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Poll From: 11/15/2013

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Do you feel you have or had a role model? Submitted By Bernie1629, ENG
Yes, someone famous.
Yes, a family member.
Yes, a friend or acquaintance.
I have/had more than one role model.
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on 04/21/15
I've never had a role model it might be sad But honestly you can't count on Anyone to be there for you or Even be a role model to you That's the truth for most people Those,of you who say otherwise, I'd consider Fortunate, to have a positive aspect in Your lives to help mold you into what You are today and what you. Will become For those of us who were never as fortunate, I believe there is a Reason to be stronger individuals independent, individuals There is a purpose for all of us.
on 11/25/13
My only role models are characters in books.
on 11/18/13
on 11/17/13
on 11/17/13
on 11/15/13
butterflysym liked this  
I think it is very sad that so far, 35% have said they had no role model. What kind of lives have they had with no one to look up to?
on 11/17/13
This poll bothered me and I went back to check the final results. At least the percentage without a role model dropped to 29%, but that is still sadly, too high.
on 11/16/13
I never really had a role model. Lol i know. What a loner
on 11/16/13
I have had several teachers who were great role models.
on 11/16/13
Midnight785 and 2 others liked this  
my father is the greatest man
on 11/16/13
KatieS85 liked this  
my father is the greatest man ever hard working and a great person in general could not said it any better
on 11/16/13
KatieS85 and 1 others liked this  
my father is the greatest man ever hard working and a great person in general
on 11/16/13
general role models are the people we are around the most. It do not matter if they are good or bad. After we seperate from them we choose our own characteristics.
on 11/16/13
Albert Belle
on 11/16/13
my pop-pop was an amazing man
on 11/16/13
naybae liked this  
I've been my own role model with the value and morals my parents taught me
on 11/16/13
When I was really like, my sister was my role model.
on 11/16/13
my parents
on 11/16/13
on 11/16/13
My role model was my dad :)
on 11/15/13
By far, my maternal Grandmother (miss you Grams!!)and my 8th grade teacher,
Sr. Ann Veronica.
Two very powerful, influential women.
I was most definitely blessed!!
on 11/15/13
naybae liked this  
My role model is a role model because they are someone who has followed their dreams and achieved them, which is something most people give up on.
on 11/15/13
My mom. She was an awesome mom and role model. I miss her every day.
on 11/15/13
Parents can be role models sometimes, but they usually aren't.
on 11/15/13
If you want something done right: Do it yourself!
on 11/15/13
My mom is the biggest role model in my life.
on 11/15/13
Surprised famous people # is so small.
on 11/15/13
my family is everything
on 11/15/13
kartikay33 liked this  
on 11/15/13
Richard Dawkins :)
on 11/15/13
Wrong. Richard Simmons in bright pink.
on 11/15/13
my life heroes my are my father , mother and my friend
on 11/15/13
In my life I can think of 2 great teachers that I was moved by, my mom and dad, my brother, and a few random people along the way who reached out to me at the perfect time.
on 11/15/13
There have been people I look up to (Jon Foreman) but none that I would consider a role model unfortunately :/
on 11/15/13
From Switchfoot? Nice.
on 11/15/13
on 11/15/13
cassyj1 and 1 others liked this  
i did model once but not anymore
on 11/15/13
MaraJade9 and 1 others liked this  
This opened up my eyes, My husband is my role model
on 11/15/13
spizan and 1 others liked this  
i think every body has a role in there life and i depend on mine
on 11/15/13
do you get swagbucks for commenting?
on 11/15/13
on 11/15/13
great question
on 11/15/13
My Father is my role model
on 11/15/13
My best friend was my role model
on 11/15/13
Family always comes first in my book
on 11/15/13
Of course
on 11/15/13
on 11/15/13
ShankG liked this  
Jesus, of course!
on 11/15/13
It's so nice to see that family member ranks high in this poll.
on 11/15/13
momoftwins318 and 3 others liked this  
My Grandmother was my greatest inspiration in life. She showed me how to love, forgive, and how to fit into my own skin. She was always there for me, and never let me down. She supported me when my family couldn't. She provided a warm roof over my head and amazing food to eat. Even when she was sick or didn't feel well, she would still get up extra early so that when she woke me to get ready for school, breakfast was waiting for me on the table and I always had a meal waiting for me when i got in from school. She was so good to me and always fought the battles that i was too young to face. tomorrow will be four years that i have lived without her, and i try each day to make her proud of me. I love you MawMaw and I always will! I may not have told you enough, but I appreciate everything you did for me.
on 11/15/13
ShankG liked this  
I loved reading your comment, it's so clear how much she loved you and what she meant to you in your life and how much you miss her. Consider yourself very lucky that you had this special bond with your grandma and hopefully one day you may pass it on to your own grandchildren, so one day they feel the same about you. Just beautiful...I have three granddaughters and they don't even know me, thanks to their parents and I suffer by that so much, because you can't bring the time back, it's gone...I havn't seen them for the past 6 years and I'm heartbroken...
on 11/15/13
i have two a great aunt and a great uncle who never gave up on me even when it was my darkest times , thank you for loving me aunt karen and uncle kenny words can never express how much i love you both and u mean to me and my life ;)
on 11/15/13
Sizzzel liked this  
on 11/15/13
im a good role model
on 11/15/13
ShankG liked this  
I would say that my role model would be the woman who gave birth to me - on exactly how NOT to be a parent. While I did grow up in her home she doesn't have the right to be called "mom" as she was nothing near what a mom is. It taught me exactly what NOT to do with my kids - and so far it's been working out quite well. I haven't spoken to her in nearly 4 years now and am at total peace with my decision. She brought nothing but stress and heartbreak and I don't need negative people/energy in mine or my children's lives.

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