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Poll From: 06/20/2013

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What's your favorite reason to shop online? Submitted By abbijoy, OR
Avoiding the hassle of the store.
Easier to shop around for a better price.
Don't have to leave home.
Online only deals.
I don't enjoy shopping online.
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on 06/24/13
I agree that all the above choices are my fav reasons to shop online....which I LOVE to do but it's also hard to find my size. I'm a size 0 and in some styles and brands 00. I'm short (5'1) although sometimes I claim to be 5'2 or 5'3 to make myself feel better. ; ) I have a hard body to dress. I'm short, extremely skinny (trying to gain weight), but I also have natural big breasts which makes finding tops that fit properly and not make me look like a hoochie very difficult. I'm married, am a Christian, am a preacher's daughter, and want to look respectable and decent. I live in a small area in Mississippi, so it's easier to find clothes that fit online.
on 06/22/13
How about "all of the top 4"???
on 06/24/13
Exactly what I was thinking
on 06/21/13
Ni idea
on 06/21/13
I like gift cards
on 06/21/13
on 06/21/13
I'm disabled, so I don't do a lot of shopping anymore, online makes it easier, and I don't have to worry about whether I will find my size. ;)
on 06/21/13
Finding something specific.
on 06/20/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
I picked "other" because there's no option for "all of the above" plus, there's better selection online. I live in a tiny rural community. I mean, I'm 30 miles from a Walmart, even..let alone any GOOD stores!
on 06/21/13
I like shopping online because it's cheaper and have lot's of choices...
on 06/20/13
on 06/20/13
What I want is hardly ever at the store.
on 06/20/13
In a store, I could view five sections in 20 minutes. But online, I could view all five sections in 10 minutes.
on 06/20/13
I needed a new bedroom suite, and I found the dresser I loved at a local high end furniture store. I bought it and asked about the bed and nightstand. They didn't have it, but could order, and I'd get it in 8 weeks. I came home looked online, found the bed and night stand on sale. The bed and night stand was less than I paid for the dresser.
on 06/20/13
pretty much all of them but mostly the price deals
on 06/20/13
citydog and 2 others liked this  
I didn't set foot inside a mall or major retailer from early November through Christmas. It was AMAZING...
on 06/20/13
dc5523 liked this  
I know, right? That in itself is a reason -- avoiding holiday shopping crowds cannot be undervalued!
on 06/20/13
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
same here ! i loved the online sales the weeks around black friday :D so many sites had at least 40% off everything and free shipping. got a lot of great stuff from American eagle and Kohls and i ordered a lot of different sizes and just took the ones i didn't want back to the physical stores.
on 06/20/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
Reviews! One of the best reasons to shop online is to lessen your chances of buying a lemon. Comparing reviews to product claims can help determine whether or not the item is worth my money.
on 06/20/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
All the above, also amazon cards from swagbucks. Might change if they added the online taxes.
on 06/20/13
Does shopping on steam count?
on 06/20/13
Had to answer "other." I find that the selection is better online. For instance, for the past few years, when searching for prom jewelry for my daughters, it was easier to look onliine and purchase than it was to spend gas money and running from store to store. We were able to get things that were more unique than what we were seeing in the stores.
on 06/20/13
ehsan56 liked this  
lots of reasons...but main reason is cant find the item where i live. :D
on 06/20/13
The lower two choices should even be there, and I was going to pick how its easier to shop cheaper. But, its the same thing as online only deals! Even if you somehow find something cheaper than ebay, there are TONS of things you can only get online!
on 06/20/13
I think on black friday its so much easier just shopping online and avoiding the crowd
on 06/20/13
siacalinsays and 2 others liked this  
Not for online only deals, but online only items.
on 06/20/13
I somewhat like shopping online becus i like using gift cards without hassle
on 06/20/13
mom doesn't take me to the stores i want to go,she doesnt even let me go on foot.online shopping all i got
on 06/20/13
If you don't have to leave home why do it?
on 06/20/13
Some hobby supplies are better found online than in a box store.
You can grocery shop online if you need food for your place and you can't get out/

Need I say more????
on 06/20/13
on 06/20/13
morimunda and 2 others liked this  
Online shopping is just easier and it saves me money. Besides, I like the free shipping on Amazon.
on 06/20/13
Because cybernetics make everything better.
on 06/20/13
morimunda liked this  
Because having to carry stuff on the bus and then the walk home is difficult for large and/or heavy items. I may have caved and bought a car if there wasn't the online shopping alternative! The lower prices are good, too.
on 06/20/13
RenSwagg liked this  
For me it's the top three reasons, so I put OTHER.
on 06/20/13
shopping online is cool there are lots of good deals!
on 06/20/13
online shopping is cool.
on 06/20/13
online shopping is the best. always get the right size :)
on 06/20/13
mastre liked this  
The things I buy are usually cheaper on the internet...even with shipping & handling! It makes sense to shop online when it's a good deal.
on 06/20/13
tfjparadise liked this  
I don't like shopping online, but I live a good distance from any major cities, and it's easier to be sure I can get what I want online rather than driving two hours and chancing that the store doesn't have.
on 06/20/13
How bout 'All of the above'?
on 06/20/13
siacalinsays liked this  
on 06/20/13
of course is that
on 06/20/13
on 06/20/13
I chose easier to shop around for a better price, but since I live far away from any decent shopping centers it's sometimes the most logical thing to do
on 06/20/13
8RCR8 liked this  
How about all of the above + things you can't get in stores.
on 06/20/13
Think I'm gonna like earning swagbucks!
on 06/20/13
It's way easier to shop online.
on 06/20/13
basically the only things I really want to buy are online //imported from somewhere
on 06/20/13
Naturally it's easier to shop around for a better price. Nowadays money is going plastic so it was only natural for stores to make things more accessible this way. I predicted the Internet in my Sci-Fi writings in grade school and I'm 52 years old. Science is only catching up. Soon we will do our grocery shopping and all at the push of a button.
on 06/20/13
on 06/20/13
shoppin on line easy
on 06/20/13
Opius and 1 others liked this  
ONE website shopping. Amazon has it all! Lowest prices too!
on 06/20/13
JuliaFaraday and 1 others liked this  
Price. Amazon is great for some hard to find items too.
on 06/20/13
really good poll

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