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Charity Impact eGift Card - $3

Charity Impact eGift Card - $3
Charity Impact eGift Card - $3
Charity Impact eGift Card - $3
Price: 300
Sale: 255
Snag This!

With the Charity Impact Card you can make a real difference in the world by choosing from over 50+ impact actions, such as planting a tree, feeding a puppy, providing clean drinking water for a day or giving a child in need a meal.

The Charity Impact Card was created to let you support your favorite cause, knowing how you are impacting the world. By working closely with our nonprofit partners such as the American Red Cross, Boys&Girls Club, Food for the Poor, Charity:Water, every redemption will make a difference and create real change.

For every $1 of the Charity Impact Card, you will receive 1,000 Impact
Points that you can use for charitable acts on the Charity Impact Card website. As an example, with only $5, you can help to create all this positive change:

  • Provide Clean Water for a person for a day

  • Offset 2 lbs of Carbon

  • Feed one Rescued Puppy

  • Prevent Illegal Elephant Poaching

  • Give a Toothbrush to a Disadvantaged Child

Please check out our website at CharityImpactCard.com.

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on 05/16/14
i give to mercury one and to our rescue. i was excited to see what this charity e card thing is about.. this page seems like just a bunch of hoopla for show.. give a pound of veggies. carbon offsets... whaaaaaaat.. give a pound of seeds have veggies for life. what is important to you.... growing a couple plants on your patio (anywhere in the world) or giving some swag bucks to help clean californias air. what is the best use for swagbucks still amazon gift cards when i purchase from amazon a piece of my purchase goes to charity.. mercury one is what i picked. its amazon smile... smile guys
on 08/15/14
zoe2587 and 1 others liked this  
Amazon smile isn't the best way to donate because they only donate 0.5% you would have to spend 10,000 dollars just to donate $50.
These causes are smaller and make more of an impact in the everyday life of real people.
on 05/16/14
ligulf liked this  
I my self love kids, and hate to see them go without so i'll be donating to kids in need anyone know a good charity?

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