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Poll From: 02/06/2013

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Do you use emoticons when in a professional or serious setting? Submitted By ianfhunter, Meath
Yes! ;)
No, but I use them.
No, I don't use them at all.
It hasn't come up, but I would.
It hasn't come up, but I would not.
What's an emoticon?
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on 04/28/13
It depends on the situation. If everyone needs to take a "chill pill", then, yes, I'd use one to help lighten the mood up!
on 03/31/13
on 02/28/13
on 02/12/13
on 02/10/13
Emoticons when used in professional or serious setting, will be more convincing.
on 02/10/13
on 02/09/13
whaat is an emoticon
on 02/07/13
on 02/07/13
<3 :)
on 02/07/13
on 02/07/13
Ibeleive that smiley have a properplce
on 02/07/13
mikesangelgirl and 5 others liked this  
I only use emoticons for informal emails,txts,note/letters etc not when I am in professional/serious situations.
I think it would be very unprofessional & inapprpriate at these times, & probably not at all welcomed by the receiver
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
I use the emoticons a lot, it's so cute.
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
Love it
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
I try to avoid emoticon usage in formal situations. I don't know whether it's Asperger's or what, but I have trouble expressing emotions without using emoticons and lol/haha, so my formal writing is very... formal... It is difficult for me not to use them in formal writing, because it is such a part of my everyday life. However, I'm not the annoying person who puts lol into a research paper. =)
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
emoticons should be used strictly in social settings outside of your profession because your bosses arent their to be your friend or to be hip or trendy. They are there for business affairs which most likely dont include an emotional response.
on 02/06/13
katienpearson and 3 others liked this  
Emoticons should only be used in an informal setting.
on 02/06/13
naydana and 2 others liked this  
The choices for answers in this poll is very confusing-
Q:Do you use emoticons when in a professional or serious setting?
A: (the confusing one) No, but I use them. Sooooo, you DO use them or NOT? Very weird.
and what do they mean, 'if it comes up'
I usually enjoy these homemade polls, but the editors should have caught this one. It doesn't make any sense! Please refrain from responding with bad mojo- I am merely stating a humble opinion with no judgment whatsoever- just a curiosity if anything. . . Blessings to all
on 02/06/13
anamulhossain197 liked this  
That option just means that you use them, but not in a professional or serious setting. I hope this clears it up for others, too.
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
its better to express
on 02/06/13
nopenope and 7 others liked this  
Lol no not in a professional setting that wouldn't be appropriate to use smiley face at work or at a important meeting haha no.
on 02/06/13
sydneyjurado11 liked this  
how is a face smiling not professional..... i use them so people understand what im saying and the way im saying it so i dont sound satrical
on 02/06/13
on 02/06/13
nopenope and 6 others liked this  
Says the man whose first obnoxious comment began with a clause that contained no verb, and thus made no sense whatsoever!
on 02/06/13
It does make sense. DamonShaddex was correcting surfergirl77's sentence, because she said, "a important" instead of "AN important..."
on 02/06/13
nopenope liked this  
It depends on the setting, obviously.
on 02/06/13
Ilovesparky13 and 3 others liked this  
5 percent dont know what a emotion is they must be 70 years old
on 02/06/13
chalison liked this  
Maybe they're not internet savvy? I know a few people even in my age group that don't know about things like that. May seem weird but it does happen.
on 02/06/13
amz10 and 3 others liked this  
Using an emoticon in a business setting is like sending in hour resume on pink paper. It's a "no-no" and a sure fire way for it to end up in the trash before even being read. {^;^}
on 02/06/13
amz10 and 2 others liked this  
That is so unprofessional to use at work. I have had to get after people for doing that in professional paperwork.
on 02/06/13
Professional paper work? That's crazy!
on 02/06/13
I wouldn't do it.
on 02/06/13
sydneyjurado11 liked this  
i love emojis :)
on 02/06/13
I'm tempted always. I restrain from it unless it's someone I am quite comfortable with or the other person starts it first. :P
on 02/06/13
RoseAnne75 liked this  
With coworkers I am friendly with.
on 02/06/13
on 02/06/13
zamzampani and 1 others liked this  
Emoticons are only good during casual things- like with friends, but not a meeting at work.
on 02/06/13
i dont really use emoticons
on 02/06/13
ljb78 and 2 others liked this  
Guys...It's an emoticon. Who gives a shit. There are more important things in life worth arguing over.
on 02/06/13
bizzypoet liked this  
I think Emoticons have their time and place. For me I use them when I play online games or in a text to a friend.
on 02/06/13
ggmous and 1 others liked this  
i only use emoticons for casual settings if you use them for professional or serious settings it will make you look unfit :)
on 02/06/13
Vangamer and 2 others liked this  
No it doesn't....some of us have bosses with a sense of humor...
on 02/06/13
left4dead and 1 others liked this  
some people have bosses with a sense of humor, but that means many do not. Even with a sense of humor it is still considered unproffessional. I would use them with my peers at work but not my boss even though she has a sense of humor.
on 02/06/13
While I don't use them in professional situations, I do have to make a concerted effort not to use them out of habit.
on 02/06/13
on 02/06/13
<(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^)> I don't know if this is an emoticon but i've seen it before and it's cute...looks like a happy dance to me, and I only used it once in an email to my sis, other than that, nope.
on 02/06/13
i think it depends on someones profession
on 02/06/13
My boss replied 'lol you're fired'.
on 02/06/13
LiquidThunder and 1 others liked this  
If I were using emoticons in Business conversation and a seriosuu setting than it wouldnt be a serious conversation anymore.
on 02/06/13
I would never use emoticons on anything other than casual settings.
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
I hate people who don't use text emotions at all though -.-
on 02/06/13
ggmous and 2 others liked this  
In an important letter? No. Casual? You bet ;D
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
dumb poll
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
Not really
on 02/06/13
my fav is xD but not if it is to a professional person O_______o
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
i really use smileys and would not use them in a professional email or text
on 02/06/13
metalface26 liked this  
on 02/06/13
nopenope and 13 others liked this  
Wow ya'll gonna fight about SMILEYS? really!? I should smack ya'll with some smileys hehe

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