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Daily Polls

Poll From: 06/22/2012

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What's the most exciting part of the new Daily Poll page? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Being able to read other people's comments.
Being able to leave your own.
We can finally discuss polls.
Better navigation for the Daily Poll Archive.
The pie chart for results.
Other. (comment below)
Comment on this poll
on 06/14/14
on 05/16/14
no comments
on 04/09/14
I enjoy the pie charts so I can compare results and see if I'm on the winning 'slice' LOL! ;) Mo
on 04/07/14
getting paid
on 03/01/14
on 02/16/14
on 01/05/14
BambiBabi liked this  
I had no other that this daily poll was a new & updated version. :/
on 12/31/13
happy new year
on 11/30/13
on 07/06/13
TheDistressed and 1 others liked this  
I don't care for that thing that pops in front of the poll after I'm done. It is ridiculously annoying after I do a poll. It covers up the results, and therefore becomes my enemy.
on 07/06/13
The pie chart is fairly popular...
on 07/02/13
i only know the new page!
on 06/19/13
on 05/05/13
maybe to get a swag point
on 02/17/13
I'd say answering the questions.
on 12/30/12
StarStrangled liked this  
seeing the questions they are so wierd
on 11/19/12
on 10/16/12
TheQueenKasey liked this  
on 10/01/12
earning Swagbucks
on 07/30/12
TheQueenKasey liked this  
i go here for the 1 swabucks XD
on 09/20/12
LOL me too
on 06/26/12
TheQueenKasey and 3 others liked this  
I don't really like the new daily poll page. I liked the old style better...the graph was easier to understand, for me anyway.
on 07/18/12
Jkumbalek and 1 others liked this  
Honestly, I'd REALLY like to shoot the d*mn dude popping up all the freakin' time! Bring back the old one!!!
on 09/20/12
Jkumbalek liked this  
Me too! It is so annoying!
on 06/27/12
Jkumbalek and 1 others liked this  
me neither! the old style is better!
on 09/20/12
Jkumbalek liked this  
I don't like this one except for commenting
on 07/30/12
Jkumbalek liked this  
the old style is beter
on 07/01/12
seems a little easier.
on 09/20/12
Jkumbalek liked this  
It does...i wish TSG wouldn't pop up all the time.
on 07/12/12
insomniacchick liked this  
Ya. I kinda liked the old one better. I think I will live without a pie chart and the Swag Guy popping up in my face every time I vote. But still, thanks for trying to dazzle up Swagbucks!
on 07/07/12
shufflebot and 1 others liked this  
I very strongly dislike the new daily poll page. I think it is harder to navigate and isn't as fun looking, although I do like how each answer is shown in a different color. But, the pie chart, who wants to look at it? They already have percents, why have a big useless wheel? blek I hate it
on 07/02/12
shufflebot and 2 others liked this  
I hate it. Bring back the old one
on 06/30/12
shufflebot liked this  
I like the old one better.
on 06/28/12
shufflebot liked this  
I hate the new page
on 06/26/12
lilwillis liked this  
A number of people voting would be nice- 80 % of 10 people voting isnt as exciting as say 10,000 people and 80%!
on 06/25/12
shufflebot liked this  
Makes everything slow, freezes, def not as easy as it used to be
on 06/25/12
i hate the new layout
on 06/25/12
I don't like the new page better AT ALL! It was much better before. I like the bar graph better than the pie chart. I liked the navigation for voting in previous polls much better (fewer steps). And I don't really care about comments. Sorry to be a party pooper. :(
on 06/25/12
insomniacchick and 2 others liked this  
If you don't care about comments, why are you taking the time to add one?
on 06/25/12
kimberlyrae25 liked this  
I liked watching the graph grow.... I dont like having to click on the date and then click vote on this poll and then click my bvote to vote on the old polls either if i miss one. It takes too long...esp with slower internet.
on 06/25/12
I like the old bar graph much better!!!
on 06/25/12
orccrusher99::2012-10-21 17:41:53 and 1 others liked this  
I dont like that i have to hit view poll to vote on old polls. it takes too long
on 06/25/12
taylormariejune5 liked this  
I prefered the old way. I'm not a fan of the pie chart :-(
on 06/25/12
orccrusher99::2012-10-21 17:41:53 and 1 others liked this  
Most exciting part of the Daily Poll WAS watching the bar graph display the daily results. Kinda fun to watch the bars grow and easy to compare your answer to the others. The pie chart takes that away.
on 06/25/12
baileycow97 liked this  
it's fun!
on 06/24/12
taylormariejune5 liked this  
do not like the new page!
on 06/24/12
chicha12 and 1 others liked this  
I like the extra swag points for watching videos......
on 06/24/12
grannydee and 2 others liked this  
I don't like the new setup.
on 06/24/12
Bring back the old set up; not liking this new on at all.
on 06/24/12
i dont have a favorite
on 06/24/12
actally the pie
on 06/24/12
orccrusher99::2012-10-21 17:41:53 and 1 others liked this  
I don't like the new pie chart. I think it was easier to compare the results on the old set-up.
on 06/24/12
It is "prettier," but for me, it's NOT better. The bar graph made much more sense. The page is taking longer to load (which is a BIG negative for me because the website is always slow in general for me, compared to other websites).
Comments are sometimes fun, but they take up so much space (each 2 inches tall), that it would take me too much time and effort to read since I have to keep loading them (and it doesn't help that there are comments that don't add to the discussion that "turn me off" to reading more).
Thanks for the improvement efforts, but for me, the "old way" was faster and eaisier.
on 06/24/12
dbeiner liked this  
I think the pie graph is cool and it still shows the percentages for the people that like the bar graph...that gives you a quick glance of what was the most popular answer.
on 06/24/12
I liked the old one better, pie charts are hard to read
on 06/23/12
Liked the bar graph across each answer w/ percentages at end MUCH better than the pie chart. You have to look back at each color coded question to figure out comparison's. But I DO like the "Top 10 Polls" button being available.
on 06/23/12
dbeiner liked this  
easy to read
on 06/23/12
DaddyLowe liked this  
it is interesting to compare our poll with all others % wise
on 06/23/12
DaddyLowe liked this  
I like it kinda.

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