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PayPal - $5 USD

PayPal - $5 USD
PayPal - $5 USD
PayPal - $5 USD
Price: 700
Snag This!

Want to turn your Swag Bucks into CASH? This is your chance! When you snag this prize, $5 (U.S dollars) will be deposited into your PayPal account. Use the money for anything - your gas bill, car bill, gifts - absolutely anything!

The money will be sent directly to the PayPal account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your PayPal account information and your PayPal account needs to be verified. Under no circumstances will a payment ever be sent to a PayPal account with another email address, a different first and last name than what appears on your Swagbucks.com account, and an account that has not been verified with PayPal. For more information on PayPal account verification click here.

Please allow 7-21 business days for payment to be transferred.

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on 05/22/14
SonnySN liked this  
Can any of us residents able to snag this $5 paypal reward?
on 09/12/14
on 07/26/14
I have 762SB but I am unable to cash out please let me know how to cashout
on 09/12/14
yajurvedoist liked this  
well you have to open paypal account. In pay pal you have to give bank details and PAN no. Only when PAN no. verified then you can transfer the money to your account.
on 07/26/14
I am not able to withdarw my amount from swagbucks...
After showing the proof only, I can refer my friends to join in swagbuck.
Please do the needful
When clicking to verify my paypal account the following message is coming:-
Your account can"t be verified.
What can I do.
Please help me.
It is a very good site for earning more money.
Thanks in advance.
on 05/19/14
My Order Is verified And Received Money
on 07/26/14
How didi you receive money.
please help me.
on 05/22/14
vaibhav14121 and 1 others liked this  
There are no offers and surveys in INDIA help no surveys from 2 weeks bad site for india :(
on 05/09/14
Great Site. Very low India specific tasks.
on 02/16/14
arulshailu and 2 others liked this  
hii anyone got payment from swagbucks??? reply.... i joined today this website.
on 04/04/14
sanjvkumar044 liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 05/04/14
how to earn sb plz reply me........
on 03/12/14
sandbomzon and 1 others liked this  
i also did not receive payment
on 03/14/14
sandbomzon liked this  
hi i am new user of swagbucks tell me idea this bucks ?
on 05/27/13
sandbomzon liked this  
i dint get any mails... pls help
on 05/30/13
sandbomzon liked this  
try verifying with your secret answer...i did and got my order verified
on 03/12/14
did u get payment in paypal acc
on 01/22/14
rajinder1992 liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 12/18/13
sandbomzon and 1 others liked this  
why is this prize not available to US residence?
on 12/14/13
I did not get any email for verification.
on 02/26/13
reemasingh and 2 others liked this  
i am unable to verify my account.paypal says that my account is fully verified to recieve payments but swagbucks says that
Your account could not be verified....please help
on 06/30/13
Myself also have the same problem. My paypal account got verified. but when i tried to redeem my money swagbucks keep on saying verify your account with paypal representative. even though everything like my mail id, name all are correct. please help me redeem.
on 01/14/13
reemasingh liked this  
i am unable to verify my account.paypal says that my account is fully verified to recieve payments but swagbucks says that
Your account could not be verified....please help
on 12/31/12
on 11/25/12
i am not able to understand what should i do after click on the click here option. pls help
on 12/03/12
prashu228 and 1 others liked this  
you dont need to do anything,when you claim for your prize to redeem then you have to varify your order,for that they send you email there you can verify your order and within two weeks you will receive your prize or gift card whatever you ordered here under my gift card and you can also check status under order status and for india here is only paypal option to redeem your points and for that you should have paypal account from there you can transfer your money to your account too.hope its helpful for you :)
on 06/09/13
cant u go for flipkart,jabong vouchers?
on 12/05/12
thanks for the response.
on 12/09/12
no problem .
on 12/05/12
my swagbucks account not verified by my paypal account what to do?
on 12/09/12
rajeshtongbram and 1 others liked this  
i think you should have same email account for both paypal and swagbucks and other details should match like your name,dob etc .

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