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Poll From: 07/15/2013

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When you fly on a plane, which seat do you choose? Submitted By Design4Aloha, TX
Aisle seat.
Center seat.
Window seat.
First Class is most important.
I don't care which seat.
I don't fly on planes.
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on 04/16/14
100% window seat!!
on 07/24/13
Gader1 liked this  
love seeing the scenery
on 07/20/13
the one with the exit door is the best for leg room
on 07/18/13
Long legs and not wild about flying so don't like looking out the windows, I go for the aisle seat.
on 07/18/13
I like the window seat because I like to see the the green lands and cities below. But, now that I am older and the bladder is more active, I think an aisle seat would be okay too.
on 07/16/13
I know isle seats usually suck because of everyone walking by and usually bumping you but it's the seat with the most room. The window and middle seat usually get a little claustrophobic.
on 07/16/13
I love the window so I can watch the amazing view
on 07/16/13
shynii liked this  
I like the window seat.
on 07/16/13
i perfer the window seat because I like the scenery
on 07/16/13
I prefer in the window seat, because it is much comfortable to sleep in especially for long flights.
on 07/16/13
I prefer the window seat, but I voted for center because that's what I usually get. My tall husband prefers aisle, and my kids fight over the window seats.
on 07/16/13
I have never flown on a plane in my entire life. Gods honest truth!
on 07/16/13
I prefer the window seat. There's such a beautiful view of the clouds below the plane, and the earth looks so amazing from so high up.
on 07/15/13
on 07/15/13
i like looking out but can never be next to a person who will let me
on 07/15/13
i like looking out the window
on 07/15/13
any seat but the center seat! cant stand being stuck between strangers for hours.
on 07/15/13
That's why I travel by train. Taking the train from Denver to New York may take $900 and 48 hours, but I'm guaranteed to be seated in a private room with zero strangers.

If you don't mind sitting next to one stranger (there are no center seats) and can live without a bed for two nights (train seats only recline part way, like business class on an airplane), then you can get a ticket for less than $250 but I prefer to travel in style.
on 07/15/13
Who flies on planes anymore.
on 07/15/13
The most important issue is not having to be strip-searched before boarding the plane, so that means the most important thing is to fly on private jets (or from non-American airports).
on 07/15/13
Who loves windo seats?
on 07/15/13
on 07/15/13
rainboweverafter liked this  
Window for me since I prefer to take pictures to pass the time plus I can lean on it with my pillow to sleep. Aisle is nice for having to use the bathroom but other than that, you get whacked by passengers and the cart, no thanks! Not to mention you get disturbed by the window and center passengers plus have the flight attendant lean over you while they hand stuff to those passengers. I actually don't know why you would choose aisle accept for the quick bathroom exit.
on 07/15/13
I prefer the aisle seat because I can get off the plane more quickly. I've never been whacked by anything.
on 07/15/13
soIexist and 1 others liked this  
I choose aisle because I have restless leg syndrome and my left ankle and foot swell terribly on a plane. I need to be able to get up and walk in the aisle every so often and it would be very rude of me to pick a window seat and then disturb my seatmates several times.
on 07/15/13
Window seats make the most sense to me
on 07/15/13
window so i can see outside
on 07/15/13
Window seat - need to have something to lean up against to sleep.

I also like a seat near the wing. If something goes wrong and falls off or something I want to know lol.
on 07/15/13
to me is not important xD
on 07/15/13
Depends if I'm traveling alone or not. Alone, I like aisle so I don't have to crawl over anyone if I need to get to the restroom. I remember times I got the window seat only to get a lovely view of the wing lol
on 07/15/13
its depends on the age
on 07/15/13
mmmthasgood and 2 others liked this  
The one without the snakes under it.
on 07/15/13
*Singing "Window Seat" by Erykah Badu*
on 07/15/13
mmmthasgood liked this  
lol now i can hear the song in my head
on 07/15/13
Swagerwagon18 liked this  
I've never been on a plane!
on 07/15/13
tightlacedboots liked this  
Easier to get in n out , in the aisle seat
on 07/15/13
I don't really care as long as I fit in the seat and am not "overflowing" into the other seats. I am very self conscious in small spaces because of me being 3 times larger than everyone else. I have only ever flown on Delta and if you've been on Delta you know they're practically puddle jumpers. All 3 times I had window seats but one of them there was a row of only 1 seats. If I could have had that every time I would because I don't want to make someone else uncomfortable with my size. I do like flying tho.
on 07/15/13
I get motion sickness easily AND I'm claustrophobic so that's why I prefer the window seat. The Aisle would be my second choice.
on 07/15/13
Window seat, but more likely as not I'll get the aisle or even worse the dreaded center seat. *shudders*
on 07/15/13
on 07/15/13
well, if we all went on a flight, there wouldn't be enough window seats to go around
on 07/15/13
I really don't like flying, but when I have to (Like to go to Europe) then I like a window seat to look at the view.
on 07/15/13
depends on the flight
on 07/15/13
first class is better more enjoyed it more flying from los angeles
on 07/15/13
I've never been on a plane and have no intentions to ever. I have no desire to travel and I would hate the hassle of going through security, finding my way around an airport, and spending the money.
on 07/15/13
Joscelin and 5 others liked this  
The seat farthest away from children.
on 07/15/13
The thing that's actually most important for me isn't on here- I prefer to sit in the back of the plane!
on 07/15/13
tfjparadise liked this  
I know many people prefer to take a window seat, but it would be a pain to go to the bathroom on a long flight. I take aisle whenever I fly back to Japan.
on 07/15/13
tfjparadise liked this  
on 07/15/13
I go bathroom a lot.
on 07/15/13
Are You People Crazy, I Did A Lot of Flying When I was In The Service, & I Hated It, I Have Family All Over The USA, If I want To visit Them, I Hop In My Car, & Drive ... I Was A Mechanic For a Little While Before The Metric System Came Into Play,Before I Retired, & Let Me Tell You Anything Mechanical Can Break Down At Anytime, If My Car Breaks down, I Can Pull Over, If A Plane Breaks Down Your Dead ... I Know They say Statistically There Are Less Plane Accidents Than Car Accidents ... That's Because There Are A Lot More Cars On The Road Than There Are Planes In The Air ...
on 07/15/13
Window seat. I like to stick my head out when flying at 40,000 mph.
on 07/15/13
tfjparadise liked this  
No plane goes at 40,000 mph.
on 07/15/13
Window seat during the day, so I can see; aisle seat at night.
on 07/15/13
Everyone wants a window seat! I have flown before but I choose to drive at this point because of what i have seen.
I would fly again for necessity though. And By the window!
on 07/15/13
I love that feeling you get in your stomach when the plane takes off, window seat for me!

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