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Prevent Illegal Poaching

Prevent Illegal Poaching
Prevent Illegal Poaching
Prevent Illegal Poaching
Price: 100
Snag This!

Feed a sniffer dog for a day to help prevent poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

The poaching of rhinos and elephants has increased nearly 3,000% since 2007; demand for ivory is also ever climbing. If poaching does not stop, these elephants and rhinoceros species could become extinct within our lifetime.

To learn more and to see a full list of all our featured social impacts, please visit www.KARMAKARMA.com.

on 09/28/15
Wishing that there is some way to show that these BEAUTIFUL helping ANIMALS ARE really gets the money for food and up keep. This is a foreign country so who knows. My goodness right here in the GOOD U.S.A. we have this guy from sub way supposedly helping children with weight problems and of the $$$ raised maybe 20 to 30% made it to the cause. I with give SOMETHING but PLEASE followup on some of these and you will see a larger amount coming in
on 04/16/15
Buspords liked this  
Uneducated Tips to Prevent Illegal Poaching:
Always have your eggs cooked by a licensed professional.
on 07/22/15
ktcolburn2 liked this  
No just no...
on 01/24/15
Buspords and 2 others liked this  
A worthwhile cause. I'd be more likely to donate upon proof of it doing any good. I read about corrupt officials who ignore poaching in return for bribes.
on 04/08/15
WindowPayne liked this  
Totally agree, there's no info here to tell us whether it's actually doing what it says.

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