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Poll From: 03/20/2013

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Have you checked out the new and improved Games section? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Yes, and I've played a new game.
Yes, and I've entered a tournament
Yes and I've done both.
Yes, but I haven't tried out either of those new features yet.
No, but I will check it out.
No, I'm not so into games.
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on 03/26/13
good one
on 03/23/13
good poll
on 03/22/13
will go check it out!
on 03/22/13
I surely cheak it
on 03/21/13
fawnita liked this  
Uhhuhh, I totally agree with all the comments made aforesaid and agree that I can't believe I kept this page up. lol so nerdy
on 03/21/13
i dont like to play games but since im earning SB points, il do it lol.
on 03/20/13
trishyky liked this  
Ever since the new change I've been missing out on the 10 Sb's because every single time the games freeze and they never work for me.
on 03/20/13
mine doesnt crash but no matter what i play or for how long im not getting any sb's :-(
on 03/21/13
Mine gives me sb's but only on like every other game. It's annoying but I guess I've got it better than some people.
on 03/20/13
The Gamez Are Actually Pretty Dope Af
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
yeah, had a crash, not sure why . new here , though always wanted to try . so far glad i did . not that great with games . esp. ones haven't played b 4 . once i get it then i want to practice to get good at it . .
on 03/20/13
i dont know how to snagthe entry thats y
on 03/20/13
Is anyone else super sad that the 21 card game is gone? I am :(
on 03/20/13
like it :)
on 03/20/13
InDarkness liked this  
Yes ^^ ---AX&PY
on 03/20/13
dont get it
on 03/20/13
dirbas2109 liked this  
i miss crazy taxi
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
The new and "improved" game section has been really buggy and prone to eating my swagbucks. :(
on 03/20/13
They got rid of my favorite game too! They made a big deal about it a few months ago and then got rid of it. The golfing one, I forgot the name. It was such a great game!
on 03/20/13
tfjparadise and 1 others liked this  
There used to be more games. They got rid of some my favorites! I'm not too thrilled with the new games section.
on 03/20/13
tfjparadise liked this  
on 03/20/13
tfjparadise and 1 others liked this  
I don't like the new game set up. The old one was better.
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
tfjparadise liked this  
how can anyone not be into games????????
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
LisaInNC liked this  
Sometimes I need to de-stress with a QUICK game. I don't have time to wait around for something to load, then have it take 20 or more minutes to play! I like games that take 5 minutes at most start to finish.
on 03/20/13
There are better things to do than playing games
on 03/20/13
good job
on 03/20/13
joetod liked this  
woop! :)
on 03/20/13
LisaInNC and 5 others liked this  
I dont like it either and am mad that my gopher solitare game is gone..that was my favorite.
on 03/20/13
dude me too! I loved that game
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
I am too old for sitting whole day for a game.
on 03/20/13
JeriLynOwens liked this  
I don't like it. My favorite games are gone.
on 03/20/13
Yes, I've entered tournaments, but just like last time tournaments were held, my score is never submitted after playing and I lose all my SBs. Disappointed :(
on 03/20/13
ilike it but i miss the old golf solitaire game.
on 03/20/13
rqqeqe and 3 others liked this  
Yes, but I miss Swag Match and Swaggle :( Also some games don't show(fit) properly on the screen and won't work properly in chrome (some didn't work in chrome before, either.)
on 03/20/13
I agree, the games don't fit on the screen or load properly using chrome. Atleast i'm not the only one having that issue.
on 03/20/13
Thanks for confirming, not just me :) They don't fit screen in Fire Fox either.
Some examples (FYI, for Team Swag Bucks) is like Submarine Puzzle, can't see the 'meter' at bottom or score, while playing. The game synopsis will NEVER go to the 'game finished' screen. World Cities, map is out of the square, so no way you can click the proper city on some questions.
An issue I have in Chrome only, is that MOST ALL games ask permission to 'store/use memory' on my computer. (I click deny and am not able to play the game. Why is this an issue only for chrome, not FireFox?)
So I'm sure, some of this might be my settings on my computer?
Hope you see this Team Swag and can look into these issues for us, please? PLEASE, if anyone else see's this and is having issues, please comment and let's see if they can fix this for us.
Have issues with some others, but tried to be brief.
Wondering also, am I the only one mi
on 03/20/13
ibbyjdm99 liked this  
sad some games are gone
on 03/20/13
I don't like the new games section in all honesty. :( They took away all of my favorite games (swagasaurus, swag jump,tSwag memory, swaggle, and that fun fish game where you had to collect all the starfish without touching anything else). ~_____~

I miss the old swag games. T___T
on 03/20/13
bluela and 1 others liked this  
Flashier, more attractive, but not as good substance-wise (which seems to be a swagbucks.com disease. Always changing this or that, making it prettier or "newer", but not really making it better.)It's not as good because you dumped some games I liked - Swag Jump and the Swag concentration game (don't remember the exact name.)As an aside the music on the concentration game was great not like the s**t on WorDrop which sounds like mice on steroids, trapped on a synthesizer keyboard. (I turn it off every time)
on 03/20/13
LOL on WorDrop. Of course as I keep saying here I can't play any games at all since the change, but I used to play all the time. It took me a while before I saw the music off option on WorDrop, and then I found I played poorly without it!
on 03/20/13
it was fun playing fat cooker game. It gives us an idea which foods add unnecessary weight.
on 03/20/13
gottigots liked this  
I actually thought the Fat Cooker game was a little insulting and poorly translated, but I must admit the gameplay was good.
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
Vangamer and 4 others liked this  
I used to play games every day but not anymore. You took away most of the games I liked, so now I have to pick things I don't like just to get the SB, which sometimes don't even credit no matter HOW many times you play them. And yes, I picked games only from the *free play* section. The only new game I'm happy to see is the 3D mahjong, but I'm equally UNhappy to see the other two disappear. Overall, I'm not happy. Why couldn't you have just let us play more games for SB a day and add more ads to them? THAT would have been a GREAT change. This one....not so much.
on 03/20/13
bluela liked this  
I have to agree with this as I too am disappointed with the games that are gone.
on 03/20/13
Wasn't too interested but now I love it. Great game
on 03/20/13
on 03/20/13
I just played Pegland to get 8 swagbucks, which did register in my account once I got out of the games section. While playing the game it looked as though nothing was rewarded. I use Firefox. This is the first time playing games and was a major time suck for only 8 swagbucks, about 20 minutes.
on 03/20/13
rowantree323 and 1 others liked this  
"New" is definitely not "improved". Fyoozd is about the only game I play. Now, I have to watch an ad every single time and wait for my computer to load everything over and over again instead of being able to just "play again". Sorry, but a one-minute game is not worth 3-4 minutes (average) of ads and loading. I've been playing a lot less lately, because it just isn't worth it anymore.
on 03/20/13
jjcoolman123 liked this  
on 03/20/13
sej60619 and 4 others liked this  
The new site is definitely NOT an improvement. If it works, don't "fix" it.
on 03/20/13
No, not at all, not sure what that is
on 03/20/13
rowantree323 and 5 others liked this  
The game section may be new but it is definitely not improved. I have been playing the free games everyday to get my 10 SBs but more often than not since the change, I don't get rewarded for the games I play. I just played 4 games with no SBs. On top of that, I get frequent error messages. Whereas before the games were pretty stable, the new games section rarely works.

What the heck happened to SBTV? Everyday now, I play the first video and it closes. When I open it up again, I get the message that I have already watched this video even though I wasn't credited for watching it. It will usually stay open a bit after the first video but will close frequently throughout the day and then I have to figure out where I left off again because I get the stupid message that I've already watched this video. Arrgh.
on 03/20/13
I can't play the games at all, but I have to say I think the TV section is a little easier to use and more of the videos play properly for me now. I wish you could set up a playlist, though. I like to do stuff while I watch TV (make food, eat food, polish nails, etc), and it sucks that you always have to click click click.
on 03/20/13
bluela and 3 others liked this  
I agree with everything you said, it is very frustrating to say the least. Every time I finish a game it hangs up and I have to use the home button to get the Swagbucks homepage to start again and of course no SB's. Also the games themselves were much better in the old versions.
on 03/20/13
i used to go the game section but i never got any bucks and it felt like a huge wast of time so i stopped going to game section.
on 03/20/13

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