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Poll From: 10/24/2013

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Which of these sci-fi transportation methods would you most like to try? Submitted By crispyc, LA
Time Machine.
Jet Pack.
Hover Car.
Teleportation Device.
I don't like to travel.
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on 10/21/14
time machine to the future where i sell my antique 2012 pennies ;) for millions of dollars which i then use to buy a jet pack,a hover car, a teleporter...
on 10/31/13
p0nder liked this  
on 11/21/13
That's a time machine AND a teleportation device all in one. Not to mention the swimming pool. I feel that should have been an option.
on 10/26/13
Stargate please.
on 10/25/13
Time machine...think it would be cool to go back in time to things i've never seen or go forward in time to see what the world would be like with new inventions...that would be so AWESOME!!
on 10/25/13
Time Machine
on 10/25/13
Teleport! Star Trek anyone lol
on 10/25/13
Jettttt pakk my nigga
on 10/25/13
time machine!
on 10/25/13
on 10/25/13
Alisa4 and 1 others liked this  
"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff."

I'll take Madman in a blue box for 100, please, Alex.
on 10/25/13
Alisa4 and 1 others liked this  
on 10/25/13
time machine duh!!!
on 10/25/13
I like this to cool
on 10/25/13
I was stuck between the hover car and the teleportation device but if you think about it there will always be car traffic lol
on 10/24/13
on 10/24/13
oh yea
on 10/24/13
on 10/24/13
1.21 gigawatts!!!
on 10/24/13
GeniusTrophyWife and 2 others liked this  
time travel so i can go talk to jesus and i can later go back again and grab a Ak-47 then help the 300 Spartans win by a landslide
on 10/24/13
An AK-47 holds 100 bullets. The Persians brought over a hundred thousand men. Nice try, though
on 10/24/13
Jetpack will burn your legs off, and a hovercar is basically just an ordinary car and/or airplane. Teleport would be cool depending on its range and method (ie, does it kill me and create a copy at the destination?). Time machine would depend entirely on the rules by which it operates— are we talking Doctor Who "time can be rewritten" or Homestuck "predestination is absolute" here? Taking the most charitable view of each, I'd say time machine wins by a slight margin.
on 10/24/13
on 10/24/13
i was stuck between time machine and teleport. why wasn't there a more than one option? :)
on 10/24/13
Actually real people today have jet packs. It takes like an aviator or someone with mad flying experience to fly one & they can't go very far but they do exist. I'd like to have a time machine if it was like Austin Powers kind & experience all the things I missed in history before I was born yet (mostly 1850's-1960s). Teleporting would be cool bc I hate being late and sitting in traffic. It would be cool to be any place in the world in an instant and go to all the places I'm dying to go. Although with like most things, there could be bad ramifications of teleporting. If you think illegal immigration is a problem now could you imagine if we had teleporting devices?!
on 10/24/13
Alisa4 and 2 others liked this  
Time Machine in the Tardis with the Doctor!!!
on 10/24/13
Rainbowdrymouth3 and 1 others liked this  
Where's the "all of them" option?! :-D I'd like to try them all! (Oh, and isn't teleporting really similar to a time machine?)
on 10/24/13
GeniusTrophyWife and 1 others liked this  
No, teleportation takes you to another location instantly. Time travel takes you back in time.
on 10/24/13
sdmitch16 liked this  
...or FORWARD in time...
on 10/24/13
GeniusTrophyWife liked this  
time travel to a point in time where those other forms of travel were already invented. then ill us 'em all ;)
on 10/24/13
Charrm85 and 1 others liked this  
Great poll!
on 10/24/13
youhavemail and 1 others liked this  
I believe I can fly
on 10/24/13
coffeecup and 4 others liked this  
Oh how I would love to go back in time! I would do many things differently.
on 10/24/13
sdmitch16 and 1 others liked this  
Usually the questions here take me a second to answer but, this one was really a interesting.....
on 10/24/13
Alisa4 and 4 others liked this  
I'll take a TARDIS.
on 10/24/13
spenna and 1 others liked this  
Well, I suppose that I would choose either Hover Car or Jetpack, with Jetpack being the most probable. Time machine, unless you're traveling forward, would probably cause time paradoxes and therefore rip the timespace continuum. Plus going forward is expensive and still takes some time due to general relativity.

Teleportation would also result with probable death, since my molecules would probably get screwed up.

The only thing I wished for, despite it also breaking many laws of physics but still slightly possible,to appear on the poll is a Portal Gun (Any "Portal" Players here?), because it's multipurpose, portalble (See what I did there?), and friggin' awesome.
on 10/24/13
coffeecup and 1 others liked this  
everyone wants a time machine
on 10/24/13
Raya324 and 1 others liked this  
actually, only 39% wanted a time machie
on 10/24/13
Alisa4 and 6 others liked this  
Is anyone else amused that the color for time machine is blue?
on 10/24/13
coffeecup and 5 others liked this  
You people do realize that teleportation would involve reassembly at an atomic level, right? If the technology did exist, there is a chance that you would not survive the process but a clone of you would essentially be created. Personally, I wouldn't risk it.
on 10/24/13
Obviously you didn't watch "Deja Vu". Time travel isn't so safe either. ;)
on 10/24/13
tfjparadise liked this  
Basically like what I watched in the movie "Timeline. Oh and each time you telaport you end up with a worsened scoliosis condition.
on 10/24/13
Dont like to travel
on 10/24/13
youhavemail and 1 others liked this  
Teleportation device....because I don't like to travel. lol!
on 10/24/13
time machine or teleportation device. time machine because i want to see what my parents were like when they were young or teleportation device because i could be in paris, france within the snap of my fingers
on 10/24/13
Krystal3733 liked this  
They needed an option "none of the above", instead of " I don't like to travel". I like to travel ,but I'm not interested in any of those methods.
on 10/24/13
I did the water jetpack while at my friends beach house. THE SICKEST THING I EVER TRIED. probably one the best experience of my life.
on 10/24/13
coffeecup liked this  
Time machine for sure!
on 10/24/13
coffeecup liked this  
if i had to travel i would love to see what the usa was like in the 50's
on 10/24/13
Krystal3733 and 1 others liked this  
poodle skirts, black and white oxford shoes,I had those, we didn't have cell phones or cordless phones, computers.We had black and white TV. If you like all the frills of present time, you might not of liked the 50's as well. I liked the music of the 50's better than what we have now. You got more for your dollar in the 50"s.
on 10/24/13
coffeecup and 1 others liked this  
time machine
on 10/24/13
coffeecup liked this  
I wouldn't want to travel in a time machine...as I have learned from many shows and movies regarding time travel, if you make one wrong move the entire space-time continuum can be ruined! ;)
on 10/24/13
all of them
on 10/24/13
coffeecup liked this  
I think a time machine would get you around faster than the other options. I think that it would be exciting to travel through different times in history.
on 10/24/13
lovethelakers liked this  
If every one gets a hover car, it'll just be the same thing that cars are. Having to wait at red lights, stuck in traffic for 2 hover car hours. If you had a teleportation device, you'd have no excuse as to why you are late for anything. Why would any say they don't like to travel with those options? Time machine. Jet packs are cool too.
on 10/24/13
lovethelakers liked this  
I would like to hover lol
on 10/24/13
Never mind time machine because I may be able to see if the guy I like in wwe and me will be together
on 10/24/13
sweetblushy13 and 1 others liked this  
While I would like to see my brother who passed in 2007, a time machine could get messy a la back to the future. :) Not really interested in hover cars or teleporting. Being able to fly sounds awesome to me. Sign me up for the jetpack!

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