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Visa® Reward Card - $25

Visa® Reward Card - $25
Visa® Reward Card - $25
Visa® Reward Card - $25
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

Your Prepaid *Visa Reward Card will be delivered to you in the form of a Promocode. Redeem your promocode for a Visa Virtual Account, ready for use instantly. Use your account wherever Visa Debit is accepted online, over the phone or for mail-in orders.

These Codes Can ONLY Be Used Online

The promocode redemption website provides balance information and transaction history to help you keep track of all your rewards. Keep every reward for yourself, or share rewards with a friend or family member.

Upon shipment of your Visa Reward Card, you will receive an email with a link to the promocode redemption website. Please insert your Pin Code there which will generate a unique Visa Reward Card number.

*Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

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on 05/22/15
Get paid by paypal at https://yroo.com/page/social?ga_ref=social_invite_m&ga_ruid=421318.

Sign-up at
https://today.yougov.com/refer/3oh3cwSIg23GsmVuD6sf7w/ take surveys and refer others to get gift cards. I’ve gotten a $50 gift card.
on 04/12/15
303049a and 3 others liked this  
If anybody has the AmexEx Bluebird card, I was able to transfer the eGC value over to my bluebird, no fees!
on 05/21/15
Not anymore. Locked up my acct and a very unhelpful woman made me send over all kinds of stuff, then still said they won't take it. :(
on 04/29/15
what about amex Serve Prepaid?
on 05/21/15
Can't figure out how to use for anything except for things that cost under $25
on 05/20/15
CanI use it at Bed Bath & Beyond?
on 05/19/15
does this have a security code like the ones on the back of the physical cards?
on 05/15/15
spagettgt liked this  
Help!! I'm trying to redeem the PIN code Swagbucks sent me, but the site isn't accepting it. It will only accept the promocode that the site is supposed to issue me, and there's nowhere I can enter the PIN. I've talked to a clueless person at the VISA rewards center, which was a waste of time. Does anybody know what's going on?
on 05/12/15
can you use this for urban outfitters
on 05/13/15
yay it worked for urban outfitters now i got what i wanted im workin my way back up to 5,000 swagbucks for another one of these :)
on 05/11/15
Can anyone tell me if this comes with the CVV2 #s as well...the 3 digits usually on the back of the card. The website I would like to purchase from has it as a required field.
on 05/08/15
spagettgt liked this  
inconvenient way to access information, registration was not clear and it got messed up and now i have to call a number to customer support due to a locked account. confusing wouldn't recommend this go with the paypal for a little more its worth it. this is on sale because it is a hassle
on 05/10/15
Registration was simple. Enter your name and address, and you get to a page where you kind of have to read what to click on.
on 05/06/15
PowerTwins5000 and 2 others liked this  
I just wanted to mention that now you can add pre-paid gift cards to Paypal accounts.
on 05/09/15
... how?
on 05/06/15
Jaymers liked this  
on 04/06/15
Can I use this for fuel at any gas station?
on 05/06/15
Online only, so no
on 05/06/15
Any fees to use/have/redeem this?
on 05/03/15
spagettgt liked this  
Can you use this without a paypal account?
Also i got locked out of my promocode redemption website that gives you the code when you enter the promocode swagbucks provides... What bad service. Why can't they send an email to my email that allows me to reset password. For some reason my security question answer is ####ed up and it won't even work AND I CANNOT EVEN ACCESS MY CODE! WAT THE ####!
on 05/01/15
Is there an expiration date on this visa?
on 04/26/15
It says "Upon shipment of your Visa Reward Card," does this mean that they send you a physical card? I thought it was just the card information. Someone please clarify this for me. Thanks!
on 04/27/15
You only get account information. Numbers and such. No physical card is issued.
on 04/19/15
can i put this on a visa prepaid card.
on 04/25/15
im sure u can
on 04/22/15
can i use multiple cards for one purchase
on 04/25/15
yes u may
on 04/22/15
spagettgt and 3 others liked this  
Hey, fellow swaggers I just wanted to drop in and warn any of you who are saving for this in possession of one , This will not work on any Ebay purchases! (Believe me I already tried an In return I got my parents paypal's main credit card charged instead of the Visa Gift Card .)

But on a lighter note I was able to use this on Amazon for an email sent gift card to repay them for the exact amount that I never meant to take.
on 04/21/15
on 04/14/15
can i use this to pay my Verizon phone bill
on 04/18/15
yes u can.
on 04/04/15
Does anyone know if I can use this to pay a bill online?
on 04/11/15
tatsudragonking liked this  
Yes u can.
on 04/17/15
ChocolateCookies liked this  
Thank you
on 03/17/15
LittleLadyLynne liked this  
What if I want to use it in store how do I do that?
on 04/14/15
It's for online use only. The store I worked at used to let me (they would just type it in) but a lot of stores won't.
on 03/05/15
spagettgt liked this  
I'm reading the reviews and there seems to be difference in answers (yes's and no's) So I'm confused. 1. Does this work with Paypal? 2. Can I stack the cards into one account? 3. Does it work with Google Wallet?
on 04/14/15
spagettgt and 1 others liked this  
As of April 8th 2015 they no longer fund your google wallet.
on 03/17/15
How do I use multiple of these to buy the same item?
on 03/24/15
Hi, so umm You can but it will cost you around 5$, i reccomend a big amount in one card but ill still you how if you want know, so when you enter the promocode on the website, click bank this card instead of reedeming the card, keep banking cards and then once your ready to redeem click all the the cards you want to redeem, remember idk if its 5$ fee or 5% or higher/lower price penalty~ Green ~
on 04/02/15
amcpherson liked this  
Only a 2.5% fee to add it to Google Wallet, and then you can add it to your bank account. It's less than Paypal fees and the 5% fee you mentioned too.
on 04/14/15
As of April 8th, Google wallet no longer allows you to fund your wallet with prepaid debit or gift cards.
on 04/03/15
PayPal has fees? Not when I redeem my points for it. My account has been verified for years though.
on 03/08/15
gabymariah and 2 others liked this  
I find out a way to add money in the prepaid card to my paypal balance. I open a new paypal account and add it as prepaid card, and then transfer the amount to my another paypal account. By using this method, you will be paying fees. In this case, I transfer $24 and get $1 fee in total of $25, which use up all the balance in the card. Downside is you lose $1 dollar, upside is can add up money in paypal. :)
on 03/18/15
sweet9962 liked this  
why not just get the $25 paypal card and be done with it? no transferring, no loss of money, theoritically speaking (I may be wrong, I've not tried it, just an idea)
on 03/21/15
Because by getting a $25 paypal card, you are automatically losing $10 of swagbucks you could be saving by getting a visa $25 for 2,200 swagbucks.

3% fee from Visa to Paypal is better than 10% Paypal, especially if you have over $100 to redeem.
on 03/21/15
Sorry, meant to say automatically losing 10% of swagbucks.
on 04/13/15
you mean 12%
on 04/08/15
what is the fee? I am thinking to get this and reload starbucks card. I will get 6 bonus stars for reloading it with $25. But if there is a fee, so it will be short of $25. (not sure if it is really worth the work to get half of the free item - 12 stars get a free item)
on 04/08/15
Can confirm it works at..

on 04/08/15
Sorry I know people have already answered it but i still don't get it would someone please explain to me in depth how i could transfer this into my bank account
on 04/08/15
Punkroku liked this  
I'm going to ask for the milionth time probably but since this is a code to do on a site do they have option not just for a visa prepaid. It seems if that is the only option that I can add it to something like google pay and use it like that but is there a direct path to other cards like amex serve or other prepaid services that do have a physical card.

on 04/06/15
Can you use the card and the Paypal without fees?
on 04/03/15
Hi. Is anyone else having this problem where when you click "view visa code" you get an error message? If anyone has had it in the past, could you explain how you fixed it? I contacted swagbucks help center and they were useless.
on 04/01/15
svugirl liked this  
In case anyone is wondering, yes, you can use this to buy things on eBay. The eBay gift cards apparently require a verified PayPal account, but these work without any PayPal account at all. Just bought something with it!

Just note that the Visa reward card site seems to not like passwords with special characters in it. :/
on 03/22/15
Sorry guys I'm still confused
How can I add this to paypal ? And if it expires after a year then do I have to use it before that?
Or does adding it to paypal not add it to your overall balance?

Like if I have 0$ in paypal and I add this will it be 25$? or will it just be another card in my wallet?
on 03/24/15
It is just another card in your PayPal wallet.
According to the redemption website, the funds don't expire as such. They start charging you at the expiration date. I'd still suggest using it before the expiration date.
on 03/27/15
Oh ok so it won't add to my paypal.. :/
Too bad! but as long as I can use it online I'm happy :P
Thanks for the response!
on 03/31/15
ForeverBlue and 2 others liked this  
You can cash out by making a "Request Money" in PayPal to another email address NOT associated with your PayPal account. Then open the email that PayPal sends you, click on the link and pay with the VISA Reward Card. PayPal will charge you 2.9% plus 30 cents to do this so you'll end up getting around $23.97. You can also use Google Wallet and add it as a card and then transfer it to your connected bank account. You'll be charged a fee for that also. I think it's around 3% also.
on 03/29/15
Can this be used to purchase a rightstuf gift certificate online?
on 03/24/15
can I pay my energy bill with this?? Because it's kind of like a debit card, right?
on 03/26/15
Yeah, but you have to pay it online and make sure the company accepts these types of payments (which they probably do).
on 03/21/15
Do I need a Visa account to use this gift card?
on 03/24/15
You have to make an account on PrepaidCodeCenter.com
on 02/08/15
Punkroku and 1 others liked this  
Not sure what exactly to do with this. Can't use it for PayPal purchases.
on 04/29/15
Thank you its good to know I cannot use this to buy stuff from ebay or other paypal purchases.
on 03/22/15
i have it on my paypal and i havent been able to use it at all.

and for some reason it had $1 deducted???
on 03/24/15
I've been able to use it for some but not all PayPal purchases. I'm not sure why.
$1 may have been deducted if you've had the card for a year. According tot he website, the expiration date is really the date they start charging you.
on 03/13/15
camsbabydoll liked this  
What if I want to give this to someone else? Can they use it? Will it have my "name" and "billing address" on it and must that match the purchasers info?
on 03/18/15
When you request this, you receive a code to enter on PrepaidCodeCenter.com. That website then asks what name and billing address you want. So, you probably could put someone else's name and billing address. Or, you could tell them that they have to use your address as the billing address.
on 03/15/15
shonsag23 liked this  
I recieved my gift card a few days ago, it took two days to arrive, i had no issues redeeming it all i did was verify my email and entered my code on the website. I have used it and it worked perfect
on 03/11/15
Do these expire? As in if I do not use it for 10 months will they charge a maint fee?
on 03/11/15
shonsag23 and 1 others liked this  
Expire after a year.
on 03/07/15
liviahk liked this  
I recieved this within one business day, I had no problems with it whatsoever! I don't get why so many of you are confused with how it works through PayPal... you can simply just add it as you would a normal debit card to your account.
on 03/10/15
what if you don't have a visa card or their prepaid card? Will the email link just send me the bank account number and the security code so i can add to paypal?
on 03/10/15
o wait nvm i have a chase visa card will that work
on 03/02/15
Is this a real card that I can use in stores or online only?
on 03/04/15
online only but you can transfer the funds to your personal credit card for a fee and use your regular credit card instores
on 03/10/15
wait so swagbucks doesn't send you a visa card ? How do I redeem this? I have a chase bank account and paypal.
on 03/09/15
wait, how do you do that???
on 03/10/15
LittleLadyLynne liked this  
Just a heads up for people who want to redeem this card toward payment of your Cox Communication bill. Unfortunately you will not be able to do that. I just tried it. It won't work because it seems that Cox prefers a card that can be reloaded and these can't. I was able to add the card to Amazon and email myself a $25 AGC, though.
on 03/09/15
If I buy this, will I get the whole $25?
on 03/09/15
Yes. I mean it is a $25 dollar GC. :)
on 12/16/14
Can these be added to Serve?
on 03/05/15
Punkroku liked this  
no just tried.
on 02/27/15
I think so, so long as you can complete the transaction online, as i've seen them work for similar services..
on 02/03/15
Are the visa prepaid cards reloadable?
on 03/05/15
on 11/30/14
GemmMyBunny1740 and 1 others liked this  
Do i Have to be 18 for this? im 17 :p
on 05/01/15
soIexist liked this  
According to the Terms of the Visa Rewards Card, you have to be at least 18 years old. @DGov24, To use Swagbucks, you have to be at least 13 years old. But as for the rewards, each reward has it's own T & C, which needs to be followed. So another words There can be rewards like I have stated above, that you have to be at least 18 years or older to use. Hope this clarifies it for you.
on 02/27/15
No you do not. you are allowed to use every function of Swagbucks as long as you are 13 years of age or older.
on 03/05/15
MINUS PayPal unless you have a bank account -_-
on 03/04/15
on 03/04/15
on 03/02/15
Jayseller and 1 others liked this  
would be nice if it worked at 2200 sb! tells me I need 296 more points, visit special offers! BOOOOOO
on 03/01/15
can you add the cards togeter?
on 03/01/15
yes it works

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