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Poll From: 01/27/2013

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Do you go hunting? Submitted By nkshoe, MI
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on 07/10/14
I love Hunting
on 04/24/14
i don't hunt its not good
on 04/09/14
I completely disagree with hunting as a leisure sport. Although I do accept that hunting takes place to gather food in extremely isolated areas of the world.
on 03/26/14
on 03/10/14
85% of the males and about 15% of the females in my family do!
on 02/11/14
I shall go fetch dinner.
on 01/31/14
I wish to! but I don't :(
on 01/26/14
who doesnt
on 01/05/14
Heck NO!
I think it's hilarious that only 10% said yes. :D
on 01/27/13
triathlon29 and 2 others liked this  
we are are not made to eat meat. If this was true, our teeth would look more like a dogs' or wild animals teeth. Also, saying that it is a "survival method" is untrue. Meat eaters has an increased risk for heart disease, cancer, & stroke. This fact has been proving true in health journals, like Journal of the American Medical Association.
on 10/24/13
ShawnaC123 liked this  
we're herbivores. You have a canine tooth unless you sawed that mofo off.
on 08/02/13
I agree. The meat industry spends lots of money trying to claim meat is healthy and it is anything but.
on 01/28/13
You cannot base a definition of human dietary needs on the criteria you are using. In fact, JAMA studies I've read only state that a diet of *more* meat is *linked* to certain increased health risks (or similar).Accepting that in no way means we are not meat-eaters or omnivores. People can die from eating only carrots, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat carrots, or were not built to. Humans (homo sapiens) have eaten meat for their entire existence on the planet, and even pre-homo sapien hominids ate meat, going back as far as 1.5 million years. I'd say that pretty much definitively proves we're meat eaters. If you want to argue that is a cultural affectation, you can try. I'd say 1.5 million years of a "culture" suggests there's heavy indication of a preexisting physiological predilection for meat eating.
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 and 2 others liked this  
As manly as I'am i love animals and find it hard to kill them.
on 08/02/13
Real men show compassion for others and stand up for what they believe in just like you are doing.
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 liked this  
um, im a vegetarian
on 04/24/13
me too
on 02/13/13
You don't have to eat the meat..."Yes, I'm being sarcastic."
But animals are killed all the time due to natural predators.
on 08/02/13
Well that's completely wasteful.
on 07/30/13
i'm black, i don't hunt xD
on 06/28/13
Hunting is awesome
on 06/28/13
I can't believe no one hunts
on 06/23/13
triathlon29 liked this  
i do no like to see any one get kill.
on 05/08/13
Who says you need to Hunt animal ??? ;)
on 04/20/13
Where I live, there are certain forests people are encouraged to hunt in because otherwise the deer population will grow too big, and they will use up their food and starve to death. What I'm getting at is hunting is always bad.
on 04/03/13
triathlon29 liked this  
i don,t believe in killing animals don,t have the gut to look them in there beautiful eyes and kill them
on 01/28/13
i wish i do go hunting but im to scared
on 02/24/13
once you get you first kill its easier to hunt after. i was the same way
on 02/24/13
I LOVE HUNTING! i cant ever find any thing though i cant get anything :(
on 02/04/13
triathlon29 liked this  
Hunting's cruel! my brother went hunting and just threw the poor Prairie Dogs away! Mean!!!
on 02/13/13
Okay... just don't stop me from doing it.
on 01/29/13
Some of my best times have been spent hunting and fishing with my Dad. Can't beat it! Memories to last forever.
GNILYT::2013-02-07 2".."+
on 01/29/13
My best est of best friends is the best hunter EVER!

I love hanging out with him...he's da best.

I'm gonna go hunting wid him sometime soon!
on 01/29/13
triathlon29 and 2 others liked this  
I think you should only hunt for food not for sport.
on 01/28/13
on 01/28/13
on 01/28/13
diamondnel liked this  
i wish i could
on 01/28/13
I like to hunt sometimes
on 01/28/13
raw1baby41 liked this  
don’tlik hunting
on 01/28/13
raw1baby41 liked this  
on 01/28/13
i like hunting
on 01/28/13
I love my rifle, but its mostly target shooting.
on 01/28/13
I have never been hunting in my life before but my dad has
on 01/28/13
momof2inCT and 2 others liked this  
Hunting is not for everyone. But until you try it you shouldn't be able to truely comment on the experience. I go hunting with my husband and we enjoy the time together. And, when we do get something, a deer, we can be fed for the year with the sausage we make. But, the best part about it is the calm that takes over me. You want to be stress-free go hunting and experience the calm yet wild enviorment that is hunting.
on 01/28/13
i don't and wouldn't go hunting but i do eat meat but i am careful of what i buy from the supermarkets making sure that i know exactly where it has come from and that it is legal to be consumed i am more aware than ever now after what has been reported in the press recently regarding illegal meat been put into foods and the illegal slaughter houses
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 and 1 others liked this  
I love animals an it would hurt me to hurt an animal
on 01/28/13
I love hunting so much its so fun to be out in the woods.
on 01/28/13
I do hunt when I have the chance and I only shoot what I intend to eat!
foyle::2013-01-31 14".."+
on 01/28/13
i would go hunting once a year if i lived out in the country,eat what you shoot if you don't sell to a butcher or people who do love wild meat like restraunts and such, nothing worst than waste.
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 and 1 others liked this  
Why Hunt,what do you achieve apart from killing innocent animals.
on 01/28/13
gprecise and 1 others liked this  
An extremly valuble food source!
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 liked this  
no its barbaric
on 01/28/13
VickiLau liked this  
Hunting in my family is less about killing or drinking, its about the family time and learning how to live in the outdoors like we once did. its tradition, out country was made on tradition.
on 01/28/13
triathlon29 liked this  
Really really getting tired of the same Bull excuse espoused over and over here that WE NEED to control populations. Nature is a balance and if we don't screw with it then it takes care of itself. Really you really think it our job and the Creator doesn't have this all planned perfectly. Get over yourselves! Get this for a solution- DON'T KILL THE PREDATORS and they will cull the weak and sick and then some. 90% of all fawns born do NOT make it past their second year. I'm tired of the lies and trying to put the shot up fawns back to together again. I am the person who puts all the "mistakes" you idiots do back together and release them back to where they belong. The ignorance in this thread is staggering to say the least!!!
on 01/28/13
i used to hunt, not any more though, to busy. and im moving soon!!!1
on 01/28/13
AngelaBurch and 1 others liked this  
I am hunting almost daily in Swagbucks using Search function
on 01/28/13
Never been hunting but would love to try it!
on 01/28/13
I hunt for sport i DO NOT kill i love to watch deer as they move in there element they are so peacfull
on 01/28/13
Hunting for the actual need of the food source is understandable.
on 01/28/13
amazing this

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