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$5 Target eGift Card

$5 Target eGift Card
$5 Target eGift Card
$5 Target eGift Card
Price: 500
Snag This!

Target GiftCards® let you shop for thousands of items at more than 1,700 Target and SuperTarget® stores, as well as online at Target.com. To redeem a Target eGiftCard in stores, simply show the barcode on your web-enabled mobile phone (Target stores cannot accept a printed copy of a Target eGiftCard at the register). Please note that data rates may apply.

Now, you can even save Target GiftCards to your Internet-enabled mobile phone, just text GIFTCARD to 827438 (Target), or visit m.target.com/gc from your phone. Standard message and data rates may apply. The Bullseye Design, Target and Target GiftCards® are registered trademarks of Target Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. Terms and conditions are applied to GiftCards. Target is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this offer.

*You must have an internet-enabled mobile phone to use this eGiftCard® at a Target store.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 09/25/14
Ordered this on 9/22 and got it on 9/24. Wow, great job Swagbucks. Thanks
on 11/25/12
lowelleasley and 2 others liked this  
Does anyone know if you still have the ability to convert these to gift cards for the fee? I love shopping at Target and I'd totally love to save some of these to get myself some stuff for the house but I don't have-nor want- an internet enabled phone.

In my neighborhood the Target Giftcards have the bonus of being utilized in the Starbucks Cafe located inside the Target. So yeah, I'd completely love to find a way to make these so I can use them at the physical store without buying a fancy smancy phone that requires a data plan.
on 11/26/12
lowelleasley and 6 others liked this  
To use this giftcard you have to use it online.This will not be converted to a physical giftcard.The only time you can use this giftcard in a store is if its converted to a "mobile" giftcard.So yes you need a smartphone to use this giftcard in a store.

Im very disappointed to find this out.It would have been nice if I could get a physical target giftcard like how I get a physical walmart giftcard sent to my house after getting it as a egift card on swagbucks.

Now im debating if I should even save up for these.Target isn't like walmart where I can get my 97cent shipping.When Target ships they charge for shipping based on the weight of the items you buy from them.Oh yes and you are only allowed to use up to 4 Target egift cards online to make a purchase.
on 09/15/14
Thanks for the question and the comment. I didn't read carefully, and ALMOST ORDERED THIS! I just assumed it was an IN-STORE card!
on 05/20/14
lowelleasley and 1 others liked this  
How long does it take to receive card.
on 09/25/14
on all e-gift cards, you should allow at least 10 business days--BUT I got my walmart e-gift card in my e-mail in 7 days.
on 08/28/14
Never received my card smh it's been a month
on 08/18/14
Im happy free gift's .
on 12/19/12
lowelleasley and 3 others liked this  
I need a new validation code sent to my phone. I'm stuck and gettting really frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 06/14/14
lowelleasley and 1 others liked this  
no, I don't need a new validation sent to my phone.
on 06/08/14
lowelleasley liked this  
Im not particularly fond of these e -mail cards ether, it would be much simpler and a whole lot less fustrating if you received a regular plastic gift card in the mail in the first place. .No codes to worry about and much less wasted time at the cash register.. If you dont have a printer or a mobile device like some people don't the rewards cards are not going to be much of use the person .
on 06/08/14
lowelleasley liked this  
Because In my case I don't have either a smart phone or a working printer right now,
on 06/10/14
RAQUKEL and 1 others liked this  
Im wondering is there any way you can delete or edit your comments here yourself if you wanted to ?
on 05/21/14
lowelleasley liked this  
It's been 11 days and I still haven't received my card.
on 05/20/14
lowelleasley and 1 others liked this  
did not receive my target gift card yet since I ordered last May 6, 2014. It's been 10 days until now did not receive yet. What's going on? Why target gift cards take so long unlike amazon and Walmart? So sad :(
on 11/07/13
lowelleasley and 1 others liked this  
This is the fourth time I've redeemed for a Target card. The first three times I've had minimal problems loading it onto my phone, but today I absolutely can't do it because of some type of glitch which is leaving me with not enough space to enter my entire phone number when signing in. So, at least for the time being the card is unusable. I also (generally) think it's a bit unfair to only be able to get a card if one has the right type of phone. Is there a way to get a printable card to use in the store rather then have the only choices being to use it on Target.com or by smart phone?

I see that some previous reviewers are saying they printed out the card and used it, but is this true? There's no bar code on it.
on 11/11/13
lowelleasley liked this  
Still unable to properly log into the app on my phone to add the gift card, and no resolution from Target yet. Obviously I will have to redeem my swagbucks for a different gift card in the future.
on 10/22/13
lowelleasley liked this  
So I joined prize.com and registered, but they took me straight to a game and I played it. I accidently got off page and can't get back on through the offer to make a deposit for the swagbucks. Will I even get it now if I make a deposit?
on 10/20/13
on 10/05/13
lalad4 and 4 others liked this  
Is there any other way to obtain a gift card WITHOUT an internet-enabled mobile phone? I have a cell phone, but not an internet-enabled mobile phone!
on 09/14/13
doubletime608 liked this  
I tried to verify my email address and the link would not connect. Disappointing.
on 09/14/13
doubletime608 and 1 others liked this  
So I just started after being referred by family. I'm loving this site already!
on 08/30/13
llananguyen liked this  
I never received the verification code?
on 08/28/13
MW2L3g3nd and 3 others liked this  
I always get this card within a week when ordering. No issues at the store. Just downloaded the Target app on my phone and add the giftcards on there every time I get one. Just show your phone to the cashier and they scan the barcode. Super easy!
on 08/10/13
cooly001 and 2 others liked this  
I have NEVER had a problem with this card or with Walmarts e card. I received timely emails stating when they were posted to my SwagBucks account. I went to the SB account on my laptop opened it and printed it out. I can put them on my smartphone BUT / AND I choose to print out the "hard copy". At first a new employee didn't know what to do and I whipped out the hard copy and they went around showing all the cashiers so they new what to expect. (They asked first if I would mind....) If it facilitated a simple response in the future for me or anyone, teach away!!

I can't believe I didn't know about this site sooner. THANKS SWAG BUCKS!!
on 11/23/12
Caecil and 2 others liked this  
Wow so they bring out a target giftcard AFTER i got 2 walmart giftcards lol.Now to start saving up and buying stuff off my target registery!
on 08/02/13
on 08/02/13
This is sooo good
on 07/22/13
Caecil and 1 others liked this  
im new at this. How do I redeem mytarget egift card at stores, not online?
on 07/24/13
richie1973 and 2 others liked this  
Print it out. Show it to the cashier and they will scan the barcode just like a plastic gift card.
on 07/23/13
richie1973 and 1 others liked this  
So far its easy n fun to earn points
on 07/15/13
IS THIS TRUE? I can't play games on an android at swagbucks ? Why? I want to earn bucks! Is there any way to play and earn for me? HHELP!!!!
on 07/13/13
Great !
on 06/25/13
Lone20 and 1 others liked this  
on 06/11/13
mhiay and 7 others liked this  
and if we don't have a web-enabled mobile device? really wish this was a physical card sent to the house!
on 05/16/13
Lone20 and 5 others liked this  
Oh dear, what happened to the express/expedited shipping? Will it be back soon?
on 05/06/13
Lone20 and 4 others liked this  
Help trying to get stuff ans sent emails over and over to get varified no responses
on 04/23/13
lowelleasley and 4 others liked this  
If this card is used to order something online, are shipping costs covered or do we need to pay it?
on 04/25/13
suemoore1956 and 6 others liked this  
If you have a target red card shipping is free if not you still have to pay shipping.
on 12/01/12
Caecil and 6 others liked this  
can these be stacked?
on 03/31/13
lowelleasley and 7 others liked this  
on 02/27/13
lowelleasley and 5 others liked this  
yes they can be combine
on 02/23/13
kbrown06242011 and 4 others liked this  
Yes, you can use as many as you like, but be prepared to hold up the line while you have them scan each code after you load it on your phone. ;)
on 04/15/13
Lone20 and 3 others liked this  
You can combine all of the giftcards on your phone prior to check out.
on 11/21/12
Lone20 and 5 others liked this  
Awesome! and it isn't an Egiftcard!
on 11/22/12
Lone20 and 5 others liked this  
It is an egiftcard.
on 11/23/12
lowelleasley and 6 others liked this  
But really though. Is it an e-gift card or a physical card sent to you?
on 11/25/12
Lone20 and 6 others liked this  
It's an e gift card sent to your email.
Team Rewards Store
on 11/26/12
Caecil and 8 others liked this  
Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.
on 03/14/13
Caecil and 5 others liked this  
on 03/14/13
personable and 4 others liked this  
on 11/27/12
EMiller4 and 6 others liked this  
You should make these like the walmart giftcards where you could get a giftcard in the mail. I don't want to redeem for this, and order something online! Boo!!!
Team Rewards Store
on 11/30/12
lowelleasley and 5 others liked this  
You have the ability to use these in store. See below

Redeem at a Target store

E gift cards can’t be used in stores unless uploaded to a web-enabled mobile device (message and data rates may apply).
Use your web-enabled mobile device to save e gift cards to your mobile gift card account.
At checkout, a target team member will scan the e gift card from your web-enabled mobile device.
E gift cards can’t be replaced, so please save e gift cards to your Target.com account or mobile gift card account.
Additional information is listed below for mobile users.

Save to Target.com account

Sign into your Target.com account.
Save your e gift card in the payment options section of your account.
on 12/29/12
charinaoliva24 and 5 others liked this  
What happens when you don't have a web-enabled mobile device like myself?
on 02/13/13
iebinphilly and 6 others liked this  
If you don't have a web-enabled mobile device....like myself....you shop online with the card.....which sucks,which is why i skipped on this card....wish it was like walmart where a physical card is sent to my house....
on 12/25/12
vikkic and 2 others liked this  
I followed same steps as mentioned in card but target staff was not aware of these kind of card... unfortunately their system was also displaying error..
Totally use less card
on 12/25/12
dinhtony68 and 5 others liked this  
Had kind of a similar thing happen. Had to sign up for a target account
.Bought a $5 gift card and sent the card to my husbands phone as a gift. Took awhile but it worked... think i will stick with other cards next time!!
on 12/11/12
dinhtony68 and 2 others liked this  
thats kinda un clear, I have a ipad-web only, do I need wifi when i use the card, or is it just a pdf they scan from my dispay?
on 02/15/13
lowelleasley and 5 others liked this  
I have Ipod touch what I did downloaded the target app and I put in my cell phone # that is a none smart phone and then I was able to add gift card after that when i went in target store i was able to use there wifi with my ipod touch :)
on 01/05/13
EMiller4 and 4 others liked this  
Its a pretty good gift card once you figure out how to do it. The store associate helped me with it the first time, as I am stupid and did not FULLY read the printed out gift card...lol. But once they are loaded onto your smartphone it's really very simple and I enjoy not having to carry around the actual printed paper gift cards.
on 12/30/12
Comment Under Review
on 12/30/12
EMiller4 and 5 others liked this  
Okay.... I ***FINALLY*** figured this thing out... hours later. Once you understand what hoops you have to jump through to get Target's site to recognize you coupon fully on your mobile device then it's smooth sailing. Once I knew what I had to do I had the second gift card uploaded in under 30 seconds. So... I would like to say I actually do like this offer, and will redeem it again. 1 STAR for the drama it took to get this gift card to a redeemable state. 5 STARS for the actual product though. LOVE SWAGBUCKS!
on 12/25/12
personable and 3 others liked this  
It's one of the worst gift card received using Swag bucks. Can not be used in target stores else you have to follow a long process ( still not sure if it will be accepted)..we had to wait for 1 hour get redeemed $50 gift card.
on 12/21/12
personable and 1 others liked this  
Did not work even with my iphone tonight. Managers have never seen and state it needed another code...waited 20 minutes not a happy customer :(
on 12/11/12
personable and 2 others liked this  
How long did you guys wait until you guys recieved your gift card? I've been waiting for almost 3 weeks and haven't gotten mines yet?
on 12/12/12
personable and 1 others liked this  
Never mind
on 11/28/12
lowelleasley and 5 others liked this  
I have been redeeming my bucks for this gift card for the last few weeks. I enter the code into my Target app on my smartphone and redeem it at the store. I haven't had any problems.

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