this, the price just went up, so instead of maybe getting two a month you'll only be able to get one. I think you're better getting it here now, at least you can get more than one a month since you can earn more points.
on 01/06/15
Oscenia liked this  
Can you stack gift cards to Hulu plus account
on 01/25/15
on 01/10/15
Oscenia liked this  
Can you use these if you already have a Hulu Plus account? Would it just pay for a month of service on an existing account? Thanks
on 01/25/15
yacosta liked this  
on 11/20/14
LauraM and 4 others liked this  
Please at least bring back the 3 month card
on 10/22/14
Tekken352 and 3 others liked this  
Phew! For a sec I thought the Hulu cards were gone! They just swapped out the 3 & 6 month cards for a more easily attainable 1 month card. Yea! Thanks to swagbucks I've never had to pay for Hulu :D
on 10/16/14
Don't like to complain, but I really dislike this new method of retrieving you gift card codes; its more of a hassle than a solution to whatever problem this is suppose to solve. Everytime I click the link in my email to get the code it sends me to my Swagbucks Home Page; not the gift card code page/link. Please fix or refund my swagbucks. Thank you

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