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Poll From: 07/06/2013

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If you only had 5 minutes to make a decision, would you voluntarily give up your life if it meant world peace for 20 years? Submitted By beggert, MO
Yes, no questions asked.
Yes, if I knew my family would be taken care of.
Yes, if I knew I'd go down in history getting the credit for it.
No, 20 years is not long enough.
No, I wouldn't give up my life for people I don't know.
No, for other reasons.
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on 05/13/14
people i dont know mixed with bad people who should be sacrificed rather than me for only 20 years ... no
on 11/04/13
SgtSarcastic and 1 others liked this  
Jesus died for us all
on 07/24/13
a life time
on 07/24/13
my life is precious
on 07/12/13
Anonymous74 liked this  
As much as I would love world peace, I give up my life for it. I would actually want to be here to experience it!
on 07/06/13
Sacrifice one life to save (potentially) hundreds of millions? Absolutely. I am shocked that "Yes, no questions asked." only got 9% of the votes (as of now).
on 07/06/13
A few reasons: war helps control the population (as well as disease, and other things people are bent on eradicating); it is human/animal nature; what would happen after the 20 years?; at what other cost does this "peace" come?; why should anyone die to prevent idiots who choose to attack each other from doing so; etc.
on 07/12/13
"idiots who choose to attack each other"

I will have you know that war does in fact kill the innocent who want no part.
on 07/11/13
It is very clear in the Bible that there will never been world peace - the middle east, of course.
on 07/11/13
Yes, my life could save thousands.
on 07/09/13
There will never be 'World Peace'. Just the conflict between Arabs and Israelis Alone is a project big enough.
on 07/11/13
Omg, it's a fictional questoin.
on 07/09/13
No. I finally come to the realization that it's not because it not long enough but people have different opinions on everything and people make mistakes, mistakes that spark controversy. Something as simple as puppies and kittens can spark an argument.
on 07/08/13
If I gave up my life for world peace I wouldn't get to enjoy it because I will have given up my life.
on 07/08/13
20 years is better than nothing. lol so yeah I voted the yellow one.
on 07/08/13
leogirl817 liked this  
That's not long enough. 20 years. ^_-
on 07/07/13
Great Poll!!1
on 07/07/13
Very interesting question. However the answer seemed easy for me - 20 years would not be long enough. Thanks.
on 07/06/13
tfjparadise liked this  
20 years for world peace - not enough at all.
on 07/07/13
easypeasy1216 and 3 others liked this  
Never! Because there is no world peace as long as Satan rule the earth...........
on 07/07/13
I would
on 07/07/13
Matmarv liked this  
I like swag bucks
on 07/06/13
TifW liked this  
I picked "No, for other reasons". Like some other comments on here, I don't think world peace is ever going to happen unless we become slaves without free will. As much as I strongly dislike war and conflict, it's honestly not possible because humans will always come up with a reason or excuse to start killing each other. I hope the next poll doesn't stir up as much drama.
on 07/07/13
Anonymous74 and 1 others liked this  
Even a seemingly innocent question like what are you going to buy your mom for mother's day will stir up drama. Did you read the comments on the question regarding what name do you call your dad , daddy or father or name ect? WOW, that question drudged up a ton of emotional baggage. World Peace is a pretty lofty goal considering we can't even get drama-free question/comments.
on 07/07/13
quick fact: Since civilization, the worlds been at peace for only 8% of the time.
on 07/07/13
i guess
on 07/07/13
Shahaunna and 4 others liked this  
No because I believe that when Jesus Christ returns there will be world peace. :) why give up your life when you dont need to. :)
on 07/07/13
freedominHisname and 2 others liked this  
100% agree:)
on 07/07/13
on 07/07/13
no i would ,thats nuts !
on 07/07/13
I would give up my video game ideas
on 07/07/13
on 07/07/13
TifW and 1 others liked this  
I would if it was forever instead of 20 years.
on 07/07/13
freedominHisname and 2 others liked this  
"Situational ethics", as this question is labeled by behavioral scientists, is generally a bad idea. "If there were
only four life vests and five people, which person would you throw overboard? As if there is no other solution to the problem. There are other answers. With this one, the question ignores the reality that man has always been at war with man, one way or another -over property, wealth, food, etc. No one person has or will ever have the power to "buy" world peace for a second by his own willing death. Jesus Christ did this, and He is God. No human has this power. Why do we still have wars if the Prince of Peace already died to save us all? Because WE have the power of choice, and without His love, guidance and power in our lives, we'll continue to perpetrate world, hunger, pain, sorrow, loss by our own choices, even the tiniest self-serving ones. They're all drops in the ocean of this world, and enough evil thoughts, intentions and acts will
on 07/07/13
always add up to tsunamis of grief to the whole world. Like ripples in a pond, my slightest selfish or evil thought moves outward, touching every soul on earth, one way or another.
on 07/07/13
critter2013 liked this  
If the world would eliminate deception and violence then maybe it would be possible.
on 07/06/13
swagcyn015 and 18 others liked this  
There is no way world peace is possible. It's against human nature.
on 07/07/13
And more spicificly american nature.
on 07/07/13
Maylee426 and 1 others liked this  
That's a load of bull. We're no more violent than the rest of the world. In fact, we're far more peace loving than many places on this planet.
on 07/06/13
critter2013 and 1 others liked this  
You're 100% correct, ShawnaC123. As long as there has been human or animal life on this earth, there has been the inherent need to defend and protect one's self from predators. It's called nature and survival of the fittest and--anthropologically speaking--it will always be around. World peace is an "ideal" that cannot be realistically achieved.
on 07/06/13
felicitations and 2 others liked this  
It is not against human nature - it is against our current human culture. However, anthropologically speaking, this current culture has only existed for a blink of an eye in the existence of the human species. For the vast majority of our existence we were a very peaceful species. The majority of anthropologists agree that war and murder were very rare in prehistoric humans.
on 07/06/13
freedominHisname and 7 others liked this  
Ever hear of Cain and Able? 2 of the first people to ever walk the earth. Cain killed Able. Has nothing to do with current human culture. Brothers have been killing brothers since the very beginning.
on 07/06/13
freedominHisname and 11 others liked this  
the human race was only good for one week... the creation week and then Adam and Ave sinned and the whole world got messed up, and someone did give up their life (Jesus) but it didn't bring peace to the whole world only the Christians that believe in him, and there will come a day when the whole world is at peace the day Jesus comes back
on 07/07/13
freedominHisname liked this  
Yes. Because HE IS The Prince of Peace. That is one of His titles. And He is faithful and true, can never lie, and will shatter every war machine within and outside of our hearts, making every wrong right.
on 07/07/13
on 07/06/13
I would give up my life no questions asked if there would be peace on earth for one day... whats stupid about this question is "knowing my family would be taken care of" its a dumb question because if there was peace then wouldnt they be "taken care of" already, to have everyone have 1 day in their life where there was complete peace, Id die for everyone to have that one moment in whole time span of human existance... no joke, would just suck I would never experience it myself. Ive actually already thought about this question but saying mroe like Id give my life for just one day to take away the worlds pain... just one day.
on 07/07/13
I totally get the "knowing my family would be taken care of" part. If you are the breadwinner and you die, who is going to provide for your family the rest of their lives? its a long term financial issue
on 07/07/13
Maybe the world would deside it liked peace,and keep it going. It would be worth a try. My death would mean a lot.
on 07/07/13
but planning after 25
on 07/07/13
decide are not very well
on 07/07/13
difficult to assume probably in real circumstance i may do
on 07/06/13
of course i would
on 07/06/13
RenaeS liked this  
It would really depend on the situation, and what "peace" meant. I would gladly give my life if need be. I just wouldn't want it to be for nothing.
on 07/06/13
if it were for 1 century then yes no question asked but 2 decades is not enough
on 07/06/13
I really didn't know how to vote but giving up my life wouldn't be an easy thing to just give away
on 07/06/13
RenaeS liked this  
An't nobody got time for that!!!
on 07/06/13
sure if it is in the interest of the world i am ready for this.
on 07/06/13
peace isn't good for business
on 07/06/13
this was tough to decide...
on 07/06/13
This was actually a tough question to answer.
on 07/06/13
on 07/06/13
RenaeS and 5 others liked this  
I would, but according to many religions world peace symbolizes the beginning of the apocalypse. Who knows just how the world would turn out after those twenty years. And who knows what would peace truly means to someone. For instance, some people refuse peace unless a certain race is annihilated, so who gets the peace the person who wants the other race gone or the race itself? Someone has to be destroyed in order for this to happen. The world is a bigoted place, it would take a lot more than one life to change that.
on 07/06/13
elr201 liked this  
Have you seen the movie "This is the End"? The apocalypse came and went. And I don't think anyone got a the t-shirt.
on 07/06/13
laciejay and 2 others liked this  
According to many religions, the universe (which actually consists primarily of Earth) was created by one or more magic fairies in the sky. So who cares what they say?
on 07/06/13
i do it in a heart beat for my children
on 07/06/13
A hard one to answer
on 07/06/13
:) I wish peace was real!

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