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Visa® Reward Card - $25

Visa® Reward Card - $25
Visa® Reward Card - $25
Visa® Reward Card - $25
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

Your Prepaid *Visa Reward Card will be delivered to you in the form of a Promocode. Redeem your promocode for a Visa Virtual Account, ready for use instantly. Use your account wherever Visa Debit is accepted online, over the phone or for mail-in orders.

These Codes Can ONLY Be Used Online

The promocode redemption website provides balance information and transaction history to help you keep track of all your rewards. Keep every reward for yourself, or share rewards with a friend or family member.

Upon shipment of your Visa Reward Card, you will receive an email with a link to the promocode redemption website. Please insert your Pin Code there which will generate a unique Visa Reward Card number.

*Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

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on 07/03/15
I really want one of these cards but am nervous.....
I want to buy shoes shoes at Payless.com but will they take it??
am I wasting my SB?
on 07/02/15
greenmushroom liked this  
I really want to get this, but after reading the comments I DONT KNOW!?!?!
What should I do? Should I buy an Amazon Gift card or take a chance and buy this?
on 07/02/15
I have several of these cards with small amounts left on them. Does anyone know of a way that I can combine them for one gift card?
on 07/02/15
You could put them all into paypal
on 06/29/15
How does this work? So they send you a promocode for a virtual account, and then you can use it, right?
so its like a debit card? Sorry guys, I'm just unclear how this card works
on 07/01/15
veela1 liked this  
yes, you'll make an account on the promocode website, then they'll issue you a cc number, exp date & cvv. I've seen a lot of complaints, but it all went very smoothly for me & I was able to use it to pay my AT&T cell phone bill!!!
on 07/01/15
Oh, and each time you buy one, they issue new card info. I really wish they'd just issue us a number & add the amounts to that each time we redeem, but it's still great!
on 07/01/15
Do they send you any spam or junk mail with the physical address that you had to provide?
on 06/28/15
windylou liked this  
For someone like me, who doesn't use Paypal, this is the best thing ever. Works perfectly everywhere I've tried it online, just like any other prepaid card.

There was a small snag in that the website wouldn't let me make an account in Chrome, but once I figured out what was wrong, this has been my go-to reward. Highly recommended.
on 04/12/15
mdhurley and 4 others liked this  
If anybody has the AmexEx Bluebird card, I was able to transfer the eGC value over to my bluebird, no fees!
on 06/25/15
Nice, thanks dude!
on 05/21/15
Not anymore. Locked up my acct and a very unhelpful woman made me send over all kinds of stuff, then still said they won't take it. :(
on 04/29/15
what about amex Serve Prepaid?
on 06/16/15
ArielaC liked this  
You can put these vouchers on plastic and its easy. I put three visa cards on plastic in less then 10 minutes, just took a little forward thinking and boom I got it working.
on 06/18/15
omgwtfswag liked this  
Care to elaborate? Everyone else has said they couldn't put it on a regular card. I was mainly wondering if they could be used to pay bills online, cell phone, electric, etc....
on 06/25/15
Yeah, elaborate!
on 06/25/15
If I have two $25 of these gift cards, could I use it on one purchase or am I only allowed to use one for every online purchase?
on 06/24/15
Can use to pay PG&E energy bills and also At&t universal,internet,phone bills
on 06/22/15
Can I use this on Etsy? Or will it not let me?
on 05/06/15
Any fees to use/have/redeem this?
on 06/22/15
I have not experienced any fees unless you want to combine the cards.
on 05/20/15
CanI use it at Bed Bath & Beyond?
on 06/22/15
Not unless it's the online store, then maybe if it's an online store.
on 05/26/15
So is there an actual card mailed to you?
on 06/22/15
No it's a digital card which can be used only online.
on 06/06/15
Can I use this card to redeem for PayPal ?
on 06/22/15
Why not just redeem PayPal cash from SwagBucks?
on 06/13/15
jb8642 liked this  
These cards SUCK! I AGREE with the others who posted! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
1 there is little to no customer service
2 this card does NOT work with Paypal (you will get the message Credit Card Declined to pay)
3 YOU LOSE $1 on a pre-authorization.
4 USELESS to pay for things online, I've been DECLINED EVERYWHERE, I cannot even make a 1 dollar purchase!
5 They Charge you a fee if you want to combine the cards, ie stack them.

These visa cards are USELESS I've been going in circles for over a week now trying to use it. Im about to complain to Swagbucks and ask for a refund for this garbage.

I don't mind the changes at Swagbucks, business is business, but NOW THIS?? is really making me wonder about the direction Swagbucks is going.
on 06/22/15
I feel you... I have had the same troubles. Terrible card their site did not register me properly and now I can't find a login.

on 06/18/15
are their any fees on purchases. if so does debit differ credit on fees?
on 06/22/15
I have had no extra fees when purchasing on Steam, or Humble Bundle.
on 06/22/15
MoSass and 1 others liked this  
Purchased 2 of these within the past month. Took 1-4 days from ordering to receipt. No problems whatsoever. Only issue I did run into was the website I was trying to use them on wouldn't let me use more than one credit card. So I ended up having to buy a gift card from the store's website so I could combine payments. Hopefully that makes sense.
on 06/18/15
anybodt know if these work on eastbay.com?
on 06/18/15
is the pin method obsolete? i signed up from the link in email? and i don't remember using a pin. i might of done it without realizing.
on 06/10/15
When you get this card the second time, do you have to wait for a card in the mail?
on 06/13/15
no u dont get it in the mail
on 06/12/15
Could I use this on walmart.com and get a physical prepaid visacard?
on 06/12/15
If this is the first time with this card make sure you enter the same address as what you have on swagbucks. I was entering my p.o. box for the visa sign up and had my psychical address for my swagbucks account. Hopefully I've helped a few of you from getting grey hairs.
on 06/09/15
Does anybody know if these Visa gift cards would work on shopping apps like Poshmark or Mercari? Poshmark has a website but Mercari is just an app. Thank you in advance.
on 06/09/15
I hate that there is a 5% "Convenience Fee" ( $1 min to $5 max ) to stack the cards. But then the place I wanted to shop doesn't allow multiple cards.
on 06/07/15
Can you transfer the funds to your bank account?
on 04/22/15
can i use multiple cards for one purchase
on 06/04/15
Another way is to use multiple cards to buy gift cards, like when I went to New Egg, they wouldn't take multiple credit cards, so I bought three gift cards to purchase my item.
on 04/25/15
yes u may
on 05/30/15
bab3eb0obear and 1 others liked this  
Snagged this early April. And was considering on using it, but after three failed password attempts to the prepaidcodecenter website, this happened: "Your account is locked out. Please contact your program administrator to unlock your account."

Who exactly is the "program administrator", anyway?
-Do I use the Contact Us link at the top of the page of prepaidcodecenter website? - Which I tried less than 24 hours ago, no response yet.
-Do I contact Swagbucks about the issue? - If so, how/where?
-Do I contact Bancorp Bank? (See Disclaimer section in the description for this Swagbucks gift card.) - If so, how/where?

I think I'm going to need someone to walk me through it, haha. (Unfortunately, I didn't see anything on a wait period where it would unlock.)

I did manage to reset my password before the lockout, but then didn't remember which email I used until after my last attempt... so once it gets unlocked, then all should be swell, hopefully.

For the record, I have the 16-digit card number in a notepad, but I think I needed the CVV.(?)

So yeah, if anyone has been in the same situation and got out of it, let me know. Thanks!

P. S. - I really do think this security lockout feature causes more problems than it solves, so for extra points, how would one go about getting the feature removed from their prepaidcodecenter account? (Assuming if there is even a way, even if it is as obscure as sending an email.)

5 stars if I didn't have to worry about the lockout feature.
4.5 stars if the account had been easy enough to unlock. (Aka: Auto-unlocking after a short time period, for example.)
3 stars since finding out how to go about unlocking the account is a bit confusing.
Can't really decide, so I guess I'll pick 3 for now.
on 06/01/15
@"-Do I use the Contact Us link at the top of the page of prepaidcodecenter website? - Which I tried less than 24 hours ago, no response yet."

^ Update: This one worked for me, but I'm still curious if one of the other options could have worked as well.
on 05/01/15
Is there an expiration date on this visa?
on 05/29/15
joekoar liked this  
"I believe mine was one year from date of activation. Doesn't matter anyway. Doesn't seem like they approve the usage of it pretty much anywhere. In other words, payment gets declined more times than not. Don't waste your time. Get Paypal cash.
on 05/29/15
bab3eb0obear and 1 others liked this  
"Use your account wherever Visa Debit is accepted online, over the phone or for mail-in orders."

This is a lie. I've read you can't use it on Ebay, and I tried using it on bundlestars and it also declined me. DO NOT GET THIS. GET PAYPAL CASH.
on 05/29/15
Also, does anyone know of a method to maybe transfer this money into the bank or paypal?
on 05/27/15
bab3eb0obear and 2 others liked this  
I redeemed 2 $5 ones in the past with no problem. I saved up my swagbucks to get the $25 visa for the 2200. It took me forever to save that. I redeemed the $25 visa, got the code, etc, did everything the same as my $5 ones but everywhere I TRY to use the $25 visa it gets declined, says it can't be authenticated, etc. I've contacted the prepaid code people or whoever they are that issue these. Ive sent in at least 15 messages the past 3 weeks. I only got 1 reply stating their records show I tried to use it on eBay and we can't use these on eBay. I've never even tried to ever buy anything on eBay ever. I haven't gotten any responses. I'm out $25.
on 05/27/15
TAGMAR liked this  
I just purchased this and had no idea it would take between 10-14 days to get my card. Why? I might understand a delay if a physical card was being mailed to me but that's not the case.

So, does it really take two weeks?
on 05/19/15
does this have a security code like the ones on the back of the physical cards?
on 05/26/15
Yes it does
on 05/26/15
I put my pin in and verified my account. How long does it takes to get the money?
on 05/25/15
Can you transfer these money to the bank?
on 05/23/15
Does any fellow SwagBucks member know I can use this for purchasing events ticket?
on 05/21/15
Can't figure out how to use for anything except for things that cost under $25
on 05/15/15
spagettgt liked this  
Help!! I'm trying to redeem the PIN code Swagbucks sent me, but the site isn't accepting it. It will only accept the promocode that the site is supposed to issue me, and there's nowhere I can enter the PIN. I've talked to a clueless person at the VISA rewards center, which was a waste of time. Does anybody know what's going on?
on 05/12/15
can you use this for urban outfitters
on 05/13/15
yay it worked for urban outfitters now i got what i wanted im workin my way back up to 5,000 swagbucks for another one of these :)
on 05/11/15
Can anyone tell me if this comes with the CVV2 #s as well...the 3 digits usually on the back of the card. The website I would like to purchase from has it as a required field.
on 05/08/15
rajamanish and 1 others liked this  
inconvenient way to access information, registration was not clear and it got messed up and now i have to call a number to customer support due to a locked account. confusing wouldn't recommend this go with the paypal for a little more its worth it. this is on sale because it is a hassle
on 05/10/15
Registration was simple. Enter your name and address, and you get to a page where you kind of have to read what to click on.
on 05/06/15
PowerTwins5000 and 2 others liked this  
I just wanted to mention that now you can add pre-paid gift cards to Paypal accounts.
on 05/09/15
... how?
on 05/06/15
Jaymers liked this  
on 04/06/15
Can I use this for fuel at any gas station?
on 05/06/15
Online only, so no
on 04/26/15
It says "Upon shipment of your Visa Reward Card," does this mean that they send you a physical card? I thought it was just the card information. Someone please clarify this for me. Thanks!
on 04/27/15
You only get account information. Numbers and such. No physical card is issued.
on 04/19/15
can i put this on a visa prepaid card.
on 04/25/15
im sure u can
on 04/22/15
spagettgt and 3 others liked this  
Hey, fellow swaggers I just wanted to drop in and warn any of you who are saving for this in possession of one , This will not work on any Ebay purchases! (Believe me I already tried an In return I got my parents paypal's main credit card charged instead of the Visa Gift Card .)

But on a lighter note I was able to use this on Amazon for an email sent gift card to repay them for the exact amount that I never meant to take.
on 04/21/15
on 04/14/15
can i use this to pay my Verizon phone bill
on 04/18/15
yes u can.
on 04/04/15
Does anyone know if I can use this to pay a bill online?
on 04/11/15
tatsudragonking liked this  
Yes u can.
on 04/17/15
ChocolateCookies liked this  
Thank you
on 03/17/15
LittleLadyLynne liked this  
What if I want to use it in store how do I do that?
on 04/14/15
It's for online use only. The store I worked at used to let me (they would just type it in) but a lot of stores won't.
on 03/05/15
spagettgt liked this  
I'm reading the reviews and there seems to be difference in answers (yes's and no's) So I'm confused. 1. Does this work with Paypal? 2. Can I stack the cards into one account? 3. Does it work with Google Wallet?
on 04/14/15
spagettgt and 1 others liked this  
As of April 8th 2015 they no longer fund your google wallet.

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