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Dwolla Cash - $5

Dwolla Cash - $5
Dwolla Cash - $5
Dwolla Cash - $5
Price: 500
Snag This!

Dwolla is an online and mobile payments platform. With Dwolla, you can send and request money from your friends, pay your rent, buy a coffee or make a donation, all from your phone or online. Then spend it or transfer it to your bank account. Earn 20 Swag Bucks when you sign up for Dwolla and verify via email.

The money will be sent directly to the Dwolla account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your Dwolla account information and your Dwolla account needs to be verified. Under no circumstances will a payment ever be sent to a Dwolla account with another email address, a different first and last name than what appears on your Swagbucks.com account, and an account that has not been verified with Dwolla.

**Note: Limit 1 Per Member***

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on 09/17/14
1 time only?? Come on. Nobody likes Paypal, and gift cards arn't always convenient.
on 08/29/14
Cibermonster liked this  
Hate to rate this 1/5 stars, but come on, only limited to 1 per account?!
on 07/17/14
Cibermonster and 4 others liked this  
Limit one per member makes no sense!
on 12/03/13
so dwolla want us to waste our $5 in their account which we cant even get it out.
on 12/11/13
You can withdraw the money just like PayPal if you have a bank account linked. It worked for me. Not sure if you can load it on to a Dwolla prepaid Visa like with PayPal but I doubt it...
on 03/11/14
cyoung83 liked this  
yea but im not going to provide financial information to dwolla for $5. In fact that's exactly what they are looking for.
on 01/30/14
yorkielady liked this  
i wish it was payza instead
on 01/24/14
how long does it take for this to go into my Dwolla account
on 01/30/14
Mine took 2 days
on 01/22/14
trav2007 and 6 others liked this  
"Limit 1 Per Member"? You fail, Swagbucks. Very hard.
on 01/13/14
trav2007 and 6 others liked this  
I still don't understand why this isn't a reward like PayPal is...instead we can only cash out once. I would rather use this than PayPal
on 12/12/13
KatieHubbard liked this  
Can't sign up using the link they give offering 20 swagbucks. It takes me to a swagbucks page saying that the offer is no longer available. 8_(

Is this an oversight?

Well, yes. It IS an oversight, but is it an oversight where they forgot to remove the swagbucks link? Or is it an oversight where they forgot to renew the 20 SB offer?
on 11/26/13
trav2007 and 1 others liked this  
I been using my Dwolla account for over a year now. Wish I could be rewarded this way.
on 11/13/13
trav2007 and 6 others liked this  
I think they are offering this so that Dwolla gets plenty of publicity and lots of sign-ups from us, but not a lot of transferred money.
on 11/08/13
invoid and 9 others liked this  
Works but you only can get 1 so it's almost pointless. Makes me wonder if there is some referral credit going on here for promoting the service.
on 09/22/13
Cibermonster and 19 others liked this  
Please remove the limit please this is stupid
on 09/13/13
AMCFan and 12 others liked this  
It's ridiculous to even include this price if it can only be obtained once per account. There is really no point to even include it.
on 09/10/13
KatieHubbard and 3 others liked this  
BTW Dwolla is a permanent database unless you request your account closed, but note there's a 36 month waiting period before Dwolla will remove your information from their system. They also retain full control over that information whatever means Dwolla finds fit. If you choose to close your Dwolla account, remove all information from it first, scramble what information that can't be removed, then request to close the account, Then afterward the information is useless.
on 09/10/13
falakpatel and 1 others liked this  
This makes no sense! If SB is going to convert SBs to cash then transfer to the Dwolla account bearer, then there's no need for a gift card nor "limit." I understand that lawfully something must be purchased. So to make it clear, this is a PO where SBs converted, then SB buys a Dwolla card (like buying a $5 Moneypak,) and tranfers / sends the funds to the Dwolla account bearer. The issue is Dwolla can't be forced to accept the funds transfer, so whatever happens happens. Dwolla isn't any better than Moneypak, in fact worse in general standards, if you review Dwolla's account bearer ToS. The deal is "flying beneath the radar." Good luck.
on 08/29/13
Zahg and 1 others liked this  
Sign me up as someone who would consider purhasing when the points are available if there isn't a limit. I usually go for Walmart gift cards because they're so stress free you can purchase a actual gift card in the store or have one sent with free shipping if its a Walmart store card. But being able to use my points to get actually money I can transfer to my bank account is a dream come true. Prepaid visas are a headache and this seems like a promising alternative but not at 1 per member. It's been months please reconsider the limit or amount.
on 08/21/13
invoid and 7 others liked this  
one per member CANT they make bigger payment opitions
on 08/13/13
is this mailed to you or .......
on 08/13/13
Simonal and 3 others liked this  
"The money will be sent directly to the Dwolla account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your Dwolla account information and your Dwolla account needs to be verified. "

Bottom paragraph.
on 08/06/13
invoid and 10 others liked this  
Remove the limit please! I don't have a paypal account and don't want one but dwolla seems a lot better. I'd even pay more for this.
on 03/22/13
invoid and 13 others liked this  
why are we still limited to 1? come on swagbucks! TAKE MY MONEY! i want you to have my money in return for this item! do i REALLY have to use paypal? dont you want to save money on the fees? the fees are coming out of your profits after all!

5 star rating cause i want it! if it stays at 1 per customer then it isnt even worth 1 star!!!!
on 03/26/13
update: To verify with paypal i can...

A: Use my bank account(which i no longer have)
B: Get a new paypal CREDIT CARD.

Lots of good choices there.

I cant help but feel paypal is going to hit me with SOME fee on that "Credit card they wont use" and say i should have known about the fee.
on 03/26/13
jeff38 liked this  
i dont qualify for their credit card and they dont tell me why lol. i guess paypal is no longer an option... thanks swagbucks for requiring me to be Verified with paypal!! this whole swagbucks thing is getting pretty pointless. i have money but i cant withdraw it where i need it without tons of fees every step of the way. This is why i hate sites like this. you can make them money, but try to get your money out and they dont let you.
on 06/27/13
justleyadmurt and 4 others liked this  
Usually when you are declined for a credit card, it's because you have bad credit.
on 07/27/13
you are declined a credit card, because you dont have a bank account.
on 07/23/13
invoid and 6 others liked this  
another person who'd like the limit removed..come on SB this is a bit ridiculous
on 07/18/13
DarkShroud01 and 1 others liked this  
Another person who would like the limit removed. I understand not allowing more than one discounted redemption, but I would really like the option of having a 1-1 redemption option at $25 or $50.
on 06/23/13
LaDuck liked this  
No purpose whatsoever unless you already happen to be a member of Dwolla. I assume they offer this to entice people, but redeeming $5 ever, period, is just idiocy. If someone already uses Dwolla, good for them, but anyone maxing out on Amazon $5 cards and is looking for something else discounted would have to be a fool to waste a ton of time setting up Dwolla for just the $5. I honestly don't see how this "offer" helps Dwolla at all. If anything, some will miss the fine print, try to redeem a second one, and then be very upset that they can't. What a horrendously terrible blunder.
on 06/20/13
Zahg and 4 others liked this  
I would spend 525 swagbucks for each one of these cards if I could get more than one.
on 06/16/13
Mdyanne and 3 others liked this  
I wish the 1-per-member limit was removed.
on 05/24/13
Mandie9 and 1 others liked this  
I was thrilled to see Dwolla as a reward but being able to cash out just five dollars per account disappointed me, hopefully there will be consideration over the limit being removed.
on 05/03/13
goodsteward2014 liked this  
I won the $100 Dwolla Swagstakes and it's almost been a month and nothing. Emailed support 4 times already but no one will help me. WHy won't you give me the money you promised Swagbucks?
on 05/03/13
are you verified with dwolla? they require your SSN. your email address and name on both sites needs to match as well
on 05/03/13
Yes I am verified. I ordered this Dwolla $5 prize which is why I entered the swagstakes and won. I cannot get through to them and I explain in my messages that it's been sitting their verified for a almost a month. They seem to be just cut and pasting replies without even reading my messages. I don't know what to do anymore.
on 05/08/13
goodsteward2014 and 2 others liked this  
well I got it now after 23 business days O_o
on 04/16/13
iwischmeyer and 4 others liked this  
Awww MAN! I snagged this YESTERDAY, for 450 swag bucks - if I had known they were going to offer it for 400 today, I would have waited! I also don't like that you can only get one, ever.
on 04/04/13
PavillonNoir and 5 others liked this  
I missed out on the discount :-( . but i am excited to get one at 500 swagbucks. Limit one per account stinks, they should really think about increasing the limit.
on 03/14/13
I received the reward very quickly and the verification of my dwolla account was quick too. Still wondering if this will be something to look forward to sticking around for.
on 03/18/13
How long did it take? I can't find anywhere that says how long till the reward is paid....
on 03/18/13
12-14 days to credit to swagbucks account.
on 03/20/13
mine credited in around 5 days though(same day i emailed them about it)

Note, dwolla took 3 days to verify me.
on 03/20/13
iwischmeyer and 6 others liked this  
i really hope that this limit per member thing does not stay this way, i know that this is just a marketing gimmet or whatever.. i like many others want to use this and redeem my points that i have earn for this.. i just hope they remove the limits so we all can use it. if not then remove this and replace it back with paypal for $ 5.00 so we can at lest feel like we earnd something..
on 03/19/13
Too bad you can only do it once but I got my order pretty fast <3
on 03/07/13
iwischmeyer and 1 others liked this  
Seems the best choice after the 5x 5$ AZ gift codes? Possible 5 stars here.
on 03/07/13
masterswag1 and 1 others liked this  
Limit 1 per member, though. Maybe we'll be able to redeem smaller amount to make it easier and faster than PP for cash, but no other option has been added to SB yet. Fingers crossed!
on 03/13/13
I have my fingers crossed too, cause if it is only one card per member for life, then no more purchase of this.
on 03/14/13
Eeri and 1 others liked this  
Yeah based on what Dwolla is doing, I am definitely going to switch from paypal to them, if only for the $0.25 fee per transaction over 10 and not charging a certain percentage like paypal. So it would be nice if this could be a recurring thing to redeem and not a one time deal like it seems.
on 03/13/13
shuuichi and 1 others liked this  
I truly hope that's the case, this reward got me very excited after they removed the $5 and $10 paypal rewards.
on 03/19/13
iShadiX94 liked this  
She's right about that. Seems to be a disappointment that they took off those $5 and $10 dollar pp rewards. Those were the best, not to mention that a person could make plenty of money that way and i guess swagbucks.com noticed that they didn't want us on here making that easy money that way. but what can they expect? Their the ones who started the website. So they might as well keep something that the swaggernauts enjoy. But i guess we just have to deal with it..lol
on 03/26/13
Collateral and 4 others liked this  
Back when they were around, the $5 PayPal cash was 700 Swagbucks, which works out to $7 in the new scheme, so 5x $5 would cost the equivalent of $35. The new system takes more patience, but I'm happy with it. That being said, I'd love to see $5 Dwolla available. You'd think that since it wasn't as widely used that it wouldn't be limited to 1 per customer. I missed my shot to purchase at the discounted price, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Heck, if they limited it to 5 per month (like the Amazon gift cards), I'd be happy!
on 03/13/13
masterswag1 liked this  
what do you mean by limit one per member? As in one sign-up per member? I don't understand.
on 03/13/13
Meaning you or I or anyone else, can only redeem this one time. I have already redeemed this, therefor I cannot do it again.
on 03/13/13
masterswag1 and 1 others liked this  
the sale price or regular price?
on 03/18/13
iShadiX94 liked this  
Sale price, however you cant get it at regular price even if you wanted to. they have reduced it from 450 to 400 as well.
on 03/08/13
masterswag1 liked this  
A little disappointed that it's only 1 per month. I don't think I'll do it again.
on 03/11/13
iwischmeyer and 1 others liked this  
I could be wrong, but I think this is a 1 time only offer (1 lifetime, not each month)

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