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Poll From: 03/10/2013

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When you start dating someone new, do you delete pictures of you and your ex on social media sites? Submitted By joelle86, AB
Only if my new partner asks me to.
It hasn't come up.
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on 03/05/15
never had an ex, not to mention even a bf
on 03/27/13
Unless we are compromised, ie: kissing or hugging, I see no reason to.
on 03/17/13
I delete them as soon as the relationship is over. Why would you want to look at an ex all the time? They are exes for a reason after all.
on 03/16/13
never came up
on 03/13/13
It's never come up because I've been married to my wonderful husband for almost 14 years. Ironically, we did meet online :)
on 03/13/13
Depends on the pictures... kissy kissy--- yes... out and about having a good time--- no
on 03/13/13
RedBaron96 liked this  
"When you start dating someone new" is a non-starter for those of us who consider ourselves happily married...
on 03/11/13
on 03/11/13
yeedeps liked this  
lol never come up
on 03/11/13
probably yes
on 03/11/13
Xbird liked this  
all-in-all, not a good poll. the ones I have submitted were WAAAAYYYY better. :P
on 03/11/13
this hasn't ever come up for me, and it NEVER WILL.
on 03/11/13
why don't i earn anything for this poll?
on 03/11/13
because you didn't answer on the day it was asked.
on 03/11/13
jgfhgvfgdfhgyfdf and 1 others liked this  
Where is the "I don't use social media sites" option?
on 03/11/13
If my ex asked me to, probably.
on 03/11/13
johnwx69 liked this  
It hasn't come up; I find myself being too young for that kind of love. College first, and then whatever the Lord wills.
on 03/10/13
johnwx69 and 4 others liked this  
Your forgetting a few things.....Married, I don't date, I'm a Christian. Which is why the "It hasn't come up yet" is the most popular. No good options.
on 03/10/13
SaraMay11 and 3 others liked this  
Christians don't post pictures of themselves with their boyfriends/girlfriends on facebook, etc? This is news to me!
on 03/11/13
AvonLady07 and 1 others liked this  
Your reaction was the same as mine when I read that ( being a Christian myself), but after reading it a few times I think I finally understand what the person was meaning. The person meant that he/she is married and bc he/she is a Christian he/she doesn't commit adultery and therefore isnt dating.
on 03/10/13
johnwx69 and 1 others liked this  
I never date and I never put pictures of myself on social media sites, so it's completely moot.
on 03/10/13
on 03/10/13
wow amazing
on 03/10/13
on 03/10/13
JPreisz and 2 others liked this  
After seeing how break-ups go on social media, in the news and among family and friends, I'm really glad I've always remained single and haven't had to deal with exes. I like keeping all friends equal. :)

That said, I find it sad that many people can't stay friends with their exes. I'm sure there's valid reasons for some, but for others when break-up is truly amicable, then I don't see why the girlfriend/boyfriend can't just revert back to being the friend that they started as.
on 03/10/13
what about i never dated or im married or other
on 03/10/13
electricku and 1 others liked this  
I'm engaged to my first and only boyfriend, so it's never been an issue!
on 03/10/13
My boyfriend still has photos of a couple ex's on his Facebook. I don't have one so its not like I have the opportunity to obsess over it. Also, I am simply not threatened by a few girls he knew in the past. It is unreasonable for him to take pictures of them off because they are still such good friends, he is just friendly like that.
on 03/10/13
I deleted the photos after the breakup, before starting to date someone new.
on 03/10/13
Bella64 liked this  
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Some of the comments on here are hilarious. LOL funny I mean...
on 03/10/13
I would just out of respect for the current person I'm dating.
on 03/10/13
prism1969 liked this  
what if you never post your relationship
on 03/10/13
I don't put pictures of other people on my sites. So I have nothing to delete. And besides, my new love is the first in 12 years so this not really germane.
on 03/10/13
on 03/10/13
I immediately deleted photos of my ex after we broke up. I'm happily married now, though.
on 03/10/13
EP4ever and 5 others liked this  
Don't we get a Happily Married option?
on 03/10/13
EP4ever and 4 others liked this  
I am neither dating nor do I have an ex
on 03/10/13
bryannag93 and 4 others liked this  
How bout ,Still single, No Ex??
on 03/10/13
LadyAylan liked this  
There is no option for "No I delete them after I know the relationship is over", really no use in keeping them...so I picked NO.
on 03/10/13
Yes for sure
on 03/10/13
dating doesnt mean change your life..exes are in the past n pictures are just memories ..id only delete picture if they were over powering..but ne one id date would have to be secure with themselves and be able to "not tripp" over little stuff
on 03/10/13
speciallady40 and 2 others liked this  
I don't even like pics of *me* on social media sites.
on 03/10/13
speciallady40 liked this  
Why would I have pictures of my and me on social media sites?
on 03/10/13
chalison liked this  
I am neither dating nor do I have an ex.
on 03/10/13
speciallady40 liked this  
on 03/10/13
chalison and 4 others liked this  
How about "no longer dating since I'm married."
on 03/10/13
I had to answer something, ut non of these applied to me. I have been together with my first love for 5 years now. We are happily engaged, and so I have never experienced this.
on 03/10/13
why get rid of memories
on 03/10/13
on 03/10/13
speciallady40 and 2 others liked this  
I would have liked an answer to have been "I don't date"
on 03/10/13
HMuleBarn and 3 others liked this  
I think an answer choice should have been, I have been married for quite some time now.
on 03/10/13
alanalee612 liked this  
So "It hasn't come up" would apply, no?
on 03/10/13
Not really.
on 03/10/13
Frog200 and 1 others liked this  
No. Maybe if it said that "it hasn't come up because I don't DATE and don't have an 'ex'... at least not for nearly 30 years! Back when I was dating, 'social media' was the local movie theater--LOL! No, RoseAnne75, I don't think they are the same. And no, I'm not offended (as one of your other posts stated) I just agree with folks that say there isn't a response for many of us. But it's a sb poll so it's not like I'll lose any sleep over it. :-)
on 03/10/13
rivey and 5 others liked this  
Rather prejudiced poll. Totally leaves out the married people......
on 03/10/13
mpower75 and 2 others liked this  
also leaves out those of us who don't use "social media"....
on 03/10/13
It doesn't leave out anyone!!! (As if there is a question in the world one of you people would not get offended by anyway!)
If you're married or don't use social media, the obvious selection would be "It hasn't come up".
on 03/10/13
chalison liked this  
I don't date, I'm not married, and no media
on 03/10/13
speciallady40 and 5 others liked this  
forever alone

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