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500 Bing Rewards Credits

500 Bing Rewards Credits
500 Bing Rewards Credits
500 Bing Rewards Credits
Price: 500
Snag This!

As of 06/06/2014, Bing Rewards Credits Are Limited To One(1) Redemption Per Swagbucks Account.

Use your Bing Rewards Credits towards popular gift cards, subscriptions, exclusive sweepstakes, and more. Not a member yet? Join today for free and get 20 bonus credits.

Redeem your credits for gift cards from great brands like Xbox, Hulu, GameStop, Skype, ProFlowers, Windows Phone and Fandango.

Just search with Bing to earn more credits. Then try new features and take advantage of exclusive offers to see your credits really start adding up. Earn credits even faster by upgrading your status.
Find out more and join for free at www.BingRewards.com.

Promotional code expires 06/31/2015. One time use only. Not for resale.

on 03/17/15
what? whats the pont of this? i use bing only to get 500SB credit. this is weird. SB has the better reward store why would anyone want 500 points in bing? you know, other than to trade in for the 500 SB
on 03/24/15
Think about it. If you are a gold member on Bing you get 500 SB for 475 Bing coins. So if you get this one for 500SB to get 500 Bing coins and then buy another 500 SB, you get a profit of 25 Bing points for free!
on 03/09/15
Get free gift cards when you search with Bing! Sign up here:
on 03/08/15
How do l redeem the gift card
on 03/02/15
shaunistheman liked this  
This reward helped me save my free-Hulu streak for the next couple of months. Shame I can only get it once, though...
on 02/14/15
SaffronStorm liked this  
This could be decent for breaking the five $5/mo Amazon limit on here.
on 06/28/14
jagmarky and 10 others liked this  
One per account??? That's insane! One per month or something I could understand but one per account? That's bad!
on 07/03/14
SaffronStorm and 1 others liked this  
I agree although maybe Swagbucks or Bing Rewards have their reasons. I am thinking maybe Bing since they want people to use their search engine to earn instead of earning it off here because if people chose to cash out only on here without using their search engine they could probably cash out quite often.
on 01/28/15
rebelhall16 and 1 others liked this  
i would love that, I prefer the bing rewards store because I get my purchase in less than an hour, most times actually within 5-10 mins
on 11/28/14
rebelhall16 and 9 others liked this  
500SB on Bing costs 475 Bing Rewards points if you have a Gold Status there, so if there wasn't the cap, people could just keep transferring back and forth, earning 25 points free each time.
on 02/14/15
You can only get 500 SB one hundred times. After that then I guess Amazon or Gamestop or w/e would be the way to go.
on 12/26/14
This is genius. Too bad I don't have a gold account. lol.
on 12/16/14
Yea, but isn't one per month ok?
on 01/28/15
Machellem and 2 others liked this  
I got mine in a day, worked liked a charm.
on 12/06/14
Jayesper and 1 others liked this  
I use Bing as my search engine. I only earn windows store giftcards. The fact that people switched back and fourth pisses me off.
on 12/20/14
Yarr, it's good enough for general searching. It's only when I get incredibly specific that I go to Google. I do AGC usually (and occassionally sweepstakes or scratches), but looking at the WP store stuff too.
on 12/16/14
Finally got this! Now can someone tell me on average how long this takes to receive in my giftcard section?
on 12/17/14
Seriously? I redeemed my swagbucks for this and still haven't got my code!
on 12/20/14
I ordered mine on the 14th and still haven't received mine. Any luck with yours?
on 11/08/14
thanks swagbucks but when does it arrive
on 10/01/14
savanuhh liked this  
it's good in 1 way, but bad 49 other. You can redeem this card 1 time to use on bing, but on bing you can get 500 swagbucks 50 times, which means swagbucks takes the hit 50 times, while bing only has to do it once, why would Swagbucks agree to this?
on 10/28/14
ForeverBlue liked this  
If you have a gold membership, it would be only 475 bing credits to buy 500 swag bucks. it would cost 500 sb to buy 500 bing creds so you would have a left over 25 bing creds when you buy 500 more sb, WHICH IS COOL.
on 10/03/14
How long does it take for the bing rewards code to show up in my gift cards
on 10/13/14
Probably 10-14 days as usual
on 07/08/14
savanuhh and 5 others liked this  
That's because you could spam it for rewards. You buy here 500Bing with 500SB and when you go back to your Bing account assuming you have a gold account which nets you a discount, you can BUY BACK your 500SB for only 475BING.

So essentially you don't lose any SB and earn 25BING everytime.
on 12/16/14
Lol that's what i came here to do
on 10/10/14
Thanks for explaining. I didn't understand either. I think it's a much better conversion rate to buy the 500SB from Bing and then spend it here and you can do it more than once! I don't use Bing often, but I'm only going to be cashing out for SB on Bing lol.
on 07/29/14
only 25 points for your life time!
on 09/16/14
savanuhh liked this  
That's what they were saying, it's limited because if it wasn't then you could do it more than once,
on 07/28/14
eyeshutopen liked this  
Unless you buy a $5 amazon card, then you lose 25sb or 50sb if you're not gold.
on 09/04/14
2 stars because I don't know how it is, but it won't work for me.

Can anyone help? I haven't ever redeemed for a Bing card before but it just refunded me my credits. I snagged this yesterday, and it took away 500 credits, but I didn't have my card yet. Now I have my credits back, and still no card. o-o I'll keep trying. I want the Bing credits to start saving up for something.
on 09/14/14
Have you tried the help center? I just got mine and it worked fine.
on 09/14/14
It sucks that you can only redeem this once, but I get it. I'm happy to get the 500 bing points anyway.
on 08/25/14
yellowdog0809 and 5 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 09/04/14
SaffronStorm and 3 others liked this  
It's because 500 SB is only 475 credits on Bing Rewards. If they allowed multiple purchases on here, users could simply convert back and forth between the two and make money that way.

For example, suppose I have 20,000 SB. I buy 40 of these prizes over whatever period of time. Now I have 20,000 Bing Rewards credits. I can simply convert those back into 500 Swagbucks for only 475 credits, meaning I can buy 42 and have a bit left over. I've effectively just made $10 by taking advantage of the conversions.

So that's why there's a limit.
on 09/02/14
I'll get this when the time for it is just right. A shame for to be a one time only sort of thing.
on 09/01/14
Not bad at all. 3 stars for limited redemtpion per SB account.
on 07/01/14
yellowdog0809 and 10 others liked this  
This is ridiculous along with the fact that when I first started using SB it only took 2-3 days to get my rewards posted and now it's taking 10 or more????? Bing can have my rewards posted within an hour. If it weren't for the fact that it takes so long to collect points on Bing, I would NEVER use SwagBucks again.
on 10/10/14
It takes more time depending on what prize you get. I've noticed that if I get a $5 Amazon card it comes pretty quickly, a $25 PayPal card took about a week to 10 days, and a $50 PayPal has taken a little over 2 weeks before. I think they have to check that all your points were earned legitimately before they send it. I think Swagbucks probably has a lot more people cashing out than Bing does and they have to be able to generate enough gift card codes too.
on 08/27/14
yellowdog0809 and 1 others liked this  
You're literally complaining about free money. No wonder you still work at McDonald's
on 08/27/14
yellowdog0809 and 6 others liked this  
Time is money.
on 08/27/14
DarkKyratX liked this  
you ruined it... i use both search engines and sometimes one has different offers from the other which is why this comes in handy, like the hulu plus deal.
on 08/23/14
Thank You! Bing is having a great sale on HULU plus rewards currently, & this is going to help me take advantage of that offer. TU Swagbucks, you people ROCK! :)
on 07/21/14
how does this work? i know when i order the sb gift card from bing, they give me a swag code. but with this, do they give you a code or something to put in bing?
on 07/21/14
MW2L3g3nd and 3 others liked this  
When your code arrive, go to "My Gift Cards" and go to your Bing Rewards Dashboard: click on "Redeem" then "Promo Code" and just copy and paste the code and click redeem.
on 08/08/14
Do that automatically but them on my Bing account?
on 08/09/14
Yes, it should as long as you recieve the code and enter it in on Bing Rewards.
on 08/09/14
EmmaBae liked this  
The only waiting is the code arriving in "My Gift Cards" and if you are lucky you don't have to wait 11 days like I did =(
on 08/08/14
How do I add this to my Bing credits?
on 06/28/14
Does this mean that I can use my swagbucks to get 500 bing credits?
on 07/31/14
yes, and then you can use bing to get swagbucks!!!
on 07/23/14
on 07/02/14
ItsAllReal and 1 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 07/23/14
triathlon29 and 1 others liked this  
No, this doesn't automatically make the whole site bad. Chill out.
on 06/22/14
TheMrInterester and 2 others liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 06/17/14
eyeshutopen liked this  
they killed it
on 06/13/14
eyeshutopen liked this  
One per account, like EVER?! Kinda silly, isn't it??
on 06/11/14
eyeshutopen and 1 others liked this  
I think it's ridiculous and a rip off only being to use my hard earned Bing points ONCE !
on 06/09/14
eyeshutopen and 1 others liked this  
Limit one per account-SERIOUSLY?! You're kidding me Swagbucks!
on 06/09/14
eyeshutopen and 3 others liked this  
thanks for the advance warning of the ridiculous limit of one. of course with only two items per day allowed i could not have gotten much redeemed anyway. its like you don't want points to get redeemed or something
on 06/07/14
ChocolateCookies and 12 others liked this  
I think its horrible you guys are limiting this to one per household as of 6/6. I think you should reconsider that and make it 5 per month instead at least

Way to keep making this site harder and harder to earn on.
on 05/31/14
My first code and it took 11 regular days after I ordered it, but that still less than 10 business days. My regular gift cards arrive faster and Bing Rewards don't have the gift card amount and variety like Swagbucks. Yes, Bing Rewards gift cards arrive faster but I will stick to buying the gift cards on Swagbucks. (I feel like a hater, being the only one who rate 3 stars.)
on 05/29/14
Moneyquibble liked this  
It took 6 days to get the first, and 7 days for the second.
on 05/25/14
How many can you redeem per month? Last month I could only get 2
on 05/18/14
I have more bing credits than i do swagbucks but hopefully it doesn't go out of stock again.
on 05/20/14
Terlepd liked this  
Same, is this card good because the Bing rewards gift card get deliver less than 10 days? :o I wish Bing Rewards have gift cards with bigger amount though.
on 05/07/14
Terlepd liked this  
I really don't see how this can be out of stock
on 05/03/14
RushMyPancake liked this  
how are they outta stock

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