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Restaurant.com - $10 eGift Card

Restaurant.com  - $10 eGift Card
Restaurant.com  - $10 eGift Card
Restaurant.com - $10 eGift Card
Price: 250
Sale: 175
Snag This!

Get a $10 Gift Certificate from Restaurant.com for only 175 Swag Bucks!

Restaurant.com offers Gift Certificates to thousands of restaurants across the United States. Redeem this e-Gift Card for a $10 Gift Certificate at any of the participating eateries on Restaurant.com.

Make sure to check Restaurant.com BEFORE snagging this prize to see if there are restaurants in your area.

*This Gift Card should be redeemed at theidealmeal.com , the gift card redemption site for restaurant.com.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 10/02/15
Terrible. Redeemed my points, got a certificate for Marakesh restaurant in Parsippany, placed an order. The owner did not accept the certificate!
on 09/26/15
I finally used my gift cars (see post from 8-01, below), and when I checked out, the waiter said they had cancelled with restaurant.com last month. He did take it, though. I just checked, and that restaurant is still listed.
on 08/01/15
h3sjones liked this  
I've used restaurant.com twice at the same restaurant and it worked well. If you go with a group, use your gift card to pay your part of the bill, and with the total for the group you will have the minimum $20 purchase. I didn't know that they could only be used once a month, but the restaurant was forgiving and let me use it. I won't go again for 30 days. I can't get into the "snag this" button. Nothing happens.
on 07/26/15
xTulu and 1 others liked this  
This is a great deal, so long as you understand what you're getting... If you're expecting something for nothing, this ain't it. These are "gift cards" that require you to spend a certain amount before they become useable, and for the most part they don't apply to mainstream large chain places.... I turned my $10 into what basically became two "buy one, get one free" coupons at my favorite local ice cream shop.... for 125 Swag Bucks, I can't complain. Can easily make enough to do that every single day.
on 07/25/15
h3sjones liked this  
The description should be updated. It says "Get a $10 Gift Certificate from Restaurant.com for only 200 Swag Bucks!" The current on-sale price is 125 Swag Bucks, and there is a strikethrough-text for the offsale price of 250 Swag Bucks....
on 07/16/15
h3sjones liked this  
This is a good deal if you want to save money when eating out but not getting a free meal. Restaurant.com are the type of sleazy people who make only giftcards where you have to spend an amount of money in order to use it. If you are fine and dandy with that go ahead, this deal is pretty good value.
on 06/23/15
BlackTerradactyl liked this  
Wow does everything has to be a electronic
on 07/14/15
callietrenary and 4 others liked this  
Considering the gift card is to a website, i'm not sure a physical gift would even make sense here...
on 06/26/15
hoobobba liked this  
Pretty much, we live in the electronic era now. Where technology has to be advanced and everything is electronic
on 07/01/15
carrie640 liked this  
Even if the website for Restaurant dotcom lists your favorite restaurant, I highly recommend calling ahead to make sure the discount will be accepted. I have read a lot of complaints about how the website isn't updating restaurants properly. People have gone into a restaurant only to find out that the establishment no longer honors the discount because the Restaurant dotcom site never reimbursed the eatery.
on 07/01/15
RainforestRain liked this  
Ok, a little heads up before you think about redeeming this. The only way to use this is to redeem it at the website. You don't print it off and take it to a restaurant. I received a $10 e-gift card from mycokerewards. I went to redeem the code at Restaurants (dot) com and picked out a restaurant in my area. There are so many stipulations. You can only use ONE gift card per restaurant per month. There is a minimum purchase per restaurant, usually $20. So if you got this gift card, you would still have to pay $10 out of your pocket. It is a good savings, if you have money. But if you were thinking that you could get an entire meal for free, you wouldn't. Check their FAQs on their website. It might save you a headache like I have.
on 04/24/15
303049a liked this  
so how do you use the egift cards at a restaurant ???? they really dont take computers
on 06/24/15
BritW liked this  
You print it out at home then hand the page to them just as you would a plastic gift card. OR you could show it to them on your cell phone because all they need is that very long code number on it.
on 07/01/14
goldfish777 and 4 others liked this  
We use these all the time for some local favorites that only offer Restaurant.com gift certificates as discounts. If you follow the guidelines and plan out what you spend you really maximize the benefit of these gift certificates. Restaurant.com is a great way to save when you eat out!
on 06/13/14
goldfish777 and 14 others liked this  
If you've never used the site restaurant.com before, like I hadn't, you wouldn't know that there are a lot of rules involved. Each certificate can't be used with any other certificate or promotion. And also, if you look on their site you'll see a lot of sales on certain restaurants, with your Swagbucks egift card you'll be expected to pay full price for your certificate. No promo codes either.
on 07/01/14
goldfish777 and 2 others liked this  
Thanks for posting this. I was planning on purchasing this gift card to use with a promotion.

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