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Poll From: 05/27/2013

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Which of these films honoring the military is your favorite? Submitted By BrittanyS1029, MI
Saving Private Ryan.
The Hurt Locker.
The Great Escape.
Black Hawk Down.
Pearl Harbor.
We Were Soldiers.
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on 05/29/13
I haven't seen The Hurt Locker nor the Great Escape.
on 05/28/13
Runnie59 liked this  
pearl harbor happened a lot of people died it should get 100 percent assholes
on 05/28/13
Gader1 liked this  
Aren't all of these movies based on real wars?
on 05/28/13
To tell the truth I olnly saw hurt locker
on 05/28/13
LilLiz85 liked this  
you should've had act of valor on their
on 05/28/13
Runnie59 and 1 others liked this  
I'm surprised that Taking Chance was not an option. It is an extremely moving movie that everyone should watch at least once!
on 05/28/13
Runnie59 liked this  
me too!!! I just saw that yesterday for the first time, and loved it!!! I haven't seen any of the others!!! :\
on 05/27/13
"Honouring the military" is a fundamentally disgusting concept.
on 05/28/13
JuliaFaraday and 1 others liked this  
You're a disgusting concept...
on 05/28/13
JuliaFaraday and 1 others liked this  
Yeah, unless you live in a country where it matters......
on 05/28/13
Runnie59 liked this  
I liked Saving Private Ryan
on 05/27/13
kmjkarma and 5 others liked this  
I don't watch military movies. It would have been nice to have the option to check "none of these." I'm going to choose an answer so I can get the SB, but it isn't accurate.
on 05/27/13
dothackfan993 liked this  
i second this motion
on 05/27/13
Runnie59 liked this  
Advice: Read reviews on a movie to get an idea if a movie is good or not.
on 05/27/13
Runnie59 liked this  
Mine was really "Bridges over Toko Ri" and one about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Probably before your time. I haven't seen most of these. Should have the choice of "None of these." Thanks for the game.
on 05/27/13
Haven't seen any of them but hey thanks for "not" giving us the option to check none of the above!
on 05/27/13
Gonna have to check out the others I haven't seen yet.
on 05/27/13
#1-saving private Ryan
#2-A bridge too far.

are both good ww2 movies
a bridge too far tells a story on the failure of operation market garden.
on 05/27/13
Saving Private Ryan...Jeremy Davies is so cute :)
on 05/27/13
Saving P.Ryan!
on 05/27/13
I agree
on 05/27/13
Pearl Harbor was A great movie
on 05/27/13
mmmthasgood liked this  
I agree that honoring soldiers deceived of false freedoms attained through war is pathetic, meaningless n not worth dying for
CoryXD::2013-05-27 2".."+
on 05/27/13
Saving Private Ryan was my favorite!
on 05/27/13
None of them.
on 05/27/13
Tried to figure outtake purpose of this poll, then I remembered today is Memorial Day.
on 05/27/13
defiantly pearl harbor
on 05/27/13
Pearl Harbor is da best fo show!!! It's dope freshnessss saaaaan
on 05/27/13
on 05/27/13
nyneelie and 1 others liked this  
The Great Escape is my favorite of those listed (actually, Black Hawk Down is the only other one from the list that I've seen). My all-time favorite soldier movie is Sergeant York. I also love Bridge Over the River Kwai, To Hell and Back, Twelve O'Clock High, and Letters From Iwo Jima.
on 05/27/13
The cast was phenomonal.
Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Noah Beery
You're right.
That movie was awesomeness personified.
Thank you for the jolt!
Didn't it win an Academy? I don't remember if it was Best Movie/Actor etc.
on 05/27/13
nyneelie liked this  
You offer a lot better options than the ones offered. But there are so many good ones, it would be hard to narrow down. I wish there were just a couple more older ones in these choices.
on 05/27/13
saving private ryan was so sad and intense
on 05/27/13
It's Memorial Day.
The poll makes sense if you understand
what that means in the USA.
It's basically remembering our fallen heroes.
If it weren't for them, Americans would be speaking
The United States declared neutrality in 1914. In 1917, the United States associated with the Allied nations thereby changing the course of World War I.
World War II, the Normandy Invasion.
The rest as they say, is HISTORY!
A huge thanks to our soldiers!!
Past and Present.
on 05/27/13
nyneelie and 1 others liked this  
never seen Saving Private Ryan... nor have I heard of it.
on 05/27/13
12hungryearwigs and 6 others liked this  
Needs to be a "none" option. Never been a fan of war movies.
on 05/27/13
me neither
on 05/27/13
I don't watch war movies.
on 05/27/13
harnzen and 2 others liked this  
Maybe I should be a Little Embarrassed but Ive seriously never seen not a One of those :/ so i just had to pick one
on 05/27/13
sschmidt185 liked this  
we were soldiers
on 05/27/13
spunkygirl87 and 1 others liked this  
Swagbucks is crazy!!
on 05/27/13
this is strange
on 05/27/13
Have a wonderful day.
on 05/27/13
spunkygirl87 liked this  
on 05/27/13
on 05/27/13
Mama333 liked this  
I am a pacifist
on 05/27/13
War, imperialism, and violence = peace
on 05/27/13
I've seen Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, and The Great Escape.
I just picked Pearl Harbor randomly because I didn't remember watching Saving Private Ryan
until a few hours later.
on 05/27/13
nyneelie and 2 others liked this  
There were a lot of good movies from the '40s and '50s. How about 'Away All Boats," loosely based on the ship my father was on.
on 05/27/13
One of the best movies ever
on 05/27/13
nyneelie and 2 others liked this  
How about The Best Years of Our Lives, Since You Went Away (love the English Bulldog!), Paradise Road, South Pacific ... I think there are many movies out there better than the ones listed. But you can only vote for one, and there's a limit of six ... <sigh>
on 05/27/13
Indiamommy and 2 others liked this  
Should of been a choice of None of the above. I haven't seen any so this is a terrible poll.
on 05/27/13
Indiamommy liked this  
well Saving Private Ryan was the only one I saw so I marked it...but I didnt like it....sooooo boring!!! but soem great actors were in it. There should have been a "none" option.
on 05/27/13
hjb klonlkjnil;l;l;
on 05/27/13
HangBurger liked this  
I have seen some of these movies.
on 05/27/13
on 05/27/13
These movies are awesome!
on 05/27/13
CamsShel and 5 others liked this  
Okay, I'm seeing a lot of "these glorify war we hate this". And, of the several I've seen, almost all of these are the case. But, and I know, that one word can ruin almost any statement, The Great Escape is not like that. The Great Escape is a much older movie, with relatively primitive SFX, but it is about a group of soldiers in a German POW camp during WWII. It is not about the fighting, or the deaths. It is more of a heist movie- it's about the soldiers trying to escape the damn camp. And it's really, quite brilliant. It doesn't glorify war, it glorifies life, and everything meaningful in it. Don't bash movies you haven't seen, guys. Seriously. It's the exact same thing as judging books by their covers.

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