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American Red Cross Charity Donation Drive

American Red Cross Charity Donation Drive
American Red Cross Charity Donation Drive
Available Donations
5 SB
5 Swag Bucks
10 SB
10 Swag Bucks
15 SB
15 Swag Bucks
20 SB
20 Swag Bucks
25 SB
25 Swag Bucks
50 SB
50 Swag Bucks
75 SB
75 Swag Bucks
100 SB
100 Swag Bucks
150 SB
150 Swag Bucks
200 SB
200 Swag Bucks
250 SB
250 Swag Bucks
350 SB
350 Swag Bucks
500 SB
500 Swag Bucks
750 SB
750 Swag Bucks
1,000 SB
1000 Swag Bucks
1,250 SB
1250 Swag Bucks
1,500 SB
1500 Swag Bucks
2,000 SB
2000 Swag Bucks
3,500 SB
3500 Swag Bucks
5,000 SB
5000 Swag Bucks
American Red Cross Charity Donation Drive

Established in 1881, the American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization dedicated to educating about and responding to emergencies and disasters in the United States.

In addition to responding to emergencies and disaster aid, the American Red Cross also provides community services that help the needy; communication and comfort for military members and their family; blood related services- collection, processing, distribution; and international relief and development programs.

The Swag Bucks you donate all this month will be turned into a cash donation, given directly to the American Red Cross. Every Swag Buck you donate could help save a life.

Every Swag Buck donated equals $0.01, so donating 1,000 Swag Bucks is equivalent to donating ten dollars. For more information on the American Red Cross and how you can help, please visit redcross.org.

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on 06/02/15
I hope the little donation helps and sorry it can't be more to donate. Take care.
on 05/04/15
all the negitive comments could be true - i'll have to think for myself & look into it all that's always the best bet.
I understand why some people would rather just put it in faith("give it to god" I've heard that phrase being used alot lately [personal I don't say anything like that very often at all... but I understand it(To tired usually - and too smart to try to figure everything out - give your self room for creative thought)
on 05/04/15
I personally know/knew of a family[North NY] who were stuck in snow in a very small home (hard to describe a trailer w/ a tiny portion of a slab to build a bit more space/home to meet-up with the rest of the trailer[no basement] - anyway the kind of home isn't the point). THE POINT: no power or phone service(maybe cell - forgot few years back) way to far from any kind of store to walk - wasn't just some snow it was like 10 feet or something a bad winter trees & tele-phone poles down, roads closed, people stuck all over (especially their area) red cross got out them of their house(saved their live in truth) with snow mobiles probably to some hospital i'm pretty sure - but they actually did quite a bit(The Red Cross - I was surprised - as I was always very cautious of charity organisations, still am. Anyway they got them set back-up at their home eventually and a got good food supply & New & Good Winter Clothes & Jackets) they were a family on very hard times, living in extreme poverty as it was so yeah - Just one person who knows of at least one thing the Red Cross has definitively done. I always just thought blood when I heard Red Cross & I don't know anything about the what their charity organisations even says about it self - But I'll probably look into it - Peace Swaggers

(PS: Didn't check for any mistakes in this whole message - hopin for the best - no time)
on 04/05/15
just go to freerice.com thats where its nice to donate
on 01/20/15
Wendell20233 liked this  
For Swagbucks people who made this website, they should write
0.05 5SB
0.10 10SB
it took me like 2 minutes to process how much they really donate

But Overall i'm glad they put this on here.
on 04/01/15
its easy to figure out tho.
like right now i have 476 swagbucks which is equal to $4.76
but i understand what you mean, even though we can fu=igure it out in our minds, it would be better to physicaly see how much money we are giving. :]
on 11/10/14
Wendell20233 and 2 others liked this  
I've donated blood several times
It makes me feel a lil better to know I can make a difference in this cruel world .
on 02/22/15
FireFalcon908 and 1 others liked this  
Started out nice. Then got sad. :(
on 01/10/15
Wendell20233 liked this  
Great charity.
on 10/27/14
Wendell20233 liked this  
Also consider donating blood! It really does save lives, my son had 4 blood transfusions before he was born and then one when he was 5 weeks. He would not be here today without blood donors.
on 04/29/14
Wendell20233 and 1 others liked this  
I'm always a little worried about donating online because I have no idea where the amount really goes. I would much rather help in person than anything. I hope this is truly going to help!
on 06/18/14
Wendell20233 and 2 others liked this  
Check out charitynavigator.org, which lists details like what % of money goes to fundraising (rather than directly to those in need), how much their CEOs make, how public or secretive they are about their finances, etc.
on 10/23/14
Wendell20233 and 1 others liked this  
Thanks :)
on 09/25/14
jacoh and 2 others liked this  
Sharing is caring , please like if you agree.
on 07/20/14
lashayholmes323 and 2 others liked this  
Feels good to give.
on 04/29/13
BennyKernow and 5 others liked this  
Red Cross needs donations? If they need the money so badly perhaps the first step they ought to take is trim their CEO Marsha J. Evans' excesses, which includes a $651,957 annual salary, six weeks fully paid vacation time and 100% health care for her and her family.
on 12/11/13
Nancydp and 6 others liked this  
American Red Cross's CEO is Gail McGovern. Her annual salary is $500,000 and she has not received a raise since she became CEO in 2008. She got a signing bonus of $65,000 and has vacation and benefits like most CEOS. The info about Marsha J Evans is wrong. She made $468,599 in 2003. Now the Red Cross has over a billion dollar budget and helps educate and aid people all over the United States as well as the world. It needs employees who will help improve the organization and a common practice for organizations like the Red Cross to pay employees including the CEO competitive pay so they will not quit and go to another organization. An organization with people constantly leaving it cannot effectively operate.
on 12/13/13
cox23 liked this  
I was originally correct about Marsha J. Evans salary. Information Liberation puts her salary at $651,957 in 2003, not $468,599. And before her ouster, she was getting paid $780,000 according to The Washington Post. If they need employees who will improve their organization the Red Cross sure doesn't do a good enough job of showing it. See Rosalind Clayton's racial discrimination lawsuit against the Red Cross in 2011; Linda Hildreth's sex discrimination lawsuit against the Red Cross in 2008, and the National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against the local Red Cross in Peoria for refusing to bargain in good faith with its unionized employees. It doesn't look like the Red Cross is treating their female, minority or unionized employees with any respect, does it?
on 12/12/13
More accurate sources, Charity Navigator and Guidestar, puts the pay of CEO Gail McGovern at close to the one million dollar range. Red Cross needs to pay their CEOs competitive pay but they have no problems with laying off 1,000 of its own employees in its regional and national offices and this came at a time when they paid Gail McGovern a very handsome signing bonus. A CEO of a charity shouldn't be paying herself close to a million dollars a year. No matter how big the charity. If Gail McGovern wants to get rich she should go work for a corporation.
on 12/12/13
SwagvilleMayor liked this  
The Red Cross constantly needs donations as there are constantly emergencies and disasters all over the United States and world. It would take an insane amount of money to fully provide support to every single emergency and disaster. The Red Cross might have a budget over $3 billion but that still would not cover everything. That is why the Red Cross need donations. It needs to be able to continue to provide support all over the world and the more donations it receives, the more help it can provide.
on 06/14/13
stairway220 and 1 others liked this  
If her annual is that much, she is making the same amount as a walmart regional manager. Compared to other CEOs in this country, she is very much so underpaid.
on 06/26/13
jayNerin and 2 others liked this  
Oh yeah, before you reply it might be a good idea to check your facts and figures first before you offer a rebuttal. I checked simply hired and the average salary of a Walmart regional manager is $49,000, this falls laughably far short of the six figure income salary Marsh J. Evans is making as the CEO of the American Red Cross.
on 10/04/14
According to http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Walmart-Regional-Manager-Salaries-E715_D_KO8,24.htm (average salary attained from glassdoor in case the link is removed) the average salary of a Walmart Regional Manager is about 2.5x greater than your $49,000 estimate. It is still vastly smaller than what Evans was making though. The $49,000 mark is closer to an Assistant Manager than a Regional Manager: http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Walmart-Assistant-Manager-Salaries-E715_D_KO8,25.htm

I know you said you checked Simply Hired, but I can't imagine that number being accurate as most entry level managers that I've encountered start around the 50k mark. Few Regional Managers would be at that salary.
on 06/26/13
ChrisSwag and 2 others liked this  
And, by the way, CEOs in this country are supposed to be making a lot of money. Their job is twofold: make money for their investors and provide goods and services to their customers. While the American Red Cross's job, as I've noted before, is to provide emergency relief to people who are in disaster situations through no fault of their own, such as flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. What Marsha J. Evans is doing, in effect, is profiting off of human misery. I think it is obvious where people's swagbucks donations are going to when they donate to the American Red Cross.
on 11/09/13
SwagvilleMayor liked this  
ok...if other people need to "check their facts and figures"...what are your sources?
on 11/11/13
Jayesper liked this  
checkout simply hired you sheep the American red cross was co founded by john d Rockefeller a rich but-hole think him and red cross care about the needy i lived through Katrina a few years ago and people were helping each other out instead we knew they would be late helping us out- unless we had a belly of oil next to us mmmm ideas!!!
on 12/04/13
Goodness, seriously? Rockefeller... That's horrible. I would think they may like to keep that fact a secret!
on 11/19/13
SwagvilleMayor liked this  
Sharing the Love .... just donated few SB's. Thank you Swagbucks Team! :)
on 04/06/13
SwagvilleMayor and 5 others liked this  
Donated 5 ! If everyone donated five, it would be a lot and all u have to do is watch 10 videos!!
on 05/30/13
GreatDanesUSA and 3 others liked this  
Jr9, I did the math a long time ago and if 1M of the SBs members donated just 5SBs each, the total cash amount would be $250, 000! Yes, which amounts to watching only a few short videos.... :)
on 11/11/13
20,000 in the pockets of the rich great better to go local least you get to see where money goes
on 11/09/13
SwagvilleMayor liked this  
With the Typhoon hitting the central Philippines and not being able to send in a cash donation until tomorrow (Long story), I was glad to donate.
on 10/31/13
Artezna and 2 others liked this  
God bless all of you who donate ^_^ you all rock in my book!
on 09/13/13
SwagvilleMayor and 2 others liked this  
Donated 50
on 08/21/13
trapoula and 3 others liked this  
I donated 25sb,I have donated to red cross through other point sites like mypoints.One of my most contributed Charity.:)
on 08/17/13
trapoula and 2 others liked this  
Donated 50 swagbucks
on 05/15/13
Artezna and 7 others liked this  
on 08/11/13
GOD BLESS YOU AND UR FAMILY. ill keep u in my prayers
on 08/07/13
trapoula liked this  
Donated! :)
on 07/21/13
trapoula and 3 others liked this  
I think it would be cool if every week we donate whatever we can, even if its just 10 sb.

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